Question: Can a pup still be a pup if he’s bigger/taller than you? 31. January 2018


Hey, ummm…. have you ever been to Houston Texas? 30. January 2018

Hey, ummm…. No.

Do you have plans to visit Brisbane again soon? If so, when? 30. January 2018

I gotta go see my PUP over there so I hope it to be soon but no set dates.

When will you ever pass by Singapore…? 30. January 2018

Keep an eye on my social media – might be SOONER than you think!

What does it have to take to be collared by you? 28. January 2018

professionally or socially?

Do you want to come to Brazil and shoot some video? 28. January 2018


I wonder how much over 40″ your chest is? It’s ridiculous. 25. January 2018

“Infinity and beyond!”

Hello. How often will xxx movies be released? 25. January 2018

Twice a month. BUT for the 1st 3 months of 2018 3 films are being released as a special because it’s my 2nd Bday this month!

What’s the biggest you’ve pumped that monstercock to??! 25. January 2018

CLICK HERE! and i’ll show u.

Hey Rogan I applied and sent my application to shoot with you .. are you takeing any more applications? Is that why I haven’t heard anything back ? 20. January 2018

If you haven’t heard back i may not have seen your email yet or you may be in a country I am not visiting so I didn’t write back.

Just curious how much would u charge for a night ? 20. January 2018


Hey Rogan. I see in the most recent workout videos you have hairy shoulders and back. You got to let that grow out some time. It is so friggin” hot. Love hairy muscle and love to see you flexing with all the natural hair. 15. January 2018

Thats my new look mate – 40% look like a MUSCLE GORILLA – 40% fuck like a MUSCLE BULL – 20% think like a WOLF. 100% ALL ANIMAL.

Any news on your official dildo? 12. January 2018

There’s been a massive hold up. Ive been working on my merch page so as soon as thats going strong ill get onto Eagle Leather about the Dildo…

Is Molloy part of the tribe, or just a close friend of the community? 12. January 2018

He’s as straight as they come.

Do you have any DVDs for sale? 11. January 2018

Nah, i tried once to digitally sell some films and no one wanted em. I think a best of DVD will happen but not for some time…

I can’t tell in the few pictures you’ve had with him, who is taller? You or djcaer? 11. January 2018

The pup is taller.

Rogan, Skippy is looking SO much healthier (bigger/fuller) than when he went off. 11. January 2018

Yeah, he’s doing great!

What other hair colour will you be trying out next? 7. January 2018

I don’t pre-plan shit mate.

Do you have any advice in regards to staying safe while having sex with strangers and making sure that boundaries don’t get pushed and rules don’t get broken? I want to explore some of my kinkier fantasies, but there’s no boyfriends or fuck buddies in the picture, so I’d have to rely on strangers. Maybe I’m being too cautious, but I want to stay safe and know that if I say (for example) “Condoms are mandatory” or “I need to see test results before you raw me” or “My safeword is X. Respect it.” that I know nobody’s going to try something. Any tips? 2. January 2018

You take a risk every time you engage in sex and thats a decision you have to make. Remember you are always in control. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want too but sometimes if you want to get really piggy you have to just take the risks that come with that kind of play. If you don’t want too then you will have to just wait till  you finally meet a person you trust to explore these things with. If you want to engage with anon sex then you need to do everything in your power to protect yourself, like be on PrEP, educate yourself on the sti’s you can get, how and what to do if you show symptoms of contracting them. I’ve always said communication and education = prevention but you are gambling a lot on the fact that the person you are fucking with is telling you the truth.


was it easy for you to come out to ur family? 2. January 2018

Look at the answer to my last question.

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