Have you ever published any magazine about workout or sex?? 12. October 2017

No but thats a good idea! just need the funding…

G’Day, Rogan!! Are you ever scheduled to visit or perform in the Northeastern part of the US? I live just North of Boston and it would be GREAT to see you perform & maybe have an opportunity to meet you! I love your persona & your sexy accent & beautiful smile & that devilish twinkle in your eye. It would be excellent news to hear you are ever going to be in Massachusetts or Connecticut. A big fan of you both, Rick 12. October 2017

Nothing scheduled in yet mate.

This is kinda personal. How’s Skip doing recently and are there any updates on your relationship? 10. October 2017

Funny you should ask, i’ll be posting something up soon. but lets just say he’s doing really good.

Is there a video of you pissingnor shitting?? 8. October 2017

I have 2 movies where I’m pissing on a guy. None yet of me shitting.

if i just want to have sex with you. how much money you want? i can call you an escort right 6. October 2017

I want your soul, and you can call me, Winifred Sanderson.

Have You ever pissed or shit in Your slaves mouths, my God? 6. October 2017


Would You ever wear high heels, Master? 6. October 2017

Is this the heaviest you’ve ever weighed, or have you been bigger than 107kgs? 6. October 2017

nope FKIN heaviest! FKIN LOVIN it!

Hey, is your wasit still at 34″ or has the muscle belly grown with you even more? 6. October 2017

i still fit into 34. its my quads that are the problem with pants.

Will you release your own dildo? 6. October 2017

YES! doing the photo shoot for the packaging on the 17th!

What do you think of your Australian fans and will you be touring around nsw? 4. October 2017

LOV em! i’ll be in Sydney later this year. You wanna be in one of my ROGAN FUCKS HIS FANS vids?!

I see you talking about having plateued at 107 kgs. Well damn, man; how much bigger are you trying to get or think you can? 4. October 2017

the next goal is 110, and i don think, i make.

How big do you want to get to. Your dream weight? And would you ever get dick enlarging surgery? 4. October 2017

a bodybuilder’s dream weight is constantly changing. right now mine is 110. my cock is FKIN amazing and doesn’t need anything done to it.

Your nipple rings look huge, even on a chest as big as yours… What gauge/diameter are they at the moment? Curious because I’m slowly upping the gauge on my own. (And how good does having them swing around feel, hey!) 4. October 2017

I don’t know what size they are. Gorilla tit size. They feel FKIN awesome!

DYING for that penis pump vid. Don’t make us wait to see that beautiful meat grow like the rest of you! 28. September 2017

A film is being dropped in NOV called DADDY’S TOYS that has me using my dick pump.

How tall are you? 24. September 2017

I’m 5’10 mate.

Rogan, you’re bigger/heavier than your coach now, aren’t you? 21. September 2017

HA! i wish mate!

Speaking of your abs, how small have you been able to keep your waist measurement-wise? Like, can you still fit into your old pants and such? 18. September 2017

I’d be pretty disappointed if i could fit into any of my old clothes!

Is the shop gonna get updates soon? 16. September 2017

YES! im finally starting to make progress! are you the person who keeps asking? if so, what exactly are you waiting for me to have at my shop?

I am surprised how good your abs are looking at 107 kg. Whatever cycle you’re doing to keep the fat off is going GREAT. 16. September 2017

I know right! this is where i do say genetics comes into play as well, which you hardly ever hear me say, but i am naturally very lean so that is a blessing when bulking and also a curse cause its extra hard for me to put on size. I have no problems staying lean.

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