when are the fart dom videos coming out? 19. April 2019

There won’t be a fart video. if I fart it will just be randomly in the videos I post. So far they’re mostly in the bodybuilding videos. IF and when I film with a fart SUB I’ll fart in his face but I haven’t found one yet.

An observation. Is there a reason why you never shoot clips, using other big muscle guys your size or bigger? I wanna film or see more of two huge bodybuilders fucking the same person, Buddies sharing bottoms like what Im now doing with my surge in appointments with other bodybuilders, and their gf’s/wives/side pussy 16. April 2019

I haven’t found any huge guys my size game enough to film with me.

Hey you are testing hiv or others? 16. April 2019

I get tested every 3 months as a general requirement as I am on PrEP. I also get tested more frequently than that if I feel there is the possibility I have been infected with an STI or I show any kinds of systems.

Hey Rogan, I read that u have sold ur gym pants. How fast did u sell them and is there an opportunitly that there will be another offer like this? 16. April 2019

They sold within an hour. Yes, I will be selling more identifiable items of clothing in the future.

I’ve been looking for the Rogan Richards dildo to come out soon. What is the status bud? 7. April 2019

This has become such a frustrating topic for me now. I have been told that I should have some news by June/July.

How did you get your nipples so big and sexy? Or have they always been like that? 7. April 2019

They got like that from the metal and constant hardcore play.

Why you fuck without condom? This is dangerous because HIV…. 5. April 2019

I choose to fuck raw as an adult, with an educated approach to the risks and preventions I need to take to protect myself. Cause it feels so FKIN GOOD!

Rogan-it’s great to be back on your website mate.I notice that you are leaving your beautiful fine back hair on,rather than shaving it off…does it turn you on when guys stroke it?…coz. it looks so hot on you! 5. April 2019

I get turned on when guys feel my massive muscles, especially when I’m fucking them and my whole body is tensing up. The fact that my muscles are hairy is just a bonus turn on. Glad you like it!

How does one get an Australian accent without going to Australia? 31. March 2019

Is this a trick question? How?

Jeezuz, Skippy has gotten fucking huge. Do you know how much he’s weighing, now? 29. March 2019

He hasn’t weight himself. He and I are both just stacking it on right now to be FKIN ANIMALS!

I was reading through these questions and noticed there were some issues potentially with you traveling into the U.S. If I wanted to meet with you, whether to film or otherwise, would I be correct in assuming I’d need to coordinate to travel to your city? 28. March 2019

If you want to meet in the next 6 months, yes you would be correct, though I am hoping to finally have some exciting news about me and the USA by the end of the year…

Can you do more videos of you fucking in your iconic yellow adidas or a different pair of shoes? That shit gets me going 26. March 2019

Check out the latest film at my XXX page!

Would you ever write a story like ‘All in a days work’ again? 26. March 2019

Yes, when I feel inspired.

What are good tips to have a nice butt, especially for homeworks. Pls try to reply and thank you 26. March 2019

The best way to get a good butt without joining a gym is, find a large flight of stairs and walk or jog up and down them several times, make it harder by doing it two stairs at a time!

Is it possible for you to make a video about picking up strangers on the go, wherever you happen to be? I feel like that is becoming a Lost Art ever since the internet became ubiquitous. Can you teach us the old ways? 17. March 2019

There’s no such thing. You can’t pick up a stranger and fuck them and film it. You need their consent and they have to sign a model release form. Any films like that are fake, using actors. I don’t make fake films or do storylines. So I would never do a film like that.

Hey! I see you often wear big masculine wristwatch while fucking like the awesome Diesel dz4209 and others, do watches turn you on? You ever play with them while jerking or cum on them? 17. March 2019

I do find a big watch on a big man a turn on. But I wouldn’t wank over one.

greatings out germany. i get a giant fetish like to now if you can do a video where you crush a toy village. 14. March 2019

Will do a macrophilia film soon mate.

Hey, are u coming to London/Birmingham anytime soon? Would love to do a fuckafan vid 😘 14. March 2019

You need to apply in the Film with Rogan section at the bottom of the page…

Saw in one of your answers you said you’re ‘not into dick’. What do you mean by that? You literally don’t like dick? I saw you said you wouldn’t suck dick on film anymore. 12. March 2019


Where can I find your travel schedule? 11. March 2019

I wish I FKIN had one, I’m very spontaneous, but you can keep track of me via the “where is Rogan” box, top right of my BLOG page.

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