Hi Rogan, What is your ethnic background? You look Spanish or Middle Eastern so it intrigues me a lot 🙂 16. April 2018

Im a mongrel. Part gorilla, wolf and bull.

hey man, I’d love to get fucked by you on camera :p are you coming to Sydney any time soon? 16. April 2018

Later this year. you can be part of the FMF (Fuck My Fans) series or if you wanted to make a porn film apply via my web site.

Rogan, do you read Japanese bara (adult) manga? For men? 16. April 2018

no mate.

are you good with the sleeper hold? would you choke out a client if he asked for it? 12. April 2018


Do you sell your worn , unwashed underwear or jock straps ? Text : six six zero seven eight seven zero one three four . 10. April 2018

Yep buy then at mt SHOP page CLICK HERE!

Do you offer escorted services or offer sexwith fans for free 8. April 2018

for info email roganrichards.com@outlook.com – No, i don’t fuck fans for free but i do fuck fans on film for my FUCK MY FANS series that I have started doing.

Rogan, how long will you be in the UK? I just had an urge to jump on a plane and see you at Daddy Issues or any engagement you have later on? What gym are you working out at in the UK? 8. April 2018

I’m only doing one club appearance this visit at Daddy Issues on the 14th. I won’t be doing any others.

Rogan let me know if you receive an Amazon package from me today. Dick White 8. April 2018

Hi Dick, I’m traveling so I wont be able to tell you till I get back to Australia. But If u grabbed me something from my Wishlist it would get to me, was it for my Birthday? Thanks in advance! And I’ll thank you again when I get it…

Where’s The Rogan Cock dildo ! 3. April 2018

Are you only a top? I would love to rim your hole or even sniff it at least 3. April 2018

Why can’t a TOP have his ass rimed and sniffed?

How can you be sure that you don’t have any std? How often you do a std testing to protect your health? Every 14 days, every month? 3. April 2018

They’re called STIs (sexually transmitted infections) these days. I get tested every 3 months in order to be on prep. But i was tested every 3 months before i went on prep anyway, as any sexually active gay man should be. Sometimes more frequently tested and or treated if I’m showing symptoms.

Rogan, have you ever seen dragon ball z? 31. March 2018

I know what it is but never watched it.

Hey Rogan – Total Slave Now And Worship Every Second On Your Site – Any Chance Of You Wrestling The Fuck Outta A Smaller Sub The Ploughing Him To Hell – Would Be Awesome 29. March 2018

I’ll see what I can do mate.

Hey Rogan, did you happen the receive you Valero weight lifting belt that I purchased for you from your amazon wishlist. I just wanna make sure you received it!!! Lmk 20. March 2018

hey man – i have received a few things! but i wont be able to get them till im back home in Australia – as I am traveling right now…

Hey Rogan, Most recent video is just about our hottest ever. Love the work out and fucking around. And best of all you look the best in full beard. And that hairy back. Love it! Partner is ver hot I might add. 19. March 2018

Cheers man. It was super fun to make but you can see that! wait for part 2….

Random but serious question, but what were you best subjects in school? 19. March 2018


Wait, your working weight for dumbell flies is 35kg? 12. March 2018

Around that, yes. Just goes to show it’s not what you push its how you push it.

Any fart products soon?? 10. March 2018

How would you like me to package my farts mate and how much you willing to pay for them?

how can i meet you ??? 7. March 2018

email me roganrichards.com@outlook.com

Hey Rogan, what’s your opinion on Alessio Romero? I think both of you are hot AF, and I wanna know if you’d smash or pass on him. 3. March 2018

I’m pretty sure thats the guy that directed me in my Kristen Bjorn film so I don’t think of him as a co-star.

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