Hi rogan I want to film with you but could I be discreet as I’m not out 11. March 2019

Have you seen the HOODS series at my site? You could be part of that, and there are other creative ways we can hide your face.

would you be interested in helping someone explore their sexuality and creating content out of it? 11. March 2019

That’s what I do with every one of my films.

Have anyone told you that your videos turned their own sexual life better? Well, it did to me. The guy Im used to fuck, after watching you a few times, decided it wasn’t a bad ideia do let me fuck him like if I wanted to rip him apart. Maybe once day I will also have a video of it, just to give you something “in return” haha. 9. March 2019

I actually get a lot of messages from guys telling me I helped their sexual confidence, helped them embrace their sexual identity and helped them make their sex life better. I think that is the best compliment anyone can give me about my porn films.

Is there any other way I can send u money other than link on ur website 9. March 2019

Yes, several ways. Paypal, Amazon Gift Voucher, or bank transfer.

Hey Rogan. Do you prefer being muscle worshiped or sucked ? 3. March 2019

Really hard question mate. I would have to go with sucked, cause when I get worshipped it usually leads to that anyway.

Do you usually say more yeses or nos to new things that turn out in your life? 3. March 2019

That’s a very vague question. but I will say that I say yes.

Why you don’t fuck girls ? 3. March 2019

Cause I’m a Homo.

is there any service a person can have his own customized nude photo of yours with rights belonging to him? 1. March 2019

sure email me roganrichards.com@outlook.com

You are on steroid you fucking gay 1. March 2019

Please download grammarly.com before writing to me again.

If you could have dinner with one person dead or alive who would it be? Yes, Rogan Jr. counts as a person in this instance. 22. February 2019


So you would tell your 20-something year old self to focus on bodybuilding and not Rogan’s website? How does one pick the lesser of two evils? 20. February 2019

My website is my bodybuilding. And when being Evil is so much more fun than being good, why try and pick between two when you can do all.

Strongest deadlift? 20. February 2019

I don’t deadlift.

Do you have any pets? 20. February 2019

I have a python named Rogan Jr.

Do you meditate? 20. February 2019

I watch films. Does that count?

To what do you contribute your sense of humor? 20. February 2019

All the terrible shit that has ever happened to me.

I’m surprised by your stamina… what forms of cardio do you do? 20. February 2019

Didn’t you just answer this question yourself?

Advice for a younger you in your 20s? 18. February 2019

Is this a Drag Race inspired question? I would tell him to find his confidence sooner, accept himself quicker, and focus on bodybuilding!

If we don’t hear back from our application, is it safe to assume we’ve been denied the opportunity of a lifetime? 18. February 2019

The short answer is, yes. The long answer is, it’s possible I haven’t had the chance to get to yours yet. I try to reply to every application but sometimes if I’m super busy and there’s too many and your application doesn’t fit into what I am looking for at that time it may just be deleted.

How is Baxter doing? 18. February 2019


Why do you let your bottoms touch their dicks during sex? 18. February 2019

Why the fuck wouldn’t I?

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