Do you have OnlyForFans profile?!,some pornstars are making videos on it 27. January 2019

I don’t need one, I have my own website.

Would you ever wear anal beads as a necklace? 27. January 2019

as long as they have come outta my SUBS ass.

What’s your favorite body part to train beast? Why? 20. January 2019

My cock. Cause it gives as good as it gets.

Funniest thing you’ve heard lately? 20. January 2019

some of these dumb-ass questions.

Favorite movie from your childhood? 20. January 2019

The Secret of NIMH

What are your favorite sports? 20. January 2019

water sports.

Any plans of visiting Southern California? Big beefy hairy athlete here. Is there an email To get in touch? 20. January 2019

my email is

Have you ever had sex with a guy that had a curved penis? And have you ever had sex with a guy that had one big ball and one small ball? 20. January 2019

Jesse Jackman has a curved weapon.

What’s your number one priority in life 20. January 2019

Live it to the fullest!

You don’t have RJ anymore 20. January 2019

while I’m traveling so much a mate is looking after him.

Hi Rogan,what kind of fans can join your “Film with Rogan”? Is there any restriction? 20. January 2019

legal age and same species.

Hi Rogan I was wondering of maybe you could help me out. My bf wants to do anal with no condom, I also want to but im scared is there any advice for not getting any sexual disses when having anal with no condom? 17. January 2019

I’m not sure what disses are? But if you and your BF are monogamous there’s no risk of catching any sexually transmitted diseases. If you have had past sexual partners you should both go and get a sexual health screening, (then, technically, you kinda need to wait 3 months after that before its all clear to fuck raw.) This is being super cautious.

What’s your opinions on poppers? 17. January 2019

I don’t like them cause they make me soft but I understand that bottoms need them to take the beating I give them with my cock.

What is your fighting stance against the fatalistic sense of doom with which we intrinsically live? 17. January 2019

Don’t put off for tomorrow, what you can do today.

Do you still write? 17. January 2019

Not as much as I’d like too.

What are three areas of improvement you’re pushing for in the new year? 17. January 2019

More content on my bodybuilding page. More projects/content on my Merch page. And get over 110 kilos!

How do you integrate your real and professional life? How do you navigate the public perception of you as a demigod when you’re, in essence, a human being? 17. January 2019

I just take a deep breath.

You seem very open minded in regards to sex and fetishes, is there anything that turns you off or makes you feel uncomfortable? 15. January 2019

I have loads of turn-offs. Here’s just the first ones that come to mind, aggressive bottoms, guys that are too high to sit still long enough to fuck, guys who want to fuck in the dark. I guess I feel uncomfortable with stuff like blood, heavy skat or if someone wanted to do sounding on me.

Biggest fear? 15. January 2019

they’re gonna fuck up the new Masters of the Universe film.

Will Rogan come to Brazil again so we can haver sex ? ❤️ 15. January 2019

I can’t wait to get back to Brazil! I’ll fuck you if you let me film it for the FMF series.

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