My dream was to see you in a porn with a trans boy! 8. September 2019

I just filmed with Billy Vega so dreams come true!

How do we find out when you may be in our city? Are you on rent men or another site? 8. September 2019

I’m pretty sure if I was coming to the USA it would be all over my social media. Or you can look at the ‘Where is Rogan’ section at the top right of my blog page.

I know you’re a fan of superheroes and 90s cartoons, but are you also a gamer? 5. September 2019

No, I’m not a gamer. You would think so, but I guess I never had the attention for games or the eye-hand coordination.

What’s ur food 1. September 2019

Good question, too long to answer here, I will do a RO-RI post on my bodybuilding page about my food this month.

Would we get to see some trampling action with boots and a gym built guy struggling under your weight while u abuse him and make him worship your caterpillar boots? 1. September 2019

Gotta find the guy to do this with then I will…

Why do you only want to have sex with women,but relationships are only to men?!,women could also be your girlfriend,give them a chance Rogan! 1. September 2019

I don’t “want” to have sex with women, I “could” have sex with a woman if needed I needed too.

Do you like Taylor Swift?! She’s been pretty supportive to us gays now! 1. September 2019

Love her! Reputation was a great album!

Hey Rogan! You used to have a “chat” section. What happened to it? 1. September 2019

No idea what you’re takling about mate, all I’ve ever had to directly communicate with my followers is this “ask Rogan” section.

Can u be bottom? 22. August 2019

Can you ask a proper question?

Sorry honey you are bisexual,wanting you or not,being bisexual it’s not a shame,and biphobia it’s even terrible,there’s no 1% gay on you Rogan! 22. August 2019

Sorry honey, I won’t let you put me in your small-minded box. I identify as gay, I have relationships and fall in love with guys. Yes, I can fuck a woman, I haven’t in years and may never again. I am the last to shame anyone or have any kind of phobia (other than maybe being too small!) I respect Bisexuality and do not relate or live the lifestyle to identify with that. But at the end of the day if it helps you sleep better to think that, feel free to call me whatever your fantasies want me to be.

Do you escort with womens too?! or only gays sweetheart?! You have women fan interested! 😉 22. August 2019

I used too but they always end up with restraining orders.

Hey! Are you considering making more videos of you fucking and lifting around slim skinny guys? The size difference is such a great turn on! 22. August 2019

Yes mate, I want to make more of those.

how to join to be ur model for making porn video? 22. August 2019

Click on “Film with Rogan” bottom of the page.

if some one wants to book you for more than a week is it possible? If a client is booking you, do you have any things that you don’t want to do 19. August 2019

Sure, email me for more information.

Are u into fucking an Asian as a part of fmf series? I am stocky and smooth naturally not sure that’s what you are into! But would love to get pound by you! 19. August 2019

Everyone and anyone can apply for the FMF series via “Film with Rogan” link at my website. Just make sure when you’re describing yourself that you say you are wanting to be part of the FMF series.

Do you still sell you’re sweat/cum filled jocks? I want to buy one 16. August 2019

YES! my shop page will be re-opening next month!

Do you usually cum inside Skippy? His ass looks amazing 16. August 2019

I always cum inside Skippy!

If the porn industry didn’t work out for you, what would be your plan b as far as work? 16. August 2019


Do you like to choke, spit, slap the guys you’re fucking? 16. August 2019

Have you not watched my porn? I will say though that I have never been into slapping, sometimes I’ll slap an ass, but if I’m gonna hit the person I’m fucking I’ll punch them not slap them.

Would you ever consider having children to follow in your footsteps 16. August 2019

God help us!

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