Is it really over between you and Skip 24. June 2018

It will never be over between us. He’s in my life forever.

I heard you’re into scat. Is this true? 24. June 2018

I’m into MC Skat Cat! CLICK HERE!

How long takes before your balls are normal again 24. June 2018


Is your cock very hard and juicy 23. June 2018


:O does this mean a fart domination video is in the works??!! 23. June 2018

the idea sounds good, but its too hard to achieve.

Is Christian Powers still in the scene…? He has been missing for so long… 23. June 2018

Wishful thinking!

who’s Rev? 22. June 2018

Stay tuned…

This is a question that ties to me personally, but coming from you would be a good source. At what point do you consider a viginity “lost”, and is it possible to coin an encounter as “sexual” without fucking or cock sucking? 22. June 2018

I guess I’m old school with the virginity “lost” aspect and consider it when you have been penetrated or have penetrated another human being. Vegetables, pillows and that teddy bear don’t count. And a sexual encounter can be many things. For some it doesn’t even involve any physical contact but is purely verbal or mental.

What is the longest you have gone without a shower or deodorant, and how many times were you able to get off on your pit stench from that? 22. June 2018

the longest Ive gone without a shower is 48hrs for a client. i smell straight after a shower so… i tend to shower twice a day so people don’t think I’m homeless. the longest Ive gone without deodorant would be coming on 7 years now.

will you ever consider getting prince albert piercing? 21. June 2018

Yes, but it has to be when Im not working as I cant have sex after getting it done.

Are your farts powerful? 21. June 2018

Ask Rev.

I wanna be a part of your FMF series. Ive had it hot for you for a long time and finally want to be fucked by you. I live 8n Orlando Florida but can travel if necessary. Coby Ryan 20. June 2018

you apply on the bottom of this page “Apply to film with Rogan” section.

Love Jay Black and you in Batman/Superman video. Is there a full vid on site or just the fun teaser clip 20. June 2018

The vid on my site goes for 6min 31 sec. i don’t know what teaser you’re talking about? we were meant to film the second part but then I got barred from the USA due to a fat bitch stalker.

What happened to your nipple? And would you ever sell the old ring? (I want it) 20. June 2018

It got infected from being brutalised. Im putting the ring back in.

When you’ll record the scene with Christian? 18. June 2018

When we are not on opposite sides of the planet. And he has to agree to it too i guess.

Have you got any movie project with Rev Head? 18. June 2018

We gotta break him in easy, he’s a wild stallion. Ill start with bodybuilding vids and see how we go from there…

I men, use a dildo with yourself. 18. June 2018

Only when a client has paid me a ridiculous amount of cash to fuck me, then i need to stretch my hole open, and will use one before they arrive.

How do you prefer the liabilities with which you fuck, thin or muscular? 17. June 2018

All shapes and sizes.

How often do you use dildos? 17. June 2018

When I wanna DP a bottom.

When are you gonna record another scene as bottom? 17. June 2018

When I do a flip flop scene with Christian Power.

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