how ,any times you cum per day? 12. March 2016

There isn’t a recorded numerical amount that matches the amount i blow every day!

how was yoyr relationship with youe family? 12. March 2016

You will be able to hear (and SEE!) ALL about this and more in my doco “the ROAD to ARNIE” available in May at my web site.

The most intimate look at me and my life.

Dear, when you do a bottom again in film? I hope you being fucked hard and you’ll se me buy that films 🙂 12. March 2016

Are you a member of my site? talk to me about doing a BTM scene then…

do you have Skype 12. March 2016

depends why you’re asking?

IF it’s to pay for a CAM4CASH show then it’s “roganrichards”

IF it’s to annoy me with messages and wanna cam for free then, no I don’t have one.

Hey mate, love to see you are with Brad Kalvo in movie?? 9. March 2016

If he bottoms – hook us up!

How religious you are?? 9. March 2016

Handsome face and sexy body. Can anyone get better than you at being a top. You are amazing dude. Question: are you married ? or do you have a boyfriend? If yes, will you tell us who he is? 9. March 2016

I’m not married. And I have a few guys who I couldn’t imagine my life without. I don’t feel the need to label them or shove them into a socially accepted category.

Hi Rogan, I am A Sri Lankan man who wanna see you here in Sri Lanka? Do you have any idea of come down here? 8. March 2016

Fly me over. Actually, fly me and Skip over!

Hey buddy, do you eat any special food to keep your spear thickness up? 8. March 2016

normally? or now while I’m on contest prep?

Normally I just eat clean mate. “Good” proteins with every meal and usually 2-3 “good” carb meals.

While I’m in contest prep my food is insane! i will talk all about it in the doco I’m making for my FLEX! PAGE on my web site.

Why do you talk a bout the Flex 8. March 2016

because “it’s ALL about the FLEX!”

What kind of Superhero would Super Rogan be…? Beside enlarging bodyparts…? LOL.. 8. March 2016


When will you shoot a video of you bottoming we want to see ? 8. March 2016

Stay tuned…

How was working w Paddy O’brian? That guy is one of the hottest men in the world. I know u made a threesome scene w him, but it’d worth it swing u punding his hole. 7. March 2016

He was great to work with and one sexy FKR – i’d pound his arse any day!

Rogan, do u prefer younger or older guys? Have u ever fucked a brazilian dude, and i’m not talking about Diego and Wagner, lol. Do u like music festivais, like tomorrowland? 7. March 2016

Both. Yes. (I know.) No. Isn’t Tomorrowland a bad film with George Clooney?

Do you do any maintenance on your nipple rings…? 7. March 2016

I try to walk through a carwash at least once a month to wash and buffer them.

Hey, Rogan, whats up? Ur fucking hot, man, one of my favorite scenes of urs was when u fucked those two brazilian beasts on Tim Tales. How was working w them? The chemistry among u guys was intense. Keep on w the hard work, bloke. Greetings from Argentina. 7. March 2016

Diego and Wagner are as cool guys as they are sexy muthafkers! i have a lot of time for them and loved working with them and would fuck with them anytime on or off camera!

Wjat do u think about Landon Mycles, from Have u ever considerei a return to this Studio? It’d be such a stunning scene u fucking hard that muscle bonde. 7. March 2016

Between you and me (and everyone else who reads this) I probably won’t work for again. (And no, I won’t comment further on that statement.) In regards to Landon Mycles – he’s a FKIN HOTTIE!!!

Hi, Rogan. You´re freaking awesome, dude. Your videos are hot and your explanations about workout routine are really good. Tell me something: Would you be able to work with one of the Sean Cody models? What are your thoughts about Brandon and Stu? Keep on doing interesting stuff for us, man. I really appreciate ur porn performances. 6. March 2016

honestly bro, i don’t think Sean Cody would work with me, I’m not their kinda bloke and they tend not to use very established models who already have their own sites. BUT i would be keen – there’s a heap of guys on their website I’d like to bend over!

Come visit us in Morocco and make some scenes in a traditional moroccan house in Marrakech or Fes or southern desert some outdoor videos . Love and kisses from ur big admirer in Morocco . Youssef 6. March 2016


If you were a Superhero, who would you be…? And who would you like to fuck…? 6. March 2016

I’d be ME! just SUPA-HERO’ED UP!

what super hero do I wanna fuck? Maybe Bane.

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