Hello Rogan. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to your site. So is your dildo ready to buy yet? 19. October 2018

I’ve been traveling all year, I won’t know whats going on with that till I get back home to Australia in a few months. Too hard to organise while traveling and other commitments. So the short answer is … No.

If some one wants to spend three whole months with you, will you accept, how much will you charge? 14. October 2018

Buy me a pink Unicorn.

Hey Rogan, I’ve been a big fan of you. I was wondering if you plan on coming to Montreal? I’d love to get fucked by you! 12. October 2018

yes mate.. but no set dates yet…

are there any personal sexual videos of you available, I mean which are not shot for any porn company or porn site or your site, which are not done for money but only for sex 4. October 2018

the videos at my web site are “Personal sexual videos”.

If someone hires you, for what things you say “No.” I mean what you will not do even you get paid. 3. October 2018

Wear deodorant.

this is a little bit personal question, have your dated more than one guy at a time like three of you dating together 3. October 2018


if Skippy agrees will you shoot again with him coz I wanna see both of you in a new 3some movie, you both together topping someone 3. October 2018


The photo from your boy looks hot we also get to see films 3. October 2018

He’s not interested in porn, but we will start doing a series of Bodybuilding videos and online coaching very soon…

wanna see you fuck a skinny boy with your huge body 3. October 2018


can I buy your sperm? 3. October 2018

Well I already sell jizzed in clothes?

What have you enjoyed best about Brazil? Obrigado! 2. October 2018

My fans!

You are incredibly handsome, Rogan! Damn, Gina! I love your free spirit, and your ability to be totally and uniquely YOU — while giving zero fucks. My question is…do you think Remasaurus is “the one”? You two are so hot together. Enjoy your stay in Brazil! 29. September 2018

It’s not even a year yet mate! FKED if i know…

favourite place to cum 29. September 2018

Currently in Rev’s ass.

Do you do any cardio out of curiosity? 27. September 2018

Have you seen the way i fuck?

You shower after workouts or stay sweaty and smelly 27. September 2018

I think everyone knows the answer to that.

How much time you spent daily at the gym 26. September 2018

I spend every waking minute at the gym.

What’s the difference in weight between you and Rev? He says he wants to reach 100 kg, but you’re over that, right? 24. September 2018

only 5 kilos difference. Ive dropped heaps with all this traveling.

Sometimes in movies you suck a cock you still do that 24. September 2018


How can you prevent injuries during training 24. September 2018

Train smart.

What’s your goal and do you think you can reach that with so much traveling 21. September 2018

My immediate goal is still 110 kilos and no i don’t think i can.

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