Have you reached your goal for growing now you look so big 19. September 2018

Not even close…

do you consider yourself a bogan? 19. September 2018


Why do you love to fuck men only 19. September 2018

Because I’m a homosexual.

Do you have an account on Meetfighters.com 18. September 2018


Do you FMF only bareback 18. September 2018

I prefer to fuck bare back full stop. My status is Neg on PrEP.

Would you stop your porn career for your partner or should he accept that’s who you are and what you do 16. September 2018

Anyone who starts to date me would know exactly what they are getting themselves into so I don’t have to worry about making this choice. But the answer is no i wouldn’t.

Waiting for a real fight/porn … when will you make some? 16. September 2018

when i get the opportunity to find someone to do it with…

hey buddy may i know ur cock size? 16. September 2018


Don’t you ever get tired from all that traveling 13. September 2018


where do you live? 12. September 2018

out of my suitcase.

Would you fart on a fans face? 12. September 2018


best porn company to work for? 12. September 2018

The best site to fuck for is mine.

Your fans in West Africa specifically Ghana are dying to see you fuck them brutal so when will you be coming 12. September 2018

LOV u guys but unfortunately I have no plans to come there.

Have you ever had moments of jacking off where it’s just to the stench your pits? If so, about how often does that happen? 12. September 2018

Every day.

How much meals you eat on a day now your traveling 12. September 2018

I’m mean to eat 6. I always try to eat 5.

hey sexy brother, sorry for messaging here I don’t know how you feel about but I just wanna share one idea with you. Recently I have seen a new sex of an actor Louis Ricaute. Man, he has become my favorite after you. He is a sexy large beast like you. I just want to see you having sex him, kissing him, you topping him, he sucking your dick. Man that would be a hot sex video. 12. September 2018

Funny you should say that, I have met him, he’s an awesome guy! We almost filmed together when I was just in Madrid but ran outta time. SO… we will def do it when the next opportunity comes up!

I don’t know if any asked you this or not, but any way I’ll ask. I’m gay and voyeur. I mean I like having sex with men but I like it more to watch men fuck each other or to watch a MFM. and I like touching men’s body while they having sex and holding and jerking their dicks. I’m saying this because I want to hire you, after hiring I’m not sure will I have sex with you or not, But I definitely want you around me naked showing of your naked sexy body. can I hire you? And how long can you stay completely naked? 12. September 2018

email me roganrichards.com@outlook.com for any enquires.

heman or skeletor who do you wanna fuck 12. September 2018

I’m pretty sure you have to be into necromancy to wanna fuck bone face. But i would fuck neither, I’m not sexually attracted to MOTU.

god is unfair, he only made you one. why can’t he make another one like you so that we fans can get double treat of you. it would be sexy hot with those double big muscled bodies and sexy dicks 12. September 2018

I AGREE! imagine if i was a twin! Though that could back fire cause maybe we would just fuck ourselves and no one else would get any… though I guess we could film it…

can you upload a video of you doing a nude photo shoot, I mean like backstage scenes etc explaining how a nude photo shoot done 12. September 2018

Um.. there’s not much to explain, it’s just like any other photoshoot without clothes?

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