As a man and pornstar, what are your thoughts about circumcision? 2. December 2018

To be honest I don’t think about it much.  I like having a fore-skin but mine doesn’t over hang much and I don’t play with it and when I’m hard its so pulled back that guys can’t play with it either. Also as I’m not into dick so i don’t care what the guy’s cock is like who I’m fucking. My man’s cock is beautiful and I do like playing with his, sniffing it mostly, and he’s circumcised. He was trying to tell me that guys who get the chop can end up with larger cocks, I don’t know if that true or not? (*LOV having a ripe cock, fore-skin helps that, BUT I’m not a fan of dick cheese!)

I wish olaying with my nipples did more for me. Is there something I can do to make them more sensitive? 1. December 2018

You can try piercing them. My nipples are super sensitive also because I have always been obsessed with mens tits, and nipples are the trigger points to the tits. So for me its mental as well as physical.

If am a gay man,can i fuck trans man then?! 29. November 2018

You can fuck who ever you want. You define your own sexuality not the people around you who live in boxes and closed set minds. You will find many of these unfortunate people have no sense of free will or individuality so they have to fit into boxes or categories that society places in front of them for people, like them, who can’t think for themselves. But then this also makes them have to put everyone else around them in these boxes and categories because they cant understand anyone who doesn’t fit into one of these.
Don’t allow that to effect you. Be you. Be proud. And it’s ok to fuck who you want and identify yourself as gay. Humans are a sexual race that have a platitude of different sexual identities, some that can’t be categorised. I am a gay man, I identify as a gay man cause I love men and I look for a life partner in a man but i will fuck anyone cause life’s too short to be repressed.

I have been attacked so many times on social media for stating I’m gay though I can fuck females, trans, pretty much anything legal and same species. I feel sad for those people that have such closed minds. And can’t help but feel frustrated. She said it best, “Express yourself. Don’t repress yourself.”

Why you never did bi/straight porn for companies?! 29. November 2018

The right opportunity to do that has never really presented itself…

Is it possible to purchase your sweaty socks? 29. November 2018

Rogan, saw some 2010 pictures on insta when you were very lean. What what your weighing then? 29. November 2018

I would have been around 85-90kilos… probably closer to 85.

Do you know something about autism? 29. November 2018

Just what I’ve experienced from my X BF’s.

When are U back in Brisbane Australia Rogan 29. November 2018

Summer 2019

What is goal 2019 weight 26. November 2018

It’s still to get over 110 kilos! Maybe i should start a KICK STARTER campaign…

So I’m Brazilian , My English is a kind Rusty , you are amazing and I’m not saying this because of your body , I’ve seem some of yours interviews and I’m really fascinated for you , you looks like a sweet and a incredible person, yeah I agree you have a amazing sexual energy that seems to emanate from your skin , Sorry for the big text, but I had to enjoy it and say something, so let’s the questions ahaha, when u will come to brazil ? someday who knows , I hope to meet you , hug you and say that in person to you ,. I know it may have sounded kind of crazy, but actually I was following you because I wanted to achieve a body like yours, only well after I discovered your other work. 25. November 2018

I was in Brazil this year, I did a massive show at BIGGER PARTY. I am talking to them about coming back for Carnival 2019… That’s great that my bodybuilding inspires you, I am focussing on that much more in 2019.

You are never afraid with all that fucking bare back someone is not honest about there sexual health status because then you have a problem 25. November 2018

I’m a big boy who can look after myself.

What is the most erotic, sensitve part on your body? 25. November 2018

My huge nipples.

think if you are not gay you are straight. one day a sexy dude comes and asks you to have sex with him; or someone comes and asks you to do a gay porn movie will you do it then? 17. November 2018

WTF? I just answered this so you guys can see the majority of the retarded questions I get on here…

I have seen a video of you for timtales; in which you have different hair color, it was a very sexy look for you. are you gonna color your hair again? 17. November 2018

I do, but don’t know when.

Is it true,that pornstar when got hired by a porn industry,they are obligated/forced to lie about their sexuality?!,like the company kinda “buys” who they are now because they work for this industry?!,i’ve heard about many of it,and i really think this is abusive! 17. November 2018

Don’t know? Thats never happened to me or anyone I know. The closet I guess I came to that is when a company I was working for said I shouldn’t let people see my muscle drag performances but I just laughed at them, my muscle drag is amazing!

Rogan,what’s your vision on Trans Man and Woman?! do you like them?! 17. November 2018

Why wouldn’t I? I don’t judge anyone by their sexuality, I judge them by their heart, personality and how they behave.

Do you liked Brazil?! 17. November 2018


How did you met LeoGrin and JoeGillis? They are a hot pack of spaniards! 17. November 2018

Joe approached me on Scruff, i think, and I asked if he wanted to film with me or he asked me to film. Then when he came to film he brought Leo with him and asked me if its ok for his mate to join and I said of course, the more ass for me to drill the BETTER! They are sexy and great guys!

have you recently got any tattos 14. November 2018

Not since the Skippy one.

Christmas is coming, will you be passing by Singapore again by any chance…? 12. November 2018

You know what to ask Santa for…

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