Hi I’m from Birmingham UK…& 18 yearsold how can I apply for fuck a fan 15. August 2018

Apply via my web site where it says Film with Rogan.

Is Rev just naturally big, or has he had help like you? 15. August 2018

I inject him with my Daddy juice outta my fat cock everyday and that makes him grow.

Hi..Rogan..am our big fan ..and watched your scene with marc ferrer and gabriel luna ,its was an awesomes scene you did . I have a question to you , that am a passionate model and porn addict. So, please suggest how and where to start to enter onto adult modelling.And also i want to to scene with you near future. Please let me know. 14. August 2018

Both answers are the same. You need to apply online to the companies you want to work for – and if you wanna film with me also apply at my web site.

Will you be traveling to USA any time? 14. August 2018

Not this year.

Can’t wait to see another muscle domination video! Your bearhugs look brutal! 11. August 2018

Check out FIGHT PORN next month. Not specifically muscle worship but I think you will get a rock hard boner from watching me go head to head with another muscle dude fighting for dominance.

Do you offer muscle worship/wrestling meet ups, if so, where are you based! 9. August 2018

FK YES! the best kind. Im based in Australia but traveling Europe right now. Top right hand side of my BLOG page has what city I am in…

How much for the gold poser 6. August 2018


your spelling for ‘douche’ was worse than alexis mateo immitating alicia keys 6. August 2018

That’s amazing.

Will you be filming another muscle domination video? I’d love to see someone squirming in your bearhug. 6. August 2018

I love that too! so hopefully…

Would you do a straight scene or a bisexual one for your website? 4. August 2018

I think I’d almost do any kind of porn for my web site.

Advice: I’ve never bottomed before what should I do to prepare?! 4. August 2018


There is no way Rev weights too much. lol Just curious about you two. 1. August 2018

I’m joking, but he’s gotten bigger since being with me (no surprise) and looks amazing. I on the other hand have been struggling with my gains lately…

a simple suggestion, currently your website has 924pictures of you right, my suggestion is make the 1000 picture special and memorable. 1. August 2018

what do you suggest? maybe i can have my fans/followers suggest a shoot…

Curious, how much do you weigh currently and about how much does Rev weigh? 29. July 2018

I weigh TOO little, and REV weights TOO much!

What means love to you, because you have Skip tattoo on your arm and have a other boyfriend 28. July 2018

Love for me is a really cool Madonna song remix that never ends!

you like both porn and bodybuilding right, can you mix them and do a video, like you are giving trying to a boy to buildbody and after that you fuck him, like sex in gym 28. July 2018

If you were a member of my website you will have already seen 2 films where i mix the two.

You’re over the top porn star that can’t work alone anymore just stick to your bodybuilding 26. July 2018

Yes I am an extreme porn star! Who wants to work alone? And I’ll always do my bodybuilding.

you have done so far many nude photoshoots, right. from all of them which one is your favourite? can you do a photoshoot with a cute nude teen boy, like he is worshipping your body and sucking your cock? 26. July 2018

Sounds like fun!

Are there many people haters that confront you with your dirty sexual behavior 25. July 2018

Never to my face.

For so long we haven’t seen pictures of RJ is he dead 25. July 2018

He’s great, back home, I’ve been traveling all year, I cant take him on the plane with me around Europe?

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