what happened to your offical dildo? 6. January 2019

Still hitting dead ends – I think its cursed!?

What age you will stop with your porn 6. January 2019

When my cock falls off.

Don’t you ever get sick of people that are so hateful and judgmental towards you 5. January 2019

I discovered very early on in my career that if I was gonna do what I do and be who I wanna be I had to accept the negative with the positive. And the positive outweighs the negative by a landslide! You only have to look at comments on Youtube and you can see that people love to be nasty. At first, I didn’t read the bad stuff, but after I realised anything negative (that’s nasty and not constructive criticism) thrown at me was all about that person’s issues and had nothing to do with me, now I can just laugh at it.

Why gay porn pays better than straight porn?! 5. January 2019

Does it?

Enjoy as long from your boy as he wants you cause your old and over the top 4. January 2019

LOL. What’s more impressive is that you have nothing better to do with your life than take the time to log onto my site and click on the ask Rogan segment and write this poorly written attack.

Take the time to click here…

I want to be in a FMF video with you, are you coming the Australia soon? 4. January 2019

I’m in Australia now. Apply via my website mate… click on the “Film with Rogan” link.

I’m a huge admirer. You’re the sexiest beast alive. Filming a bi / straight scene is a cakewalk because male and female performers are too eager to be in one of your extraordinary XXX productions. Why does it seem that you’re having difficulties coordinating the right mates for bi / straight scenes? 4. January 2019

What makes you think everyone is eager to be filmed?

Will you never going be jealous that Rev one day is going to be bigger and heavier than you 4. January 2019

Not as long as I’m still his Alpha!

Will you ever comp in the Arnie again?? 4. January 2019

It’s not a priority for me. But if I am in great condition around the time of an Arnie comp I would consider it.

Dy ou believe in God ? 4. January 2019

Can I recommend Grammarly.

I don’t think you look much smaller than Rev, but he looks to have caught up. Do you two weigh about the same now? 29. December 2018

Yeah, the little shit is catching up with me fast. I gotta watch out. He’s younger so he still has that rounder muscle that will soon start hardening out now that he’s in his 30s. I think there’s still about 5-7 kilos between us…

Hey Rogan, I was wondering if you would come to Chicago? I am a HUGE fan of yours and find you so stimulatingly sexy and would love to have your body on mine and your mouth on mine. I want my first time to be crazy and memorable. 29. December 2018

I would come but I have no plans to in the near future mate.

Make a film with Max Chavalier and Christian Power 29. December 2018

That would be HOT!

In normal circumstances how many hours a week do you train and how often–how do you split it up? And alternatively, how many hours were you doing for Arnie how many times a week? What was the difference between training for arnie and training normally? Why did you feel you need a trainer? During arnie, How much did it cost per week to maintain a workout routine, food, suppliments, trainer, gym? 26. December 2018

Ok that’s a shit load of Qs. So I guess I’ll run through them in order of how you asked them, here goes… I try and train every day, weights for an hour and sometimes cardio for 30minutes. I split it up as many different ways as I decide, as I have said before I never stick to a program. When I was prepping the number of days remained the same but I focussed on cardio much more and my weight sessions were sometimes half the length due to lack of carbs. That was also the difference, lack of energy due to my insane food prep. I used a Coach cause I had never prepped for a comp before and it’s always better to have someone pushing you if you look at most of the huge bodybuilders competing right now they all have coaches for this very same reason. During comp prep it cost around an average of $500 or more a week.

If you are into roleplay what role would u be? I prefer a cop or firefighter 26. December 2018

I’d be Godzilla.

Would you do a porn with a trans guy? if there’s an opportunity for that?! 26. December 2018

Funny you should mention that as I almost had the opportunity recently but it fell through…But the answer is yes.

How many times you fuck a day 24. December 2018

Given the opportunity, I’d fuck all day every day…

I wanna get my nipples pierced. What do you think looks best: barbells or rings? 24. December 2018

I prefer rings.

I would love to see you in suit ,a formal shirt ,trouser ,Blazer n a satin tie wearing and fucking . Can we see that soon? 24. December 2018

Check out any one of my films at menatplay.com

Do you take money ,if you ask your fan to film in fmf series ? 24. December 2018

There is no exchange of money when I do a FMF film, just an exchange of pure animal lust!

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