It seems that the MOTU franchise, my life long obsession just won’t leave me alone. The funny story is, after the original series was done and dusted while all the other boys in their teens were dreaming of pussy, i grew up in a very straight environment,  I would have dreams that the MOTU series would be re-released. I would wake up so excited about the idea. Be careful what you wish for! Because since 2012 they were released and haven’t stopped being released since.

The latest series is the CLASSICS series, well since 2008. I am slowly trying to get my hands on the complete collection. And now you can help me! The problem is I can’t just add these to a wishlist as most of the shops that stock and sell them do not post to my small island. SO … I have made a list of figures I don’t have and I leave it in your generous and capable hands to go through the list and if you wanna show me some SUPER FLEX LOV purchase me one or a few and ship ’em to me.


here’s a how to do this.

  1. Track down the figure you want to get me online and buy it.
  2. Email me at to tell me which figure/s you have got me and i’ll cream my pants and then check that figure off the list. I will also give you my address to send the amazing gift to me.

And then we will “HAVE THE POWER!” And you will play an amazing role in my life long mission to have every MOTU figure.

(I also had a recurring wet dream that i was a chick and would go to school dances and be gang banged by the entire football team. This dream never materialised. My fan base would be slightly different if it did…)

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