I’m in Barcelona, are you here? We chat via grinder 16. November 2019

No – it is a fake account. Look at my Instagram, Twitter or BLOG to see where I am at any time.

Rogan I am a big fan of you. It will be great if you can make longer videos. 16. November 2019

You know the longest people watch a porn clip for is a few minutes if that. Modern social media has made options so great most people are watching several things at once or are flicking through stuff constantly and I am no different.  Keeping my films at 10-15 minutes length is a creative choice based on keep my audience wanting more instead of feeling satisfied.

will u ever bottom on screen ? where are u from? 16. November 2019

No. I’m from Australia.

Do you consider filming with a skinny and effeminate Guy? 14. November 2019

I consider filming with every type of guy. I make my choices more on that guy’s attitude and kinks and lastly, what he looks like.

People keep saying that i am a liar for being gay,but still fucking female out there,i know what i like and i always choose to fuck with man,but i never deny to have sex with girls,what’s your opinion over this disgusting labels?!,i think we should do what makes us happy! 😀 14. November 2019

I have had people attack me for a similar reason. Though I don’t choose to fuck women and wouldn’t for fun, I can fuck them for cash or perhaps, if the opportunity ever presented itself, for a film. My opinion is just be and do YOU! If you identify as ‘gay’ then that’s what you identify as and it doesn’t matter what any other person thinks. Remember, the world is jammed packed with narrow-minded people who like to live in a world that is as simple for their simple minds. They like to place everything in a box or category especially cause they can’t understand it or want to acknowledge it. These are the kind of people that will attack you for being different. At the end of the day, they are allowed their opinion even if it doesn’t match yours. The frustrating thing is when they have to force their opinion onto you! You can’t argue with them and most of the time you will never be able to change their minds or point of view so just gnore them.

Had you ever done any scene with a brazilian guy?! 14. November 2019

Hey Rogan, would you ever consider doing a cam show? 13. November 2019

I do them all the time on my SKYPE account. ‘roganrichards’ on there.

Will you ever visit India… You have tons of fans here as well…So will you please come? 13. November 2019

YES! I want to come there but have not set any dates yet…

You are a sinner.. hell is waiting for you. Quit the sin now! 11. November 2019


Any tips on picking a gym? I suspect that I will be moving for work and I want to start at a new gym. 11. November 2019

My tip in picking a gym is picking one that inspires you to get in there and smash the iron as hard as you can.

can you do a nude photoshoot of you with your MOTU collection 4. November 2019

cool idea but I would need to get the right photographer then I would need to get them out of my storage unit. so it won’t be happening any time soon…

when you were doing porn films for other sites what were your deciding factors to consider the offer? was it the guys or the site or money? did you had any crush or sexual feelings on any one of your co-stars…? 1. November 2019

Initially, I chose porn companies that I thought would be best suited to catapult my popularity with porn fans to generate a fan base that I could then bring with me to my website. I made sure to choose companies that used models who I wanted to fuck. Money wasn’t a factor, I went from over 1000USD for companies in the USA to 300EUR for companies in Europe as long as the film allowed me to do something different or allowed me to show the audience something they hadn’t seen before.

Have you always liked having you massive muscle ass eaten or was it something you learned to get into? (Always find it’s the ones with the bubble/muscle asses that don’t like to be rimmed) 28. October 2019

Always. The bigger it gets the more I like to suffocate guys with it.

Hi Rogan, how are you ? do you have any plans to return to Brazil ? 28. October 2019

I hope to be back for Carnival.

John Thomas is pretty tall, isn’t he? Hadn’t really noticed until recently. 23. October 2019

Yea he’s a tall sexy boy!

I recently came out to my parents and it went really poorly. How was your coming out experience and what advice do you have to maybe help change my parents minds? 22. October 2019

I am really sorry this has happened to you. My parents were never hurtful or bad about me being gay but they were not overly happy or accepting either. It took years for them to finally come to peace with it and be proud of me as a gay man. The only advice I can think to give you is don’t force it into their faces, go live your life and hopefully in time they will learn to accept you.

Love the work, where is the best place to find guys who like to be videod being power fucked ? Would you let your flat be used for this ? 22. October 2019

I find guys everywhere. On apps, on the street, in clubs, from my website application section.

Hey daddy wats ur type when it comes to dating 22. October 2019

Honesty. Also, I think important things for me are his confidence, or equal to that is his ability to communicate. Then he has to be adventurous with a wild side. And obviously needs a damn good sense of humor to survive in my crazy world!

Hey dude any tips on how to get more load of cum 22. October 2019

Apparently there’s stuff you can eat, tablets you can take, but I don’t know what these are??? Maybe if someone reads this who knows more information you can comment and I’ll share it! The way I do it, is I don’t cum for serval days if I know I want to build up a big load for my boy or a film…

Hey rogan are you coming to middle east one day 22. October 2019

Hope too!

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