How tall are you? 24. September 2017

I’m 5’10 mate.

Rogan, you’re bigger/heavier than your coach now, aren’t you? 21. September 2017

HA! i wish mate!

Speaking of your abs, how small have you been able to keep your waist measurement-wise? Like, can you still fit into your old pants and such? 18. September 2017

I’d be pretty disappointed if i could fit into any of my old clothes!

Is the shop gonna get updates soon? 16. September 2017

YES! im finally starting to make progress! are you the person who keeps asking? if so, what exactly are you waiting for me to have at my shop?

I am surprised how good your abs are looking at 107 kg. Whatever cycle you’re doing to keep the fat off is going GREAT. 16. September 2017

I know right! this is where i do say genetics comes into play as well, which you hardly ever hear me say, but i am naturally very lean so that is a blessing when bulking and also a curse cause its extra hard for me to put on size. I have no problems staying lean.

Is there going to be a 2018 calendar? 14. September 2017

I didn’t find anyone to work with for the 2018 calendar that could do something KIKASS enough to follow up the 2017 3D one till I arrived in London and got together with Sportsmilitia. We just did 2 days worth of shooting and got some FKIN amazing images. BUT we are also running outta time to get a 2018 calendar together and it will depend on everyone’s time restraints weather we can realistically get one out or not. But if we don’t I will have an awesome 2019 one ready to go!

Stay tuned…

Hey bro I know this is personel question but Im 19 61 270 all muscle with a huge dick 11″. I fuck so often. Im so huge, everyone is imtimidated by me, or scared. So I fuck where I want.. But my peeps say I fuck way too much. What does that mean? I can fuck for a weekend, 3 days, I can cum 12-15 times a day, when Im really into the pussy Im fucking. Im popular and they all know I love sluts, women I can fuck out in the open, which is hot but I love to play with my sluts pussy to get her asking for dick again…….How oftem do you need to fuck? 5 hours go by and I just automatically know Im horny to fuck. Doctors think its cuz I was playing with pussies since I was 7. Really fucking pussy age 10, first cum a day after my 12th birthday! 13. September 2017

As long as you’re not disrespecting or hurting anyone else – do what ever the fuck you want.

Do you like to fuck big bodybuilder type guys? For bottoms I find big muscled guys, get insatiable over a big dick when they are all stretched out, I know how to keep some people wanting more dick from me. 13. September 2017

Love fucking built blokes. not into dick.

What have you found both the positives and negatives to be of your current size? 12. September 2017

I FKIN LOV my size! the negatives is that it’s hard to put on my socks! And the bigger you try and get the more expensive it is. So you guys need to DONATE! (top of the page – wink)

When did u start doing porn 11. September 2017

I like to say my career began with Me At Play in 2012.

Hey, did Skippy like your body more when you were in ripped bodybuilding mode, or when you were fuller? 11. September 2017

you’re gonna have to ask him that.

To the previous question in where you said looks don’t matter! How important is body image? 11. September 2017

In what part of my sentence did i say “looks don’t matter”? Looks and body image are extremely important to me. having said that, a good looking guy with a KIKASS body doesn’t always = great sex.

Do u like to fuck black guys 9. September 2017

I like to fuck all types of guys, its their attitude that makes them hot, not what they look like.

Rogan i love you and i want watch you’re video but I’m sorry becouse the online payment feature is blocked in my city help me what can I do ? 9. September 2017

click on the Contact Support button at the bottom of the page and peak to them mate. Good luck…

so many guys like a dick sucked ceratin way like slowly or fast or deepthroat . how do u like ur cock to be sucked 3. September 2017

I lov to skull fuck a bloke till there’s tears running down his face or he’s gagging and throws up.

Are you open to meet fans face to face? 3. September 2017

Always, come to one of my live appearances, or even when you see me on the street, just say hi.

Hey Rogan you have to be the greatest muscle guy aqnd all round muscle alpha man today- the only guy who comes close is Vin Marco- do you know him? Keep up your amazing hard work Rogan, you get me sooo hot every time I see you and one day got to get to where you are. Bring it on you amazing stud! 1. September 2017


I know you’re not big on this, but now that you’re 105 kgs, do you think you could measure yourself for your fans? Really curious. 1. September 2017

Ok how about this, when i get to 110 kilos i’ll measure myself.

and guys DON’T FOGET to help me by DONATING at the top of this page.

Hey Rogan, I have only one question. Can u say how many condoms do u need for one porn? An is there the posibility to buy them after the porn shoot? 1. September 2017

I don’t use condoms anymore.

What do you think of your fans from Brazil? 1. September 2017


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