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Every now and then I meet a guy who matches me in animal intensity. It doesn’t happen often and I’m not discrediting the other guys I have fuck but when it does it’s FKIN wild! The guy in HOODS 6 was one of these guys, unfortunately, I don’t think the footage does the sex justice, but I can let you guys be the judge of that.

you guys will also notice I use a shoelace in a lot of my new films. I was introduced to this idea by a client of mine who asked to tie my cock and balls up for some soft CnB torture. I took what he did and adapted it to also work as a cockring. It is tied so tight around the base of my thick cock and balls that my cock is one huge veiny engorged piece of rock hard meat. I tied it so tight that in the film La Vida Loca when I ejaculate no cum actually comes out. Note to self take the string off before shooting the money shot.

Puppy Muscle!

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It’s funny to look back on these old videos and see how small I was. I look so silly talking the Alpha talk. I actually remember at the time thinking, “I’m not big enough to make videos like this.” But then I said to myself, “Fuck it, you just gotta own it.” I knew I couldn’t fake it. To this day I might not be the biggest guy in the room (Though I usually am, big smile!) but I am still the Alpha, cause that is just a state of mind.

Holly said it best,