Hey Rogan, I’m a young wrestler with an attitude to match. I’m small at 5’2″ but packing on some muscle at 128. Not as big as you of course. haha. But I was wondering if you’d be into bear hugging me? I’ve seen how intense you are. My coach said I needed to gain more endurance this summer. Would love to have you teach me a lesson or two. But yea, I’d love to see how hard you can squeeze me. I’m small, but willing to take whatever you have. Honestly, feel free to squeeze the absolute life out of me. I want the challenge. Let’s go! 15. July 2019

can i film it? email roganrichards.com@outlook.com

Do you eat cum? 12. July 2019


Any news of any straight or bisexual porn in the horizon? 12. July 2019

that’s a negative.

So between porn and personnal and if your a true fuck 5x a day guy? Honestly how often do you fuck? 10. July 2019

Some days once or none. The other day I had my cock in about 7 asses during that day.

Whats your kinkiest kink? And would you fuck smaller and thinner guys who would worship you? 10. July 2019

My kinkiest kink at this moment is probably foot fucking. I guess you’re not a member of my site or you would have seen me fuck many skinny subs who worshipped me.

Any news on the official dildo? 10. July 2019

SO… the good news is we finally found a company to produce it and everyone is happy. This was the issue after the initial company closed shop. I just messaged Eagle Leather, who is still in charge of it for an update, I will tell you guys as soon as I know something.

I have fantasy of putting my face in your pits and sniff them hard and lick it clean of all sweat It gets me so hard thinking about it How do you feel about it and what gets you hard the most 30. June 2019

What gets ROGAN off the most? Nipple play. Having my pits eaten out then tasting me on the guy’s mouth when I kiss him for the rest of the day/session. Rough face fucking and making the guy gag on my fat cock. Foot fucking a guys ass hole. Flexing in the mirror. CBT. Pulling out, pissing on the guy then shoving it back in and fucking in my piss. That’s the first few things that come to mind…

I get so hard whenever I see ur pits Where I can see more of those How does it smell especially after workout 30. June 2019

As quoted by many a man, “Better than poppers!”

Hi Rogan, are you on Scruff? What is your current profile name? 30. June 2019

My name.

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing porn 27. June 2019

I would probably still be doing the other stuff I do.

Can you buy a pair of all white, Supra Skytop 2s and fuck the shit out of some guy while you thrust your load deep inside of him? That shit would be hot af 24. June 2019

Send me a pair and I will. I’m a USA 10.5

Hey Rogan! I am a very hairy and stinky 18 yo guy who recently stopped using deodorant and it’s amazing! I also never shaved a single hair off my body and I am FUCKIN proud of being a hairy pig! It’s all thanks to you and I will never stop being grateful for helping me build up my confidence as a hairy pig. Do you plan on coming to Europe anytime soon? 18. June 2019

That’s FKIN awesome pup! Keep doing YOU! I’m in Spain now mate…

How did you feel when you fucked Jesse Jackman? 18. June 2019

That was so much fun!

I’m your arabic fan..here in middle east we look at you as an icon in gay porn..love u 11. June 2019

I really appreciate your message mate. I am humbled and inspired that I have helped you or anyone to be yourself and be proud of it.

Rogan, first off, you’re one helluva handsome husky sexy brute! You’ll look so damn HOT HOT HOT, all tied up and helpless. Imagine you buck nekkid, hogtied and with a raging boner! Your captor smiles as he watches you writhe and grunt helplessly….. 10. June 2019

I have a few fantasies like this I would love to film when given the right opportunity with the right guys to film it with. Being restrained like a wild animal and having guys punch me, tit/nipple torture me or CBT me. See how hard they have to go before they can make this beast submit. Guys never go hard enough. Another is having me restrained and have a row of subs all lined up and one at a time they come and back their asses onto my throbbing horse cock while other subs milk my tits…

Have you any plans to put your streaming videos onto DVD or available to download? 10. June 2019

Not in the near future mate. It would be something I’d think about doing later in my career.

Would you ever consider making videos with women? 10. June 2019


Rogan how do I prepare for my first time both as a bottom & a top ? 10. June 2019

I don’t bottom. But as a rough TOP who has a tendency to shove my fat horse cock deeper than any other guy has up your fuck hole, I would suggest you thoroughly douche before you meet a TOP like me. As far as prepping as a TOP, I chuck on an OXBALLS cockring and off I go!

What is your record how much guys you have fucked in a group and you have videos from that 4. June 2019

A trillion billion. I don’t film social fuck sessions unless it’s for my webs site.

Rogan, I find it suprising that in all the comments that people leave no one mentions that you are a very handsome man. I find you incredibly handsome and if I saw you and did not know who you were, I would definitely notice you. 4. June 2019

Probably because that’s a statement, not a question. But thank you very much, mate.

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