Bodybuilding question: do you think that doing other things like training for sports would affect one’s results as a bodybuilder? If I were to keep up sports – water polo and running – do you think it would affect what I get out of lifting? 17. November 2017

Absolutely. You just have to weigh up what you want to achieve with your body and whats important.

Do you plan to visit Berlin in the near future ? Would love to hire you. 17. November 2017

I’m dying to get back to Berlin! but no set dates mate.

do you like your toes sucked? 15. November 2017

I prefer shoving them in ur mouth and face fucking u with em.

How do I go about hiring you because I want to make this happen? 15. November 2017


Do u take anything to help you stay hard and able to fuck for such a long time? 14. November 2017


I really want you to fuck the shit out of me. How can I make this happen? 14. November 2017

Hire me.

Do you have any photos or videos of you without your nipple rings? Would love to see those beefy nips in their natural state. 13. November 2017

There’s a few photo shoots in my Gallery page that show my tits without metal. You’ll just have to flick through and find them.

Loved your muscle tits video on YouTube. Will you be coming out with any more nip worship videos soon? Or would you make a custom video? 13. November 2017

There’s heaps of tit/nip play in all my videos on my web site. I cant leave those FKRS alone! I will make some more specific tit play vids in the future. I can always make a personalised video for you mate. just email me at

Is true you tend to communicate in growls and grunt during sex 12. November 2017

Yes, I sound like an animal when i fuck, I’m not sure if I’m actually trying to communicate anything to the guy whose ass I’m demolishing, more like a natural reaction.

Is it true you learned to mastrubate by doing situps 12. November 2017

Yes it is. That’s the very first time it happened to me.

Hey Rogan, got any plans to travel to the home of middle earth that is New Zealand? 12. November 2017

No mate.

what are your top 5 sex positions? 10. November 2017

I don’t really have any fave positions as long as I’m ramming my cock deep and hard in a guys mouth or ass. I am partial to Doggy cause I can pound EXTRA HARD! But also love Missionary so the guy can have his hands on my muscles while im drilling him and I can see on his face what my fat cock is doing to him. All positions need to be in front of a mirror unless outdoors or in public.

Hi Rogan… did you always like to fuck hard? 9. November 2017


Hey Rogan! Have you ever worked with Caribbean guys? If not would you be interested in working with them? 9. November 2017

I’ll work with any guy as long as his attitude fits mine sexually.

hey Rogan….i always wondered why do you film most of your scenes with your shoes on? 8. November 2017

I started wearing my kicks when i fuck because of the force I fuck guys with i kept sliding backwards. So i wear my shoes for grip so i don’t slide back.

Yeah, but you didn’t name the inspirations in the post, either! 7. November 2017

i realised that and went back and tagged them.

Do you like to frot? 6. November 2017

Dry hump? No.

Do you have any bodybuilding inspirations? How about fitness crushes? >:) 6. November 2017

check my last post at my bodybuilding Instagram page. @bodybuildingbyroganrichards

If you could have a superpower what would you choose? 6. November 2017

I’ve always said I wanna be Mystique, so i can morph into a hot chic and go get gang banged by a football club. Strangely enough, though that is the opposite of my natural Alpha male characteristics but I guess thats what makes it all that more interesting. But that’s technically a mutation not a super power. Soo.. i reckon it would be the HULKS. something that made me even bigger, stronger and beastly. So imagine the Hulk’s superpower but instead of turning green (lame) I turned into a Furry version of me. A cross between a Bull, Wolf and Silverback Gorilla. (that answer went for far too long. I’m such a nerd.)

Who is currently your favorite black gay porn star that you will like to fuck in the ass 6. November 2017

Don’t have one. But there’s a heap of sexy ass black dudes that have hit me up on the social apps that im trying to convince that they should let me bang there asses on film.

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