Hi sexy, I have a question regarding to the sweaty tank tops. Do you wash them before using? I got one from another guy, but he didn’t wash it before using, so the whole product came with that new, factory smell more than his sweat. How do you do with your shirts? Thanks! 3. March 2018

Good question. Its not something ive ever had to think about because my sweat is so ripe it makes anything ive sweated in pungent with my muscle sweat.

Wow no puedo creer que este enviando un mensaje a mi más dulce sueño erotico, te mando un gran saludo desde México espero poder algún día verte por acá, admiro la dedicación que tienes hacia el cuerpo eres un ejemplo de disciplina, te mando un.gran abrazo y espero seguir conociendo más de ese hombre de bella y pícara sonrisa que roba corazones 27. February 2018

Thanks for the message. I really hope to be in Mexico soon!

So, even though you probably saw yourself as small, you were a pretty big kid, I imagine. 27. February 2018

I wasn’t small, just normal.

When was the last time you were between 69kg and 73kg? Like, how much did you weigh in high school? 25. February 2018

FKED if i can remember? I’d say in my teens. though I’m guessing…

Hi Rogan. I’m travelling to Melbourne and would love to finally get the pounding I’ve been wanting from you. Make me feel it! I want a good deep sniff of you too! Tried e-mailing, can you confirm the address? cheers 🙂 25. February 2018

email is roganrichards.com@outlook.com also there’s a section called Where is Rogan top left of my BLOG page where you can see where I am at any given time and if you look there now you will see that I am in Hong Kong!

I would like to know ir you like to go slow on sex as well. 23. February 2018

Good sex is like a rollercoaster ride, it needs different speeds. If you just do one speed – that speed gets boring. Having said that, when I get into full BEAST-MODE i tend to drill FKIN hard for a long time.

Will you please do a video with you seriously spanking a sub? 20. February 2018


I’ve been trying to figure out forever who you look like in the face, and I finally figured it out: You look like Ricky Martin. Have you ever got that one before? 20. February 2018

rolls eyes.

how can i be part of your shoots 20. February 2018

apply online.

How your relationship with skippy? 16. February 2018

Read my BLOG.

You will work with hunter Marx for another company 15. February 2018

YES! we have spoken about doing another shoot the way it should have been done – ME DRILLING HIS FKIN HOT WHITE ASS! we will do it for my web site when we get the oppportunity.

When you get as big as you have, do stairs become a mortal enemy? 🙂 10. February 2018

general moving around does. I go into auto pilot for 22 hours of the day (or my waking hours) and then hit BEAST MODE for that 1-2 hours in the gym when I can do anything. With the one exception when i hit ANIMAL MODE when I’m fucking.

Would you like to shoot with Rafael Alencar or Diego Sans? 10. February 2018


Do you do skype private shows? 7. February 2018

Yep – ‘roganrichards’ on there.

Follow you on social media, love how passionate you are about your hobbies and THE SEX. So my question is, what was your favorite movie in 2017? 7. February 2018

THOR Ragnarok and 47 Metres Down.

Hey Rogan….I am gonna visit Australia next month just for couple of weeks. So i want to get fucked hardly from you for continuously 14 days. How much would you charge??? 7. February 2018

email me roganrichards.com@outlook.com
do you really think ur ass can take me for 14 days? or is the idea to leave the country in a wheel chair?

Hi! Strange question but, do you have a macrophilia fetish? Thank! 4. February 2018

I wouldn’t call it a fetish of mine but I am def interested in the nature of it and like it. After all i wrote a short story and did a few photo shoots about it.

In 20 year do u see u do pron 2. February 2018

absolutely – ill be a muscle grand-daddy!

Have you ever been to Scotland? I can’t wait to meet you one day. Also… since I saw you mention it… what’s your favourite Madonna song? Top 5 at least? Lol 31. January 2018

haven’t been to Scotland. First 5 fav Mad tracks that pop into my head,
Open your Heart.
Lucky Star.
Die Another Day.

Rogan-love watching you in action mate…you make me feel like twice the man I already am-and I’m already quite a man….when are you coming up to Sydney next , and can I take you out for a meal and more afterwards? 31. January 2018

You wanna hire me next time in in Sydney mate? I don’t have any set dates to be there. Keep an eye on my social media…

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