What porn starts do you jack off to? 11. January 2016


best thing about doing gay porn? 11. January 2016

If you guys read my BLOG posts you would know the answer to all these questions.

For me its been the opportunities it’s given me to pursue other career passions. The opportunity to travel and the peers, collaborators and mates I have made from working in the industry.

How you ever considered doing a edging scene! I think the people would love it! 10. January 2016

consider it done. stay tuned…

Do you already did porn videos with fans or would like to do? Ps: big fans here 🙂 10. January 2016

It was an idea I had to do here in Australia. Fuck fans on film, face shown or blurred. If i get enough guys or girls brave enough to let me, I will do it.

If your keen email me rogan@roganrichards.com

How many times do you cum in a day? 10. January 2016

Theres isn’t a numerical number to fit the amount of times.

Saw your porn with Hunter Marx by Titan! (Fuck man, I’d enjoy switching places with Hunter & fuck you, one of my fav porn stars! And the I’d want to switch places with Flex and get fucked by you.) Three questions! Was this your first bottom experience? What was it like? Could I fuck you? 9. January 2016

  1. No.
  2. Hard work.
  3. Money talks.

Hi, amateur photographer, and fan here. I was wondering, since I want to work on my photo editing with muscular male portraiture and I was hoping if it is ok if I could some how practice on some of your amazing unedited photos (or if you have extra shots) for just practice and not anything else and would just send them back. To work on my coloring, toning, and sharpening skills, but I perfectly understand if you say no or don’t want me to do that. Still thanks for your time. PS I really like your blue and pink color light photos. 8. January 2016

send this message to my email. rogan@roganrichards.com

Not really a question at all, but your two new shots on your Twitter in the mirror are amazing. Despite your new size, your abs look hard as hell. How big is the waist at the moment? 8. January 2016

i always get asked measurement questions – ill do a measurement vid and post it up soon…

Loving your new website. Will there be any straight content with yourself on there? 8. January 2016

LOV for there to be – LADIES line up…

can we make this David Benjamin and you scene happen! I really need to see this 8. January 2016

FKYEA! U wanna fund for him to come to Australia for a porn/holiday – i can film us fucking the whole time!

How do you feel about bondage? I’d love to see you get into that! 8. January 2016

im down.

who is the pornactor with best sexy body’s smell? 8. January 2016

isn’t the answer to that question FKIN obvious!

You probably had said it before, but I couldn’t find it.. How was being gay while you were a teen?? And how was telling your family about it.. 8. January 2016

So i know that John Cena is your favourite wreslter. Do you watch WWE on a regular basis and is there any other wrestlers you’d like to have sex with? 8. January 2016


Who is the fellow who has caused you more pain (sexually) 😁 😁 8. January 2016

my sex drive!

i love ur top scene with Paco( raging stallion),bruno knight(matplay)….. i dislike when u bottom in titan men. agree? 8. January 2016

I cant please everyone.

Are you looking for other models or do you want to collaborate with other photographers stud? 8. January 2016

ALWAYS! email me rogan@roganrichards.com

What’s your favourite position for maximum pounding? 6. January 2016

From the rear – balls deep baby!

Do you like double-fucking? 6. January 2016


How much will subscription to your website be 5. January 2016

find out next week…

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