How many guys you fuck a day on your European tour 25. July 2018

They line up around the block for me and Rev.

If you filmed with Diego sans who would be the top ? 23. July 2018

Your mother.

if you have to choose between (1)food and sex; (2) internet or technology and sex which one you choose 23. July 2018

Anyone would chose 1. without food you die.

You think you ever going to make a other porn movie with Skip 23. July 2018

Only Skip can answer that.

Why did you get fucked at dirty Tony ? 22. July 2018

The short answer,
I didn’t know better.

The long answer,
That was the very first 2 porn films i ever shot and I wasn’t confident enough for what was needed. The first film with Fabian was really difficult as I had issues getting hard on set, so the next day when it came time to shoot the 2nd film i had gotten so into my own head that there was no way I was getting hard. the only solution was to allow them to film me as a bottom. OR shrug and tell them they weren’t getting a film that day.

I guess i wanted to do the ‘right’ thing by them, not me. and like i said my confidence back then was not as strong as it is now. If I could Sashay back to my younger me now I would tell me its ok not to film and not to do something I wasn’t comfortable with just to please other people. Which I did again with Titan, BUT i was so excited to be working with that company I felt I needed to please them. Titan have ALWAYS been amazing to me as have many of the studios I have worked for but many of the others just treat you like a piece of meat and will not hesitate to make choices for the good of their company regardless of weather its good for you or not.

hi i want to be part of ROGANS FMF video series. please give a chance.. 21. July 2018

Apply on the bottom of the page where it says “Film with Rogan”.

Do you often get a hard one when you’re training 21. July 2018


what’s your goal now? 21. July 2018

The same as it’s always been. WORLD DOMINATION!

why you have stopped working with big porn companies 21. July 2018

Cause I work for myself now.

if you are having a three some how do you prefer the remaining two; do you prefer them strangers to each other, or know each other, or friends to each other, or a couple, or brothers 21. July 2018

I prefer them dirty sexy pigs. The rest i couldn’t give a shit about.

So…are u Bi,Gay or Straight?!,im very confused! o.o 21. July 2018

why does it matter? Why do people insist on putting each other in a box? Having said that it’s pretty FKIN obvious I’m gay. Unless you really don’t know me all that well, in which case, I identify as a BIG HAIRY HOMO!

Hey Rogan,do you prefer blondies or brunnettes?! 21. July 2018

I’ve always been a sucker for a blonde. But there’s something about a brunette that you can’t be beat. A white muscular guy with dark busy pits, pubes and thick hairy legs and ass drives me crazy!

Are you and Rev to travel to an other country just to meet a customer? With everything paid and lots money involved. I’m from Brazil 17. July 2018

email me

Isn’t it difficult for you to combine your bodybuilding and your porno, it’s both hard work 16. July 2018

it’s a lot of hard work.

Is Rev also into porn 15. July 2018

Into watching it, yes. into filming me, yes. into being in it, no.

Do you ever hook up with fans for fun in private? sign me up for that. 😋 15. July 2018

If my fan was John Cena I would.

Do you cum a lot/ do you want to? 14. July 2018

Thick and heavy! But i save it for my man’s ass or my films.

Are you into breeding kink 14. July 2018

What is that ?

When walking down the street, what physical characteristics on a person makes your head turn? 14. July 2018

Muscle mass.

If money/time didn’t matter, what would you’re fantasy image of yourself look like? 14. July 2018


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