If money/time didn’t matter, what would you’re fantasy image of yourself look like? 14. July 2018


what size do you wish your cock to be 14. July 2018

the exact size it is.

What’s better, smelly hairy pits or sweaty hairy ass? 14. July 2018

Are all these questions from the same person? Are you bored or just very curious? TO answer your question, you can’t have one without the other.

How easily do you sweat 14. July 2018

Too easily.

Do you wear a fragrance/cologne 14. July 2018

This has to be the dumbest question I have ever been sent.

Do you like the term MANIMAL!? 14. July 2018


What was the longest you’ve fucked for? 14. July 2018

without a break? maybe 3 hrs. but me and Rev are traveling now and working so I don’t cum which means we can fuck every day all day for days.

Why react so angry to fans when ask about Skip 12. July 2018

I react angry to fans who ask stupid questions about Skip.

Is using a dick pump and saline not bad for your body and cock 12. July 2018

If you educate yourself on proper use it won’t be. Saline is a mixture of sodium chloride in water and has a number of uses in medicine. When used for body enlargement it dissolves after time. the only risk is in unclean or incorrect needle use. Dick pumps have been reported to have negative effects so you have to be smart on how you use them.

What you use to get/hold your cock all day hard. Because it’s not possible to have constantly day in day out a hard cock 12. July 2018

who said it’s not possible? Ends up being sore, but it’s a good sore.

Isn’t it difficult for Skip see you with new boyfriend because your the love of his life, and that he going to use again 12. July 2018

Is it difficult for you to be such a negative sad person?

Have you ever had a negative health check after fucking bare back 12. July 2018

No as I am Negative.

Wait, what happened to Josh Thomas?! 12. July 2018

He passed away is 2015. I am not sure what was the reported reason for his death. RIP he was an awesome coach and great guy.

What do your pits smell like? 12. July 2018

Pure animal ecstasy!

What size shoe do you wear? 12. July 2018

USA 11

What’s worse: cardio or soap-smelling ass? 8. July 2018

There’s nothing bad about either of those 2 things. Prefer a sweaty ass tho…

You think long distance relationships will work 8. July 2018

Not in the long term.

I’m confused who is now your man S or R ?? 7. July 2018

Skip and I are no longer boy friends but he will always be in my life and I will always love him. Rev Head is my new boy friend.

Probably not an original question, but in your endless lust for brutal fucking (which is rare and HOT AS FUCK, btw).. Can you tell me about a time you fucked someone the hardest, and the injuries you or the bottom got, if any? 7. July 2018

I have broken ribs and choked a few guys out. bit thats about it. other than guys saying im too rough on them or complaining their asses hurt afterwards.

I scanned through your site, but couldn’t find any armpit-centered videos. None from the last few years, anyways. Perhaps I might be blind, but is there a chance to do an armpit-centered video sometime soon? With pits like yours, your alpha-like instinct would be to show them off, yeah? 😏 7. July 2018

I don’t have a film JUST with pit play cause I make all the guys I fuck lick my pits out during filming. BUT i will make a film totally and only about licking out my pits – I FKIN LOV IT!

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