will you do a private nude photoshoot for some one if they ask? 12. November 2018

Yes and personalised videos too. Depending what you want to see and how many photos depends on how much it will cost. Email me at roganrichards.com@outlook.com

Do you know when you are coming back to Australia? Brisbane specifically. I’d love to be obliterated by you. 11. November 2018

Ill be back over Xmas/summer.

Hi there from California. All I want to do is meet you and take a photo. That’s all I ask. You’re a role model in my eyes. I want to be like you! Would it be possible someday to have an interview with you for my future Vlog? 9. November 2018

sure man. email me when you want to do the interview. roganrichards.com@outlook.com

are you planning group sex movies with your fans? can you do it, I want to see you fucking at least five of your fans at a time, can you also make video of a twink licking each and every inch your entire body 5. November 2018

AB-SO-FUCKUBG-LUTELY! but this is much easier said than done. The group idea anyway….

if you are working on a threesome with real life partners how do you decide which one to top first, do you decide ahead of shooting or you just get into moment while shooting 4. November 2018

My films are not directed or pre-planned. Thats why i use regular guys more than porn stars cause its more natural. I ask what their fetishes are and what turns them on before hand so I have an idea of what their limits are, and if they say their fetish is some sore of attire we might agree to wear something for the shoot. But once we are together we just go for it like animals and what happens is purely natural…

are you planning any movies with Skippy in future? 4. November 2018

Skips retired from porn. But he may do some more bodybuilding vids or artistic projects with me in the future if its possible.

Hai, brother in future, is there any possibility that we will get a erotic porn movie from you. I mean I like the hardcore films you are doing now, but just want to see you in a sensous erotic film like kissing, loving, sex without any hardcore part just sensoullay 4. November 2018

That sounds interesting. I’ll see what I can do…

When can we see the muscle beast grow bigger this the biggest you get 4. November 2018

I’m always growing bigger and you can help by donating here at my website (Top of the page). Growing costs a shit load of money so any MUSCLE FEEDERS or SUPPORTERS hit me up – you get benefits!

how much i have to pay to hire you to fuck me 2. November 2018

10 Masters of the Universe Classic figures. Wait, did I say 10? Make that 20…

Sir, I am in Chicago and very interested in possibly purchasing a shirt from you with your ripe pit stink on it (not pneumonia smelling) but the natural real stink and a pair of your gym shorts with ball and ass stink on them. Preferably poly/mesh for both. What is your cost if you are able to sell these items ? 2. November 2018

Hi mate, the cost of regular ripe clothing items, sweated and cum in are at my shop page right here on my site. I am happy to also do personalised items, meaning specific garments if you are happy to pay extra OR happy to supply me with the garment yourself. The best way to go about this is email me at roganrichards.com@outlook.com

Your looking more defined and the muscles look harder over the past month. Have you changed anything, or is it just photographing after a pump? 19. October 2018

I’m constantly changing things. If you do the same thing for too long your gains will decrease.

I’ve got to ask, i’m a big fan of your bearhugs, have you ever managed to bearhug someone completely out cold? 19. October 2018

No, but I have cracked their ribs.

Hello Rogan. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to your site. So is your dildo ready to buy yet? 19. October 2018

I’ve been traveling all year, I won’t know whats going on with that till I get back home to Australia in a few months. Too hard to organise while traveling and other commitments. So the short answer is … No.

If some one wants to spend three whole months with you, will you accept, how much will you charge? 14. October 2018

Buy me a pink Unicorn.

Hey Rogan, I’ve been a big fan of you. I was wondering if you plan on coming to Montreal? I’d love to get fucked by you! 12. October 2018

yes mate.. but no set dates yet…

are there any personal sexual videos of you available, I mean which are not shot for any porn company or porn site or your site, which are not done for money but only for sex 4. October 2018

the videos at my web site are “Personal sexual videos”.

If someone hires you, for what things you say “No.” I mean what you will not do even you get paid. 3. October 2018

Wear deodorant.

this is a little bit personal question, have your dated more than one guy at a time like three of you dating together 3. October 2018


if Skippy agrees will you shoot again with him coz I wanna see both of you in a new 3some movie, you both together topping someone 3. October 2018


The photo from your boy looks hot we also get to see films 3. October 2018

He’s not interested in porn, but we will start doing a series of Bodybuilding videos and online coaching very soon…

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