How often do you check your liver function bloodwork? 5. June 2018

Every 3 months when I get my sexual health screening.

Oh my god, Rogan. You in the dress shirt and dress pants at the wedding? I thought I’d never see the day! lol 5. June 2018

I know right!

Why do you think there is so much emphasis for gay men to look a certain way? This obsession with the perfect gym body and porn star looks is so cliche. The sexiest thing about a man is what’s in his heart. 5. June 2018

I have a theory that only insecure people say whats important is on the inside cause they don’t have the confidence to accept and own how they look, or change how they look. There is only emphasis to look a certain way cause people allow that to happen. Read my article MY VOICE at my BLOG.

I think the gear has made your normal talking voice a little deeper; have you noticed this? 31. May 2018

Sorry this took so long to answer. It wasn’t the gear. CLICK HERE! to read the article your question inspired.

can we have a video of you taking shower 31. May 2018


will you do a normal sex video, what do they call it like vanilla sex or something rather than wild sex, for once 31. May 2018

if i ever have a boy friend who wants to make a film with me maybe I’d do something like this then… Maybe?

in your whole body what do you like; face, lips, armpits, muscles, nipples or your cock 25. May 2018

Well anyone who is an actual fan would know the answer to that question. tits and cock.

will you do a complete sex photo shoot 25. May 2018

what do you mean?

when you were in teens what was your sexual fantasy, have you got you fantasy 25. May 2018

My fantasies as a teen were basic. so yes, I have surpassed them years ago.

If I hire you for one week, and I want to you not wear any clothes I mean to be completely nude for the whole week, would you be comfortable with that 25. May 2018

Stupid question.

personally while having sex what do you like, kissing you partner, or your partner sucking your cock, or playing with your partners body or vice versa or topping your partner 25. May 2018

This changes depending who I’m fucking. And varies so much I can’t answer it.

how much longer can you fuck some one, in a day how many times you can fuck 25. May 2018

When I’m with Rev we fuck every minute of the entire day that we can. We have to stop to shit and eat and gym but that’s about it.

hey brother can I ask something personal, as of I think most people will be afraid to be even half naked in front of others I think it takes so much courage to show your nude body others; but how can you manage to show your nude body, and having sex knowing someone will watch it, and chatting with your fans about sex how can you do it? or you really that much comfortable to be nude and to have sex in public 25. May 2018

It’s just what I do.

Can you grow like a muscular beast without help from your fans 24. May 2018

I think at this point in my life I have become so intertwined with my fans in everything I do it’s like a strong relationship which I get back as much as I give. I have said it many times before, I am only allowed to be me because of them. Would I be who I am without my fans, no. And that feeds into my biggest passions of sex, art and bodybuilding. Weather its verbal encouragement or financial help my fans definitely help me grow bigger in every facet of my career and I am so grateful for them.

You have done a lot of photo shoots so far. Which ones of them are your favorite to shot and what is your favorite photo out of all of them? 24. May 2018

Honestly, I couldn’t say mate. I’ve had a hand full of bad shoots that I have regretted doing. Don’t ask which ones as I don’t talk shit about people when I have no real reason too. But for the most part I have loved all of them and always have a blast.

Not a question, at all, but Renato looks big and thick as fuck. You’re of course more ripped, but he looks like he probably weighs nearly as much as you, huh? 24. May 2018

No where near as much.

Hi Rogan, I am a fan from China,how can I join your FMF filming? 24. May 2018

Apply here at my website. you know where you clicked on ‘Ask Rogan’ to ask me this question? Well the next one below it is ‘Film with Rogan’ click on that and fill it out. Just where it asks for fetish’s write its for the FMF series.

What is your ultimate sex fantasy? Something you are dying to try but haven’t had the chance to. 20. May 2018

Ive done everything. BUT i wanna film some fisting, fighting, stomping and orgy films for my site.

Hello,there quite a few skype accounts, which account do i get of on skype to do a live CAM with you? 20. May 2018

I only have one. roganrichards the official Rogan Richards

I noticed that you have almost always worn a ring on your hand for years. Lately, I noticed you don’t wear it as much. Just curious as to what happened to it? 20. May 2018

I took it off.

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