I’m a Virgin and very submissive bottom (coz always wanted to be topped). Would you prefer a guy like me or a very experienced bottom? 26. December 2017

makes no dif if you’re a pro bottom or a newbie, i’ll own your ass regardless.

do you kiss clients? 23. December 2017

No but on some occasions rules are made to be broken.

How porcent do you have sex with women actually? 23. December 2017


Hi there do u ever visit Middle East? 22. December 2017

Not yet, but I really want too!

How much is the cum feel condom 14. December 2017

email: roganrichards.com@outlook.com

I keep wanting to become a man in my own eyes, but I never feel like it’s actually something that I can achieve. Do you have any tips for people wanting to become the men they want to be? Any tips for people who feel like they want to be something that they can’t be? 12. December 2017

Ive answered this question a a hundred times already. But I can only tell you how I over came my fears and that was by making myself do what ever i was afraid of. By acknowledging the man I wanted to be and making myself be that man. There’s no miracle advise I can give you other than be persistent with yourself. try not to beat your self up like i did but you need to be hard on yourself to create change.

Could you do a video of just farts? (Most likely a compilation.) 11. December 2017

Nah, thats too hard to do. But check out what this hater said about my farts. Too funny!

who was the first lucky one to see your cock after you grown up ; sexually 11. December 2017

The first guy i played with was a a work mate who graciously enough helped me experiment with him naked to see if i was gay.

dearest rogan can you tell me if i become subscriber am i allowed to download all the videos like in menatplay ot timtale websites? 11. December 2017

No, you have to log in and watch them at my site.

We know your father was Indian, but what is your mother’s ethnic background? You don’t talk much about her; are you two on good terms? 7. December 2017

She was a silverback gorilla.

who was the first lucky one to see your cock 7. December 2017

The doctor that delivered me.

Rogan, what kind of physical transformation has skippy undergone since this detox? I’m not really familiar with this particular drug. 6. December 2017

When he was in his addiction using he lost all his size. Since being in rehab he has been able to get his body back to “normal” but in rehab they are not allowed to use a gym so he has only just gone back to gym a month ago. He won’t be able to get his “BOY FLEX” body back till after Jan when he’s officially out.

Favorite costar? 6. December 2017


You not afriad to fuck without condom? 5. December 2017

No. Its a personal choice I make after educating myself with the risks and precautions of fucking raw.

Can you please bearhug me in those huge fkin arms and chest of yours! I’d love to be crushed and dominated by a true muscle alpha god like you Daddy! 4. December 2017


Do you ever ballbust subs? And are you into any other form of painplay with subs? 4. December 2017

Into all the above.

does a hairy body makes u feel more masculin ? 2. December 2017

It makes me feel more like a beast.

do u take a shower everyday? how much long does it take u to shave ur dick? 2. December 2017

Ive just started clipping the base of my cock only because my Dick Pump won’t work if im hairy. I mean it kinda does if i lube the base of the pump up heaps but the suction works heaps better without hair.

yes i shower everyday, im not homeless.

Have you done any erotic wrestling videos? 2. December 2017

Not yet.

Do you have big feet? 2. December 2017

Subs cant get enough of my feet so you know what, ill do post right now on my BLOG about my feet.

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