Rogan how do I prepare for my first time both as a bottom & a top ? 10. June 2019

I don’t bottom. But as a rough TOP who has a tendency to shove my fat horse cock deeper than any other guy has up your fuck hole, I would suggest you thoroughly douche before you meet a TOP like me. As far as prepping as a TOP, I chuck on an OXBALLS cockring and off I go!

What is your record how much guys you have fucked in a group and you have videos from that 4. June 2019

A trillion billion. I don’t film social fuck sessions unless it’s for my webs site.

Rogan, I find it suprising that in all the comments that people leave no one mentions that you are a very handsome man. I find you incredibly handsome and if I saw you and did not know who you were, I would definitely notice you. 4. June 2019

Probably because that’s a statement, not a question. But thank you very much, mate.

Have you even pissed in someones arse hole 4. June 2019

All the time.

What should a bottom do to bear the hard fucking like yours ? 31. May 2019

Take a deep breath, and maybe bite down hard on something.

Could you fuck me for free? But I don’t want to be in a video or ill just pay. 31. May 2019

That’s called hiring me as a Rent Boy or in my case a Rent Beast. Cost and rates depend on what country or city you’re in. You can always email me at

Your favorite fetish? 29. May 2019

It’s hard to single out one, I guess if I had to it would be muscle worship and tit/nipple play. Another one to mention is Box-fucking. (Where two guys box each other for dominance before fucking.)

How does your spit taste , I love how you fucking spit in guys mouths 26. May 2019

well, I assume it tastes full of animal hormones, pure alpha chromosomes, off the chart testosterone mixed with steroids, and a touch of charm.

Any foot fetish videos u want to make ??we want to see you in master mood 26. May 2019

I got a great film coming out in Sept. You’re gonna have to wait till then…

Hello rogan, i wanted to know how you got your butt into good shape, my pretty phat to but im looking for ways to shape mines like yours 26. May 2019

I’ll make a BUTT video for my bodybuilding page and show you. it’s no the kind of thing I can just type. But if you want the quick answer – work it like any other muscle group.

Where do you live. 20. May 2019

Out of my suitcase


Hey Rogan, morning mate wanted to ask you um would you sell or consider of selling a pair of your used shoes? I’ve always was a fan of your yellow adidas one. 18. May 2019

I don’t have those shoes anymore mate. They found a new home.

How can i get you to fuck me for free? I’ll even let you video it 17. May 2019

You can apply for the FMF series via my website, click on the Film with Rogan link.

will you make another armpit licking porn? 12. May 2019

I’m not sure what you mean by this? As I get guys to lick my pits out in ALL my pon films. If you want just 3 minutes straight of pit licking… yea I could do that soon.

Hey Rogan, ur fan here , I wanna ask do u have a plan to make a video on piss fetish bcoz we wanna see that hot golden shower, plz ponder over my suggestion. 12. May 2019

U have 4 films on my site where I piss on guys and in their mouths and make them drink it.

What is your favorite position in the sex? 8. May 2019

Being inside the other guy.

What’s your workout routine like weekly? 8. May 2019

Join my website. My workout videos and programs are all on my bodybuilding page.

if you could film with anyone who would it be ? i reckon you should film with colby jansen 5. May 2019

I wish I had filmed with Tober Brandt back in the day.

Rogan, what’s the link to your tumblr account? I can find it neither using the search there or in any browsers. It’s like it’s hidden. And you’ve removed the link from the bottom corner of the website. 5. May 2019

yea i did remove it as i no longer use it.

Do you track calories and go on bulk/ cut cycles? if not, what do you do to grow muscle but loose body fat? 3. May 2019

I don’t ever cut I’m continuously bulking. I don’t want abs and I’m not attracted to abs, my physique modeling days are done and dusted, now its all about becoming the biggest monster I can be. having said that, I do eat ‘clean’ so you will never see me get chubby or fat. I might have a thick gut but you can break wood on that thing. even when I was a physique model I didn’t cut, I just ate to be lean, now I eat to be huge.

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