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my TOP 10 XXX films of 2018.

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Max Duran messaged me via twitter, or did he tweet something about me? And I contacted him and asked him if he wanted to film, he said yes and here’s the film. The funny thing is he thought I had cum and blew his load when I had only pre-cummed and was just getting warmed up!

9. Drilling a Sub

This was actually a Members Request film, you guys like seeing me dominate a sub, so that’s exactly what I did.

8. Made in Paris

Even though this was released after The Mattress 2 it was the first film I made with this sexy Frenchman, Jeff. Of course, it’s no surprise I went back for more…


Frank Hard was one Italian wild animal from the moment we took our clothes off we were at it like animals.


Again you guys seemed to love me owning this slim handsome and very sexy man. He couldn’t get enough of my fat cock and he was all over it, mouth and ass.

5. Fucking Cunt

What can I say about Damien Daniels… He is one sexy mother FKR!!! (And cheeky bastard!) We hooked up for fun and after a long sweaty session I said, “You should film with me.” expecting him to laugh and decline but the FKR said, “Yhea, why not.” 2 feature films and 1 RO-RI film later here we are. I am organizing to meet him again for another hot film as soon as I can.

4. House Fuck Part 3

My 2 part film with Marc Ferrer gained a lot of attention the previous year cause we were so hot together. So I didn’t need much convincing to come back and fuck him again, this time with his real-life partner. He and Gabriel Lunna are the third Porn-Star couple I have visited and fucked on film in their own homes as part of the House Fuck series. See all three at my web site.

3. Home Gym

When I saw this guy’s decked out home gym straight outta the 80s I knew I had to film something there and it was gonna be great! 3rd watched film in 2018 proves I was right.

2. FMF Madrid

I love to fuck and if I can fuck my amazing fans, what better way to thank you for your devotion and loyalty and all the loads you have blown over me. It doesn’t matter what you look like as long as you’re a hardcore fan and into being fucked by an animal you need to contact me via the Film with Rogan  section and get on film with me as part of this hot series…


When Massimo Piano said I want to film with you I asked him if he had any fetishes and he said, “Woman’s lingerie.” I was like “FUCK YES!” I was meant to wear some too but couldn’t find any to fit my huge muscle ass and not be torn apart by my quads other than really ugly Nanna ones that we smartly opted against me wearing.


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To say HAPPY FKIN NYR! you can join my website now for dirt cheap! But these prices won’t last too long, so if you’ve been clicking on my BLOG and thinking to yourself, “Fuck, this guy is the hottest muscle gorilla I’ve seen ages, and it’s not just his incredible thick hairy muscular physique, and his no apologising Alpha attitude, or all the dirty piggy fetish’s he indulges in with animalistic, even primal enthusiasm. Or the fact that he can get me off in a matter of minutes when it usually takes hours searching porn sites online, or all the inspiring bodybuilding videos that will help motivate me to reach my own goals, and also get me off! Or the visceral sea of great photography, or his sense of humour and humble outlook on life and himself. It’s not even his dedication to his members and the different ways he tries to interact with them and involve them in what he does. It’s the fact that he used to shit his pants as a kid too and now he is the shit, that makes me wanna join his site…” WELL now’s the time to do it!

RO-RI’s BEST of 2018!

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I started writing this post and tried to think of what my favourite films or music was for this year and hit a blank. Was this entire year a complete waste of time? I’ve already mentioned that it was not a normal year for me. It’s hard to explain without going into explicit detail but you guys don’t need to know everything about my life, but let’s just say this year was me putting aside everything I wanted to do and doing what I had to do. And I’m FKIN glad it’s over! But did my frame of mind prevent me from being passionate about all the stuff going on around me or was 2018 just full of shit films and music and all things pop culture?

The only film that comes to mind as the best of 2018 is A Prayer Before Dawn.

And though it’s very flawed The Predator.

I saw this film at the cinema and thought it was entertaining enough but didn’t give it a second thought till I saw it again on a plane (twice!) due to lack of other options and rediscovered how fun the human characters are in it (esp Olivia Munn). Surprisingly I couldn’t give a shit about the Predator. I really wish I could say Avengers Infinity War but I just didn’t think it was very good. Notable mentions would be Hereditary, The House of Tomorrow and Summer of 84.

Music was a little better with these 3 artists blaring outta my headphone’s. O’mahon’s album…

Nicki Minaj.

and The Black Queen’s sophomore album.

No books to mention.

as far as bodybuilders I was either jacking off too or inspired by, here’s the list for 2018…

Boian Ivanov

Pavel Fedorov..

Jordan Janowitz

and Anthony Sciaretta

What’s left…?

I am really excited for 2019 to be heaps more inspiring than this year and if it isn’t then I will be heaps more inspiring than I was this year. I am going to put all my energy into my Bodybuilding and online coaching, into my porn, making it even more dirty, animalistic and sexy than before, if that’s even possible, let’s see. AND my merch page where I wanna explore some creative projects I have.

I”ll do my best of my website in early Jan…



Happy Bday to my baby Gorilla boy!