Rogan, how bout a sweaty wrestling vid with dingo? get him to clean out ur pits! love to see more of you 2 together. 21. February 2016

I bet whatever your imagination can come up with is gonna be better than anything I could film mate!

What happened to your Facebook page? I’m not able to access it. Thanks. 21. February 2016

this is my ONLY facebook page;

any other profile – ANY PERSONAL profile is FAKE!

Wow! You and Jesse are so hot together. I can not wait till the next video is posted. You two would be my dream threesome. Who know maybe one day. A boy can dream can’t he? Thanks Rogan for posting! 20. February 2016

“I am but your humble servant.” Stay tuned – heaps more coming of me and Jesse!

Rogan nobody rocks a thong like you! I’d love to see you do a thong fetish video with Skippy or another sexy boy, in which you’re both sunbathing by a pool. You rub lotion into each other bodies, and pluck the string from between each other’s butt cheeks to reveal the juicy hole :-). You end up fucking your boy hard in the ass and mouth, but neither of you remove your thongs. Whadaya think? would you do it? xxxx 20. February 2016


Do you like video games? Just asking cause there’s a really great song called Theme of Laura from Silent Hill 2. You should hear it, man it’s awesome :P, just saying… 20. February 2016


rogan do you like indian mens? can u name a few indian male celebraties 18. February 2016

I don’t know any curry celebs mate.

If you escort for someone in melbourne, how much would you cost. By the way would you wear something if it was bought for you? 18. February 2016

My rates $400/hr.

Wear what when? Like wear something while u’ve hired me?

Hi, Logan? You like Spain? Will you come to see you? 16. February 2016

My names Rogan.

how we reach you to know more about your escort service?Already messege you on skype but no response 16. February 2016

im SUPER BUSY right now so not on SKYPE much and don’t have time to escort. BUT you can contact me via email

do u have a boyfriend? eh 13. February 2016

I’m everyone’s boyfriend, especially if they pay me!

How fans order your videos?And how much? 13. February 2016

COMING to my MERCH PAGE – stay tuned….

Why did you remove the cum-soaked shirts and jock from your store? I only notice the sweat-stained ones. Thanks, SybariticViii. 13. February 2016

Absolutely good question! i will film me answering this question next week – keep an eye on my BLOG/facebook page.

Can yu name a few male celebrities you’ve had a crush on? 13. February 2016

My top 5 would be John Cena, Chris Evans, Zac Efron, Channing Tatum and the Beast (from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, probably more the guy he turns into at the end.)

hey rogan,I sent u a frend invitation in skype,but there is still no response,hope u can add me(seasonmemory) 12. February 2016

i accepted you ages ago punk. get with it.

Hey stud! When can we expect to see you fuck a woman in a scene? 11. February 2016

You got one for me?

Rogan,will fans have chance to fuck with you?And how ? 10. February 2016

I had an idea of filming myself fucking fans but it would be contained here in Australia for now because that’s where I am. And it depends if i get enough guys brave enough to get on camera.

Otherwise anyone can have me fuck them – they just have to pay me.

What are your top five Madonna songs to dance to? 10. February 2016

the first 5 that come to mind (maybe not top 5) is Gambler, Open Your Heart, Music, 4 Minutes and Burning Up.

when was your first time having swx 10. February 2016

Does that mean that you’ll be doing some bb scenes? 10. February 2016

Does “what” mean? The fact that I’m on PrEP?

You see thats the problem with these fags thinking that just because they’re using PrEP it’s a free for all BB orgy! That’s NOT what the drug is designed for.

Is Truvada provided by some kind of insurance or you pay for the medicine by yourself? Feel free to not answer if you consider the question to be somehow inappropriate. 10. February 2016

what country are you in? I am in Australia and here it is still on trail. So i am involved in that trial.

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