Would you ever make fart domination porn? 14. June 2018

FK YES, its just hard cause the times when I do fart heaps, I never have a camera around, or i don’t have a guy with me that wants me to DOM him that way. It sounds great in theory, but practically it’s hugely problematic.

How to act in porn movies as a career 13. June 2018

Apply for the companies you wanna work for online.

Out of all the porn stars currently see on social media and porn site. Which two porn stars would you top or bottom for? 12. June 2018

There’s a heap of guys I wanna fuck and I can’t single out any. None of which I would let fuck me. Maybe… I would flip with Christain Power.

Hi Rogan. I want to be featured on FMF series getting my ass destroyed by you while I play with your wired nipples. Possible? I’m from Melbourne. 12. June 2018

Click on “Film with Rogan” at the bottom of this page and fill out the form.

Would Love To See You In A Wrestle Sex Match Handing Out Big Submissions – Do Like To Wrestle My Hero 10. June 2018

Not really. But given the right guy i would do a wrestling film. much prefer boxing.

will you be doing any piss videos? 10. June 2018

Other than the 3 already ay my site?

what made you to choose to act in porn videos as a career 9. June 2018

TOO LONG to answer here. BUT as my last YouTube channel got taken down (haters!) I was thinking of doing an ASK ROGAN old school style and video taping me. So i will get you guys to send me Qs that you want me to answer on film, this can be the first.

You should make a video where you force a guy to eat your ass and just shove his face in there and be like FUCK YEAHHH EAT THAT ASS! 9. June 2018

Thats kinda what I do every time. BUT yes, i wanna just do a film just with my ass being eaten out.

Do you respect guys that aren’t out/discreet? Do you have any friends in that situation? 9. June 2018

I respect everyone.

Hi Rogan I like you hairy armpit .. When the last time you shave it ?👅 9. June 2018

who the fuck shaves their armpits???

as you mentioned there are 97 XXX films on your site, is there going to be any special with the 100th film 9. June 2018

What do you suggest?

have you ever done double penetration? if so, can you share those memories with your fans 9. June 2018

till now, what was your best moment in your life 8. June 2018

Discovering how powerful my cock is.

Do you pay the guys that are in FMF because off the risk fucking on protected 8. June 2018

Why would fucking unprotected be the grounds for payment? Man, with the amount of unprotected sex these days in every day life – all the gays would be homeless!

How i can be on FMF section? i’m from mexico 7. June 2018

Apply at the bottom of this page where it says “Film with Rogan”

if you became owner of a biggest porn company like men or Lucas, how will you feel, what kind of videos will you create? will you stop acting in porn videos then or would you do more films? 6. June 2018

I have no interest to be part of or own a porn company.

if given a chance with how many men do you want to have sex in a orgy? 6. June 2018

I can’t count that high…

apart from you, who do you think have sexiest body and sexy cock 5. June 2018

Rev Head.

What’s your thoughts on circumcision? Was there ever a time that you considered it or wished that you were cut? Do you look at cut guys with pitty? 5. June 2018

I don’t look at dick. I like mine and I’m not cut. I like Rev’s and his is cut and apparently he was telling me that depending when u get cut it can make your cock bigger when it heals. Or at least he says that’s to why he has a thick torpedo cock. (I shrug.)

Hi Rogan, I am fond of you. Am surprised to know that you belong to India. Were you an Indian Sikh? 5. June 2018

I’m Aussie mate. But i have Indian, British and German blood in me. As well as Lycan.

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