what happened to your offical dildo? 6. July 2018

The company that was producing it closed shop, Eagle Leather is working on getting a new production company but it also means we have to start again from scratch. these things can get complicated. it is still coming though.

I reckon it would be hot if you got your penis turned into a vagina and remained a big muscle beast. 6. July 2018

As I’m not into cock other than my own and my mans this is the ultimate fantasy for me. And i think a guy that looks like me should do that so i can fuck his muscle cunt like an animal.

I want to see you in full on beast sex mode fucking another sexual beast like you 2. July 2018

ME TOO!!!!

If I wanna become a most important person in your life, like skippy what qualities should I have 2. July 2018

Here’s three ways, have a sense of humour, great ass and be turned on by big hairy smelly things!

how do you separate your porn life from your personal sex life 2. July 2018

Why would that be an issue? That’s like asking me how do seperate chest day from back.

That’s fast new man and Skip to back ground. You only using guys and don’t know what real love is 2. July 2018

Skip will never be put in the background. Go FUCK yourself as no one else seems to be doing it for you.

You have plan to grow more? I mean muscles bigger? 2. July 2018


Would you make any ‘Gag the fag’ or ‘Satyr Films’ style porn? I reckon if anyone is going to resurrect that type of porn it’s you. 1. July 2018

I gag my guys every film.

On a scale of 1-10 how bad do your farts stink? (1 = “What’s for dinner?”,10 = Deadly!) 28. June 2018

100! “You black out!”

You going to make any foot domination/worship videos? 28. June 2018


Your raw, animalistic brutality is unmatched, yet I feel like we haven’t seen the full extent of it… for their safety, or maybe you’re not as violent as in my fantasies? Basically, if a bottom had absolutely zero limits, would you behave any differently? I think daily about being destroyed by your black dick on one end and your fists on the other–an MMA fight in bed. I at least hope I one day get to see you choking out and repeatedly face slapping a bottom. 28. June 2018

Absolutely, it’s a case of finding the right guy to let me do that to him on film.

Do you have boyfriend now 27. June 2018


What’s the most important for you bodybuilding or porn 26. June 2018


Is it really over between you and Skip 24. June 2018

It will never be over between us. He’s in my life forever.

I heard you’re into scat. Is this true? 24. June 2018

I’m into MC Skat Cat! CLICK HERE!

How long takes before your balls are normal again 24. June 2018


Is your cock very hard and juicy 23. June 2018


:O does this mean a fart domination video is in the works??!! 23. June 2018

the idea sounds good, but its too hard to achieve.

Is Christian Powers still in the scene…? He has been missing for so long… 23. June 2018

Wishful thinking!

who’s Rev? 22. June 2018

Stay tuned…

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