Do you ever come to San Diego 6. November 2017

no set plans mate.

Hi stud! do you plan to visit Mexico in the future? 5. November 2017

YES! Stay tuned…

Thoughts on chubby guys? 5. November 2017

LOV em!

Hey, who is the bodybuilder named “Robby” on your recent bodybuilder instagram post? I feel like I should know who he is, but can’t make out the last name. 3. November 2017

the legend Robby Robinson!

Love to see the pleasure you get from your nips being played with. Have you ever cum with just you or someone else playing with them? 3. November 2017

There’s quite a few of my films where I focus on my gorilla tits. Well i get guys t play with them in ALL my films but in particular there’s the RO-RI film PEC PLAY or JACK OFF! or HOODS 2 TIED UP to mention a few… And there will be more…

How ripe are your pits? Do you ever skip showers to get them stinkier? 2. November 2017

Not on a daily basis cause even after i shower they still smell. BUT if ive been hired to have them extra ripe i will skip.

Would you ever do a foot fetish video for your fans? 2. November 2017

Theres the RO-RI film already at my XXX page “Skip’s feet” but thats me playing with his big fish feet cause he wouldn’t suck mine. BUT i will do more with me making a sub worship and choke down on my beast feet…

How hot do you think it would be to have someone with your dildo in one hole and you in the other? 2. November 2017

SO FKIN HOT! we talking a female or FTM?

How much you charge for one nught 2. November 2017

is a nught a naughty night with me? A night with the FLEX is priceless!

u can email me for more info.

Do you appear in any Hollywood movies; movies for general audiences or tv shows? If so, which ones? I saw the trailers for some super hero movies and thought about you. Also, when are you competing again in body building? 2. November 2017

No, but thanks for thinking that i could. I want to compete next year again but it all depends on my work schedule and money.

What makes a man? What makes somebody manly? Is manliness something innate or something that one can achieve? Is it what you are? Is it what you do? Anyways, I’m curious – what do you think makes someone “manly”? 25. October 2017

When you strip back all the BS away i believe what makes a true man is a man who is confident enough to be humble. powerful enough to be compassionate. selfish enough to be aware of the needs of others. A man who is honest and fights for what he believes in.

Do you have any advice for folks who want to start bodybuilding or lifting, but don’t know where to start? 25. October 2017

When i was young I had to rely on bodybuilding magazines but now you have… YOUTUBE!!! it is a sea of bodybuilding education! and it’s free. there’s a lot of shit on there but there’s a lot of great stuff as well including my Bodybuilding Channel and many other bodybuilders channels that are filled with videos of them showing off and telling you how to grow massive. Advise from other bodybuilders from all over the globe.

Of course personal advise from a bodybuilder is always priceless.

Hope this helps…

When is your dildo available for purchase 25. October 2017

I got bask to Australia a couple of days ago and have been distracted with dentist appointments to get my wisdom teeth removed and the mechanic to get my car window fixed. Meaning, I’ve been to busy to go in and see Eagle Leather to get an update on my dildo yet… But when i find out something you will too.

I think it’s safe to say I’m the number one fan of Rogan, and we all know your the sexiest beast in the Southern Hemisphere and you can fuck the life out of anyone, however I thought as a fantasy question I’d ask this, do you ever just make love to your partners? 21. October 2017

Are you asking if this BEAST knows how to make love to another person rather than plough them into the next room? Yes, i do.

Hey Rogan, how do I go about arranging you to meet my boyfriend? 21. October 2017


hello rogan, i was on grindr, in Lyon France, one guy said its you and we plan to meet, i guess not possible, is it? 17. October 2017

it could have been, i was just there.

Rogan, when did you try your first cycle? 16. October 2017


hey rogan! can i be in one of your rogan fucks fan videos when you come to sydney?! 16. October 2017

Absolutely! email me on and we’ll exchange numbers and make it happen.

Heyya Rogan! new fan here ! I wanted to ask you how can I be a loyal Rogan fan? 14. October 2017

Just be yourself mate and have fun with my videos.

Do you also sell custom videos made exclusive? 14. October 2017

Yep, email and tell me what you want.

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