To what do you contribute your sense of humor? 20. February 2019

All the terrible shit that has ever happened to me.

I’m surprised by your stamina… what forms of cardio do you do? 20. February 2019

Didn’t you just answer this question yourself?

Advice for a younger you in your 20s? 18. February 2019

Is this a Drag Race inspired question? I would tell him to find his confidence sooner, accept himself quicker, and focus on bodybuilding!

If we don’t hear back from our application, is it safe to assume we’ve been denied the opportunity of a lifetime? 18. February 2019

The short answer is, yes. The long answer is, it’s possible I haven’t had the chance to get to yours yet. I try to reply to every application but sometimes if I’m super busy and there’s too many and your application doesn’t fit into what I am looking for at that time it may just be deleted.

How is Baxter doing? 18. February 2019


Why do you let your bottoms touch their dicks during sex? 18. February 2019

Why the fuck wouldn’t I?

what do you think about French men ? 16. February 2019

they’re FKIN HOT!

What is the purpose of life? 16. February 2019

To join my website.

Hey Rogan how do i film a scene with you ? 16. February 2019

Apply online, at the bottom page of my website.

Do you think there’s a lot of homophobia in the bodybuilding world? 16. February 2019


Do you allow your fans to hide their faces for FMF series ? 5. February 2019

NO I prefer not to do that. I already have a HOODS and FUXEATE series where guys hied their faces.

Any advice for an alpha muscle top who wants to lose his cherry to you? 31. January 2019

Bend over and bite down on something hard.

As you’re a fan of Macro – Would you be a good or bad giant? The thought of you rampaging in a city 👏🏻👌🏻 28. January 2019

Matter of perspective. When I blew my load all over a city drowning the population in my cum, some would love it and think I am a good giant and others would be disgusted and think I was bad.

How did you lose your virginity? 28. January 2019

I shoved my cock in a cunt.

Have you ever destroyed a guy to the point he couldn’t walk afterwards? 28. January 2019

They can always walk afterward, though I have had guys say their ass was pretty fkin sore!

What are your favourites positions to rim a guy 28. January 2019

Him on his tummy, lying flat down, I lie behind him and bury my head into his thick ass for hours…

Favorite bodybuilder? 28. January 2019

OK so I’m gonna go with the first Bodybuilder I can remember having a crush on who was Bob Paris.

How do you like your blowjobs? 28. January 2019

Animalistic, rough, deep and wet!

Do you like when muscle bottoms call their asses a pussy? 28. January 2019

YES. I call my man’s ass a “Hairy Muscle Cunt” every time I fuck him…

What makes you want to fuck harder? 27. January 2019

The ‘beast blood’ in me.

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