I would love to wake up to you wearing leather gear and your Adidas high tops. So hot. 25. January 2016

W O O F !

rogan, I wanna see you get a FCKIN dick up your ass, we pay! WE WANT TO SEE!!!! 25. January 2016

dont tell me what to do – FUCK OFF and PAY someone else.

I saw you subscribed to Tinashe’s youtube channel.Are you a massive RnB fan?And also which is your best RnB song choice for fucking? 25. January 2016

RnB is up there as far as my fav music goes along with electro and 80s.

I dont have a fav RnB song to fuck too, im pretty FKIN noisey so i’d drown out any music with my animal grunts.

Rogan, can we get a youtube video of you measuring different bodyparts? 25. January 2016

I have said i’ll do one of these videos, BUT probably for the FLEX! page at my website not youtube. though i might put a little teaser on youtube for you…

Hey big boy just wanna say I’m a huge fan of your huge muscles and cock but an even bigger fan of your art work keep pushing yourself as I know you have great ideas and aspirations that I want to see more of 😉 #NotReallyAQuestion more of a worship 😉 25. January 2016

FKYEA MATE! dont worry – ive just started getting creative… MUCH MORE TO COME!

Rogan, I want to bare your child…but I’ll settle for a tasty used condom instead. Possible? 23. January 2016

email me rogan@roganrichards.com

Hey Rogan, can u suggest any good, reliable and popular escort and massuer review sites in Australia that potential clients can access and view? 20. January 2016

i don’t use any, so i wouldn’t know.

Hey Rogan, as a professional male escort, is it better to work as a sole operator or under management? Do escorts prefer to work solo? Do escort agencies actively scout for ttalents or do talents have to present themselves normally? Thanks 20. January 2016

that would completely depend on the kind of person we are talking about. I wouldn’t work well under management and have no need for it because I’m pro-active and know how to manage/sell myself. someone else may not have a clue how to do these things and need help.

can you do a scene with a flesh jack ??? 20. January 2016

not really into those mate, sorry.

Should there be more than 11 XXX videos on here? I only see 11z. 20. January 2016

Nope – that’s exactly how many there should be – with MORE on their way! I’m not a porn studio and I’m not trying to be – I’m a one man show and can only fuck as many people as i can.

can you send me a picture of you wearing blue jeans with your dick big inside jeans 20. January 2016

If you want to PURCHASE some personalised photos or videos contact rogan@roganrichards.com

Hey Rogan, there’s some ready to post scenes of worship? i’d fuckin love to see your body worshiped all over while you’re flexing your muscles! 19. January 2016

There is some ready but you’ll just have to wait mate, after the 3 year lapse of not having a site there’s a lot of stuff i gotta post and catch up on – BUT there will be plenty of MUSCLE WORSHIP coming.

would you ever collab with Cherylyn Barnes for a video? (non sexually) 17. January 2016

that would be pretty FKIN EPIC wouldnt it…

can you do like a solo series?? 17. January 2016

what do you mean? there’s already 6 solo vids at my site!

I mean, that is quite ripped to be 10 weeks out. Anyway, it’s just really amazing. 17. January 2016

Yea i know man – its because im usually naturally very lean, i only became quite thick for the past year or so cause i was exploring the whole MUSCLE DADDY look. as soon as i stopped force feeding myself and started to eat clean again i became shredded over night!

If i see you can l lick you armpit 17. January 2016

U FKIN better.

Hey Rogan, media expert here. Happy to volunteer filming/editing your ‘fucking fans’ videos. Melbourne here. 16. January 2016

Media expert huh? Email me mate, rogan@roganrichards.com

would u consider training up a young, lean guy to be a muscle sex god like you? or at least allow skippy to have his own ‘Robin’? 16. January 2016

I have. I would.

Dp scenes?? 16. January 2016


At your upcoming competition, are you competing in any particular weight, height or age class? 14. January 2016

either Under 90’s or Novice as it’s my first comp.

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