hey whats your dick size 25. April 2016

it falls under the category of “MASSIVE!”

Just for fun, is you were to do standard push-up non-stop, how many would you have done without any rest in between? 25. April 2016

I can go to “infinity and beyond!”

Besides bodybuilding, what is your favorite sport…? Boxing, cycling, wrestling, football…? 24. April 2016

with the way i fuck, i believe i can consider sex a sport.

You have different colour hair before, which is your favorite and is your next hair colour going to be…? 24. April 2016

my fav is my natural hair colour. i change it just for fun sometimes and I will be doing it again soon…

Updates means video and pictures, mate… 23. April 2016

that’s what my social media’s for.

Give us updates on you growing back your armpit and chest hair…! 18. April 2016

its taking for-FKIN-ever!

How was your experience with Landon Conrad? 18. April 2016


Do you engage in any charitable activities? 18. April 2016

does this page count?

Where you will be available most of the time in an year? 18. April 2016

Where i live.

do you have any fantasy..? 18. April 2016

Spare time.

if vampire and werewolf both came to have sex with you.. ….both are male versions ofcource.. with whom you will have sex if you have to chose only one of them which one will you chose vampire or werewolf 18. April 2016


have you ever heard of benjamin godfre, if you don’t just google him and share your opinion on him with us.. how would you like him as a co-actor in a porn film, or as a one night stand or as a boyfriend 18. April 2016


in your life with whom you first had sex ,boy or girl , at what age 18. April 2016

how many men can you manage to fuck at a time..? 18. April 2016

well logistically speaking, i got my cock, i could have 2 doubled ended dildo’s in each hand, and one coming outta my mouth. So… that would make 6 guys.

hey you are doing you own videos right so why don’t you hire johnny rapid and do a film with him. with you fucking him.. kissing him 18. April 2016

fly him to Australia and i’ll ask him.

do you any plans to fuck again diego lauzen and wagner 18. April 2016

i’d love too! those guys ROCK!

you had a one night stand with a hot sexy guy in new place… after some time you are informed that he is your long lost brother what is your reaction 18. April 2016

you have an obsession with brothers, bro.

if a naked dude comes to you and he looks like you as you are looking in mirror what would be your reaction.. would you fuck him…? and after having sex you were told that he is you twin bro what is your reaction 18. April 2016

If you’re asking me if i would fuck myself, i’ve already said i would.

just seen your video with denis vega man you people are made for each other when we can see you both together, why don’t you marry him 18. April 2016

because i never forgave him for cheating on me in Ibiza.

This beautiful girl loves your character, your looks, your body and the way you looks at life. She crashes on you, and that she is very clear that she wants to raise a baby of her own. Instead of choosing from a random stranger from the sperm bank, she seeks your help… What would you think…? 18. April 2016

i think one Rogan running around is all this world can handle.

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