Rogan, what’s an average day for you like? I imagine your line of work allows for a lot of flexibility, but that you must have some routines, right? Working out has to be one of them, I’d imagine. 30. November 2017

Check my instagram story…

how can you hold back you cum for so long???? how can u fuck so fast and when are u uploading your fisting videos?? 29. November 2017

1. Its called edging.
2. Its just the way i fuck.
3. When i film some.

Can you choke lift me like Darth Vader then? Haha 28. November 2017


what makes u manly, physically? 28. November 2017

Hair on my nuts.

what’s manhood to u ? do u feel it? 28. November 2017

I think manhood can be defined when a man has to take full responsibility fo his actions.

Skippy has never seen you this big, has he? BTW, what size shirts and pants are you weawring these days when you have to? 27. November 2017

Im gutted cause the day after i git back to Australia I had to get 2 wisdom teeth out and couldn’t eat/train for almost 2 weeks and lost a lot of my definition. i mean im still huge, but im not jaw dropping huge. Skip didn’t really say anything. (He said my cock’s bigger?). my pants are now 34 or above and i don’t wear shirts so couldn’t tell you?

Would you be willing to go a week without ejaculating and then do a film? I’d love to see your pent up aggression and sexual frustration even more so than usual. 24. November 2017

i can go several days. i prefer to edge than cum. and i always try not to cum for at least 48hrs b4 a shoot.

Given a second chance, what would you like your name to be? 23. November 2017

I already had that chance and love my name. It’s funny i was thinking how much my name rocks just this morning and now this question. (insert Twilight Zone theme music.)

Which age of your life is your favorite and why? 23. November 2017

Right now – cause im living it!

Can we see these farts!! 22. November 2017

they’re on my videos. mostly the workout vids. i don’t really fart in my porn films.

tips to build abs and bigger pecs 22. November 2017

Abs. Eat good food.
Pecs. Mind muscle connection.

Do you like to choke guys when you fuck them? Control their breathing a little or a lot? 21. November 2017

Yep. I blame Darth Vader.

When Are You Next Planning To Come To The Uk? 20. November 2017

Why is everyone asking me about the UK? I was there for a WHOLE 3 MONTHS! Where were you???

Not making any plans to come back cause i just left.

Do you enjoy a visible difference in size with whom you’re fucking? 20. November 2017

Do i get off on guys being in awe of how every part of me is huge and hairy? That i’m an ultimate muscle beast, God like even. FKYEA i do!

Do you have an ass preference? Big/small/muscle/soft? 20. November 2017

Not soft. Big or small doesn’t matter. Muscle and hairy is hot!

Do you escort at all? 19. November 2017


Do You Ever Visit The Uk? 19. November 2017

Was there for 3 months, i just left. You can always see where I am at the top right hand of my BLOG page thats says “Where is Rogan” and in the bio of ALL my social media.

Who is your favorite bodybuilder in the world…? And do copy a pose of his and share with us..? 18. November 2017

That’s actually a really hard question to answer and i can’t. (it would be like you asking me whose my fav MOTU character or Madonna song!) The other problem is as i get bigger and bigger the bodybuilders that i look up to get bigger and change. But I can give you a list of guys whose physique I really look up to at the moment and am inspired by.

I have to put John Cena down. And here’s some guys im watching on YouTube these days; Kevin WolterRoman ‘Rex’ FritzTristen Esco. No im not doing a pose of theirs and posting it up until im their size.

Would you ever fart on someone if they asked? 18. November 2017

I fart on guys when they don’t ask!

Have you ever thought of removing your nipple rings, let it heal and then pierce them again…? 17. November 2017


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