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“This man is a dentist, so we can’t show you his face”

ROGAN gets approached by heaps of guys that wanna get pounded by his fat cock and do it on film with him but for what ever reason don’t want their identity known. F.U.X.E.L.A.T.E. is a long, passionate, sweaty, raw, fuck fest. and the first in a pixelated series of anonymous fucks.

EDUCATION = PREVENTION. Always remember if you are going to fuck bare back you are always putting yourself and your partner at risk. Get regular sexual health check ups. Know your sexual health status. Communicate with your sexual partner and own your truth.


NEW VIDEO!- Massive Guns

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A lot of people go to the gym but not many people know what to do when they’re there. And that is what separates the boys from the beasts.

ROGAN shows you how to make massive guns targeting the biceps. He covers the popular barbell and dumbbell curls and takes you through different types of arm placement, grips and body positions.

The first in a series of muscle specific videos to coach you to achieve your life long body gaols and go beyond.



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“Hey guys, Rogan Richards here, I thought I would personally Introduce this RO-RI video. Some of you have been with me since way back when I had my first website, and if you were, you would remember the JOM (Jurk off the Month!) posts. They were pretty raw 3-5 minute films of me jacking off and blowing that I posted once a month. You have to remember this was before I was Australia’s biggest porn export so these films were all my followers had to see me flop my monster out and play with it. Of course now every red blooded homo and a few straights have seen it!

So I’ve bunched these films together to make several RO-RI films, all with one long pay load! It’s been fun looking back at me when I was a muscle pup, smooth, no bullrings, and how I start to evolve into the hairy beast you’re more familiar with today.

I also wanted to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all those people that HAVE been with me since the beginning, your loyalty and support is humbling and so appreciated, and also inspires me to keep doing me!”


NEW VIDEO!- Muscle Power

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MUSCLE POWER is a fetish that relies on an alpha bodybuilder physically displaying feats of muscular greatness on a sub or inanimate objects. ROGAN, being the massive muscle bull that he is, gets asked to perform this often and absolutely gets off on it.

For the first time you get an inside look at a MUSCLE POWER session and watch as ROGAN completely dominates his sub through bear hugs, head locks and leg scissor holds. Suffocating him into his thick hairy tits and cock and balls. Until his sub, overwhelmed with great fullness, has to blow his load.

When performing any type of BDSM communicate with your partner first and establish boundaries. Maintain communication and understand the importance of a safe word. In this video, like in wrestling, the sub could tap out when the intensity got too high.