can I buy your sperm? 3. October 2018

Well I already sell jizzed in clothes?

What have you enjoyed best about Brazil? Obrigado! 2. October 2018

My fans!

You are incredibly handsome, Rogan! Damn, Gina! I love your free spirit, and your ability to be totally and uniquely YOU — while giving zero fucks. My question is…do you think Remasaurus is “the one”? You two are so hot together. Enjoy your stay in Brazil! 29. September 2018

It’s not even a year yet mate! FKED if i know…

favourite place to cum 29. September 2018

Currently in Rev’s ass.

Do you do any cardio out of curiosity? 27. September 2018

Have you seen the way i fuck?

You shower after workouts or stay sweaty and smelly 27. September 2018

I think everyone knows the answer to that.

How much time you spent daily at the gym 26. September 2018

I spend every waking minute at the gym.

What’s the difference in weight between you and Rev? He says he wants to reach 100 kg, but you’re over that, right? 24. September 2018

only 5 kilos difference. Ive dropped heaps with all this traveling.

Sometimes in movies you suck a cock you still do that 24. September 2018


How can you prevent injuries during training 24. September 2018

Train smart.

What’s your goal and do you think you can reach that with so much traveling 21. September 2018

My immediate goal is still 110 kilos and no i don’t think i can.

Have you reached your goal for growing now you look so big 19. September 2018

Not even close…

do you consider yourself a bogan? 19. September 2018


Why do you love to fuck men only 19. September 2018

Because I’m a homosexual.

Do you have an account on 18. September 2018


Do you FMF only bareback 18. September 2018

I prefer to fuck bare back full stop. My status is Neg on PrEP.

Would you stop your porn career for your partner or should he accept that’s who you are and what you do 16. September 2018

Anyone who starts to date me would know exactly what they are getting themselves into so I don’t have to worry about making this choice. But the answer is no i wouldn’t.

Waiting for a real fight/porn … when will you make some? 16. September 2018

when i get the opportunity to find someone to do it with…

hey buddy may i know ur cock size? 16. September 2018


Don’t you ever get tired from all that traveling 13. September 2018


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