why haven’t you participated in mrgay competitions? 7. September 2018

I haven’t found the right bikini.

At this point in your life what do you still want to achieve 7. September 2018

So FKIN much, I d0n’t know where to start..

Would you consider yourself a hedonist? 7. September 2018

Of course I am.

hai, Rogan. I got a question for you. I’m straight but lately I want to experiment my sexuality. So I wanted to hire a porn actor. In that process, I came across you. You really got a hot sexy body, and I really got turned on by you. So I was wondering are you comfortable to have sex with a straight like me, if you are comfortable can I hire you? 5. September 2018

I just love to fuck so i will have sex with who ever is paying. and they will have the fuck of their life. u can contact me via email roganrichards.com@outlook.com

I haven’t yet seen your video Massimo piano, but in a previous video of him I think I saw his penis is peirced, is it true, has he really got his dick peirced? 5. September 2018

Well then, you need to join my site and see the film to find out…

Will you ever do another bodybuilding competition 5. September 2018

Hope so – its just hard gaining when I travel this much and the stupid amount of money a bodybuilder spends when he’s at home doubles when he’s traveling.

Fuck my fans are you ever in Newcastle England? 4. September 2018

I’m gonna do a England tour 2019.

What progress with your body are you most pleased with so far this year? I really think your glutes and quads and really exploded in size. 3. September 2018

Thanks man! been working hard on my legs… and yes, I would probably agree with you, im most happy with my legs and chest. Delts are my weak spot.

it would be fine, a video of you cutting wood with a chainsaw, showing pecs, asking for fetishes, and sexual desires,i dont of think that offends anyone. 3. September 2018

Oh yea, i automatically went to a Texas Chainsaw Massacre storyline. The horror nut in me i guess…

Rogan, how big are those quads and calves? Mine are 22.5″ and 14″; don’t laugh. lol 2. September 2018

you know when you tell someone not to do something, they automatically do what you told them not to do. I don’t measure myself mate.

Hi Rogan, your body hair has become more, especially on the back, yummy. What‘s your secret for such splendor? 2. September 2018

Super glue and furry carpets.

what was it like filming with Paddy O’Brian he is so hot 2. September 2018

He’s a rascal.

Hey Rogan, what would you like the most? A younger guy who you could fuck all day or a big musle guy to flip fuck all night with? 2. September 2018

I don’t flip flop.

i want to be a gay, how I can do that 2. September 2018

Start by sticking your dick in a guy, any hole will do, or having him stick his in yours. Psychologically, I don’t have the time to answer that question here.

you thing make a video about construction worker fetishe, or woodwork handle a chainsaw ?¿ 2. September 2018


Is Rev a model by profession he has the perfect body 2. September 2018

He’s shy. And yes, he has the perfect body.

Is Flamefly really only a bit over 5-feet? I never realized how tiny he was; you look a whole head taller at least. 23. August 2018

Yes he’s tiny but has the hugest heart!

How difficult was it to accept that u r a gayman 21. August 2018

Very. I wasn’t born knowing I was gay and I grew up in a very sheltered protective and catholic family. I misunderstood myself to be straight and longed for the ideal heterosexual lifestyle. It wasn’t till my mid teens that I realised I was gay and I at that point in my life, with no proper education or encouraging support about accepting my sexuality I didn’t want to be gay. I went into a violent denial and tried to fight it for years. It wasn’t till I was in my 20s that I actually finally gave in to the fact that I was a gay man and started to love myself for it. I’m not sure who you are or why you asked that question but for any young boy that is discovering his sexuality and that he is different who might read this, IT’S OK. YOU NEED TO BE WHO YOU ARE AND YOU NEED TO LOVE YOURSELF FOR IT. Maybe the people around you won’t, maybe you will be hurt, afraid and confused but find tour TRUTH, OWN it and LIVE it. And Remember not everyone needs to have a coming out party and wave a rainbow flag over their head, sometimes being discreet or selective about who you tell is absolutely ok as well.

What is your original sexuality? 19. August 2018

A confused homo.

How long will you use Rev before you dump him just like Skip 17. August 2018

you’re funny.

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