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NEW VIDEO!- Laterals at Oasis Fitness 2015

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I swear by lateral raises! These are the most important exercise in my Delt workout. As you can see in this video I can do an entire workout with just this one exercises and the platitude of different ways you can perform them.

Play around with weight, with reps, with drop sets and supersets. Bring your arms out to the front more (for front delts). To the side (for mid delt) – which I do mostly in this video as I am obsessed with getting cartoon “Boulder Shoulders!” Or to the rear (for rear delt). Feel how your shoulder muscle react and watch them engage in the mirror, this will help you understand your body better and what works and doesn’t for you.


NEW VIDEO!- Fucking Cunt

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The chemistry between these two animals is established in part one Eating Ass and explodes off the screen in this film. ROGAN can’t keep his cock outta Damien’s ass and Damien doesn’t want it anywhere but stretching him open!

The title comes from the fact that Damien is a cheeky cunt as you see at the end of the film when he grabs a handful of cum, fully aware that ROGAN hates cum, and proceeds to… Well, just watch…

Part two of the Cheeky Brit series and if it’s up to ROGAN not the last.


NEW VIDEO!- Oh Yeah!

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ROGAN totally dominates a smaller guy making him lick his whole muscular body, chock on his fat cock, get smothered by his thick hairy ass, and as always plows his ass like a steam train. Nothing makes ROGAN go harder than hearing a guy moaning in ecstasy from being opened up by his cock.


NEW VIDEO!- Miami Pump

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ROGAN is in Miami, working for the White Party when he discovers a little gym on a public beach. He throws on appropriate gym wear and gets his pre-party-pump on! But all that sun, sweat dripping of his pumped muscles and everyone watching him gets the blood running to a certain body part…

He brings you back to his hotel room and lets you watch as jumps in the shower and shows off his MUSCLE BEAST physique and rock hard cock.