Where do you live. 20. May 2019

Out of my suitcase


Hey Rogan, morning mate wanted to ask you um would you sell or consider of selling a pair of your used shoes? I’ve always was a fan of your yellow adidas one. 18. May 2019

I don’t have those shoes anymore mate. They found a new home.

How can i get you to fuck me for free? I’ll even let you video it 17. May 2019

You can apply for the FMF series via my website, click on the Film with Rogan link.

will you make another armpit licking porn? 12. May 2019

I’m not sure what you mean by this? As I get guys to lick my pits out in ALL my pon films. If you want just 3 minutes straight of pit licking… yea I could do that soon.

Hey Rogan, ur fan here , I wanna ask do u have a plan to make a video on piss fetish bcoz we wanna see that hot golden shower, plz ponder over my suggestion. 12. May 2019

U have 4 films on my site where I piss on guys and in their mouths and make them drink it.

What is your favorite position in the sex? 8. May 2019

Being inside the other guy.

What’s your workout routine like weekly? 8. May 2019

Join my website. My workout videos and programs are all on my bodybuilding page.

if you could film with anyone who would it be ? i reckon you should film with colby jansen 5. May 2019

I wish I had filmed with Tober Brandt back in the day.

Rogan, what’s the link to your tumblr account? I can find it neither using the search there or in any browsers. It’s like it’s hidden. And you’ve removed the link from the bottom corner of the website. 5. May 2019

yea i did remove it as i no longer use it.

Do you track calories and go on bulk/ cut cycles? if not, what do you do to grow muscle but loose body fat? 3. May 2019

I don’t ever cut I’m continuously bulking. I don’t want abs and I’m not attracted to abs, my physique modeling days are done and dusted, now its all about becoming the biggest monster I can be. having said that, I do eat ‘clean’ so you will never see me get chubby or fat. I might have a thick gut but you can break wood on that thing. even when I was a physique model I didn’t cut, I just ate to be lean, now I eat to be huge.

How do you last that long in fucking? 1. May 2019

I keep asking him the same question!

Mate you don’t have FB anymore 28. April 2019

Yea mate, there are links to all my social media at the bottom of the page.

I’m Indian how can we contact you for hiring 27. April 2019

You can’t hire me unless you come to Australia or pay for my flights to India. It will be quite expensive. BUT if money is no issue email me at roganrichards.com@outlook.com

Hey Rogan, I am a big fan of urs. I just wanna ask have u ever pissed on ur underwear and stuff that into ur slave’s mouth 24. April 2019

I have pissed on a SUB but I haven’t pissed in my underwear and made my SUB sip on it. That’s a FKIN great idea! and I will do that in my next film… so if you ever see one of my porns with me pissing in my jocks and making a SUB sip it you know it was YOUR IDEA!!!

How can we contact you for hiring 24. April 2019

Whatsapp +61 450 179 069

Did you just delete your Tumblr account? I know there is not much you can do on it explicitly, anymore, but I still think it could have a use. 21. April 2019

No i just got rid of the link to it from my site, as i no longer use it and won’t be using it – i have my BLOG page now so Tumblr is obsolete to me. My images and videos will continue to get spread by other people I’m sure.

If you could change one thing in the Melbourne gay scene what would it be? 19. April 2019

I think this would apply to every gay scene around the world but if I could change one thing, and I already try to by voicing out about this publicly, is the negativity gay men attack each other with.

How long have you been a pornstar 19. April 2019

Since 2012. That’s when I did my first MAP film and my “real” porn career started.

Would you ever film with a chubby bottom? 19. April 2019

Yes. I have a hot chubby bear that has just agreed to film with me as part of the HOODS series. Let’s see if he follows through…

I want to be a part of your fmf series. I’m from. Can I get chance? Will you you come in india? 19. April 2019

You need to apply via the “Film with Rogan” section at the bottom of my page.

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