Hi Rogan, Sorry to bug you, but how the fuck do I upgrade my account? I signed up for free access to order a t-shirt in the past. But, now want to upgrade to videos. Says that I can’t use the same e-mail address. Thanks mate! 23. June 2017

For any technical issues with the site CONTACT SUPPORT – the button is at the bottom of the page.

Liking the new leather Twitter profile pic! Can you post more leather content on your site/social media?- From a Melbourne twink with a leather kink 22. June 2017

I have heaps of leather posts over all my social media and my web site mate.

How have guys lucky enough to have eaten your hole out described the taste? 22. June 2017


just a fantasy, wanna see you having sex with a humanoid lion [lion’s face and man’s body] 22. June 2017

Google “Furry Gay Muscle” Is that what you’re talking about? I wanna make a FURRY porn, I just have to find the right partners and masks.

why do you wear cock rings,? just for fun or is there any reason? i din’t know about cock rings can you tell me 22. June 2017

Well my cock isn’t actually real. its mechanical, so the part where it screws into my hip is where the cockring is, the cockring’s designed to hide the fact that its screwed on. Please don’t tell anyone, it’d ruin me!

what do you like. some one sucking your cock or kissing you 22. June 2017

Sucking my cock.

what your fav gay sexual characters or scenes in tv and films 22. June 2017

Humphrey B Bear.

you are a porn director also right, so apart from you who you would cast to fuck skippy 22. June 2017

I’m not a porn director, i just film myself fucking. Skip’s retired but if he wasn’t I would let him chose who he wants to fuck him, I’m pretty sure he would say Damian Crosse.

how was your experience with Paddy O’Brian & Dato Foland 22. June 2017

They’re great lads.

can you do a 3 some with skippy 22. June 2017

I did a 4some and its at my web site.

apart you and skippys whose dick do you like 22. June 2017

I don’t like dick.

want to watch you fucking a person who just looks like you 22. June 2017


you know your are a creepy and sexy creative intelligent fellow. i have asked some questions here but you answered only some them why 22. June 2017

I don’t answer questions that are dumb.

hai rogan i am straight fan of you, i love your muscle work and don’t have any problem about you being gay but not fan of your porn well that is your choice but i do wanna ask why you do it? is it because of money or because of different sexual partners. and how can i become your friend 22. June 2017

I never wanted to be a porn star but the evolution of my porn career was no surprise to anyone. Ive talked about that heaps on my ASK ROGAN segments so if you wanna know more go to my YouTube channel and check them out.I love sex and I love showing off so thats why I do porn – also because it provides me with so many opportunities in life. I don’t think this is the same for all porn stars but if you’re smart and creative and look like a sex GOD, like I am, you can use the industry to your advantage instead of the industry using you.

why we are not recently seeing you in the big porn company videos 22. June 2017

U mean why aren’t i making porn for other companies? Because Im too busy making porn for my web site and it’s more fun and heaps more sexy!

what is the largest orgy ypu have ever done, how many were involved 22. June 2017

I lost count.

man you are a addiction just like drugs bad for health, you know I’m 28 and straight and have a partner. two weeks ago while i was doing some porn search I’ve seen your photo don’t know the name then, after that i googled that photo to find your name and find your site. from then i got addicted you, i get turn on every time i see your photo and your cock, every day i’ m seeing you and your cock. whats happening to me? am i gay now? i never got attached to any man like this. you last night i got dream of you and that your dirty cock, what are doing to me? how can i stop it. man tell me is there something wrong to me 22. June 2017

If I’m turning you on just have fun with it mate.

In your website it is mentioned that you have done 62 films. Of all of them, which is your favourite one? which one did you most enjoy while shooting? which one you wish you should not have done? I love watching three some films, how many 3some films you have done, can you list them?[ I know one, with diego and wagner] 22. June 2017

My fav are any of the films with SKIP. I don’t regret doing any though I did want a few to just hurry up and end, not any of my films of course. Theres two 3 way and one 4 way film at my web site. Wanna do more.

do you have any regrets 22. June 2017


Do you know any built tops like yourself in Melbourne who would be keen to meet a twink? 21. June 2017

There’s no one like me in Melbourne, or anywhere on the planet.

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