Hey Muscle Beast . Just wanted to be another one of the fans to get fucked by you. Another question is when you have sex on screen is it scripted or do you just wing it and do what feels right at the moment? 18. May 2018

Have you seen my films? do they look scripted or directed?

How much would you charge if someone wanted to video chat with you? If yes, how can I go about it? 18. May 2018

like a CAM SHOW? roganrichards on SKYPE.

So, which challenging your fans to track all they eat, have you finally counted how many calories you eat on an average day to maintain the size you do? Super interested. 16. May 2018

I don’t count calories.

I ordered ur sweaty shirts but when will i receive them? I’m so excited! 15. May 2018

They are on their way! Sometimes, like now, when I’m traveling it takes longer to get my sweaty gear to customers. In this case I appreciate your patience and i’ll make sure the wait will be worth it.

Really wanna see you bottoming soon 15. May 2018

I don’t.

Do you like Desi guys Indians/Asians?? 15. May 2018

I’m not always attracted to the type of guy but rather his attitude.

hey Rogan, I know you want to be called “daddy”, but I like to call you as a bro. my question is it really possible to double penetrate some one? 12. May 2018

You can call me bro. and yes it is possible…

Send a fart in a bottle?? Can you record it too?? 12. May 2018

email me roganrichards.com@outlook.com

Hey mate, i like to meet you in person. Any idea of travelling to Malaysia ? 12. May 2018

no mate.

Hey Mr.Beast I absolutely love your videos. I really want to be fucked by you so bad. My question for you is do you get noticed by people on the street 9. May 2018

Yes, cause of who I am and cause of the size I am.

How can I get a fart from you??? 9. May 2018

How would you suggest I send it?

How do I get hold of you to be in the FMF 9. May 2018


and make sure you write in the fetish description its for FMF.

Hey there first off let me just say that I am a fan of yours love your work. I think u are a muscle beast. My biggest question is how do you possess enough stamina to fuck fast and hard? Next question is what is your pet peeve? Do you have any siblings? What was your embarrassing moment? When it comes to sex if a guy does something that you don’t like is there a safety word or do you stop sex completely 5. May 2018

  1. I have lycan blood in me and when I fuck the animal takes over.
  2. Human stupidity.
  3. None of your business.
  4. So many! Did you read about the time my folks found all my shitty underwear that I used hide under the house?
  5. I only use safe words when doing extreme sex. And the whole point of  safe word is you stop doing what you’re doing. In regular sex if the guy is doing something I’m not into I will just tell him.

Are there any appearance requirements for the FMF series? I’m 25, 5’5 but a bit chubby. 5. May 2018

Nothing wrong with a bit of chub!

how do you get your nipples so big i luv em you pump them 4. May 2018

They get bigger after you pierce them and play with them as extreme and hard as I do and get guys to suck and bit them and pull on them…

what is the best way to have a three some, how can some one fully enjoy a threesome sex or group sex, can you give any suggestions 4. May 2018

Check out the group films at my website!

I was just looking at your instagram, and are you standing on something in that picture with Bam, or he is really that short? How tall is he? 4. May 2018

Have you seen Willow?

In your personal life do you prefer single sexual partner or multiple? 2. May 2018

Didn’t George Michale say “Sex is better when it’s one on one.”

I heard that you are 38 years old. Is it true? Till now how many good relations do you have? Did you ever had a crush on some one but never got to express your feelings? 2. May 2018

I’ve been really lucky to have many amazing men in my life. And I think we all have unspoken crushes.

How often do you drink throughout the week? I’m wondering where it fits in with your concentration on fitness. 2. May 2018

You mean grog? I used to drink a lot but stopped when I prepped for my bodybuilding comp in 2016 and ever picked it up again. I mean, i socially drink but even then its one or two drinks only.

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