If you were a Superhero, who would you be…? And who would you like to fuck…? 6. March 2016

I’d be ME! just SUPA-HERO’ED UP!

what super hero do I wanna fuck? Maybe Bane.

can you do a flex video all of you in the yellow cocksox underwear 6. March 2016

I don’t have that one anymore mate – U need to contact COCKSOX and tell them to send me some new gear!

You are both awesome and amazing! We love what you do, keep up the great work! 🙂 6. March 2016


Kind of random question but one I’m genuinely curious about, but with someone with as high a sex drive as you who loves flexing, was it difficult not to pop a boner in those posing trunks during your competition? 3. March 2016

You obviously missed all the posts i made on my social media explaining that contest prep kills your sex drive.

Do you know what kind of Indian? Gujarti, Tamil, etc…? 2. March 2016

I’m Anglo-Indian mate – it’s watered down and makes up the smallest percentage of what constructs this amazing specimen of a man..

What do you prefer, cut or uncut cocks? small or big? 2. March 2016

I’m not into cock.

Would you ever get fucked 2. March 2016

For fun? NO.

What makes you horney? 2. March 2016


Would you ever get fucked by a dildo ever again or would we have to pay you to do it 2. March 2016


Do you have any chance of coming to India 2. March 2016

I never leave much up to chance.

Hi congrats for your bodybuilding. So would ever go out make out with girls or boys or both? 2. March 2016

hey Rogan, i was talking about that Flyer : https://www.facebook.com/sleazymadrid/photos/pb.162114120487138.-2207520000.1456702070./1117036354994905/?type=3&theater . will u be in Madrid during this event ? Kisses, Youssef. 2. March 2016

Firstly THANKS for showing me this!!! I have never seen it. But no mate, sorry I will not be there.

Thank you for doing straight scenes! Are you willing todo DP scenes with a huge Bodybuilder likeme 6 1 250 hung 10×6.5 cut? 2. March 2016

I haven’t done any straight scenes.

Rogan, congrats on the win also. I am a new member and very disappointed members cannot download your incredibly hot videos. Is this likeley to change. It will impact on my ongoing membership 2. March 2016

Thanks for the congrats mate!

And NO, members will NEVER be able to download my content because the whole point of having a web site, besides entertaining you guys and getting you off! is so that I have passive income and can make a living outta all this stuff i do to entertain you guys and get you off AND if you could download my content it would make my membership obsolete.

Do you have latin parents? I love your black latino cock! 2. March 2016

Nothing Latino about my meat. I’m GERMAN/BRIT/INDIAN.

hi rogan, congrats on your fantastic win. i’ll never forget our date in hamburg – you were so fucking hot and really, really nice, too – so my question is: when are you coming back to europe and especially to hamburg? kisses, hannes 28. February 2016

Thanks for the message, I would like to return to the EU later this year but unfortunately Germany isn’t on my list of places to visit.

how much % is safer sex important in your porns or private? 28. February 2016

What is safe sex?

using a condom. educating yourself. getting tested regularly. being able to communicate your sexual status in an unbiased and non judgemental society. only performing oral. only being a top. practicing monogamy. pulling out. trusting someone else. honesty.

do you use Truvada? 28. February 2016

I’m on PrEP so yes, I do.

I’m still getting over not seeing you in Connecticut USA a few years ago. When are you going to visit the east coast of the USA? We really need us some Rogan! 28. February 2016

Hi Rogan, first a big kiss to the biggest man ever , my question is will u be attending sleazymadrid this year as i saw u in the poster , Love and hugs from Morocco 28. February 2016


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