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I recently posted a clip from a K POP band on my instagram live feed thingie and was surprised at how many people DM’ed me surprised that I’m into K POP. I have posted my LOV for K POP girl groups before (not into the boys, sorry.) but thought I’d do another post as maybe I have new followers who haven’t seen the old stuff i posted.

SO… here’s some of my fav K POP groups and 1 singer….



I guess I started to make this post but got distracted… That happens a lot. I just had a guy comment in the ASK ROGAN page how hot it is to see a bodybuilder with a hairy back and front and wanted to see more, which prompted me to look for this post and realise i never actually posted anything. So here’s a few pics of me in my new BEAST MODE. It’s funny, and i think I’ve said this before, how much our taste and opinions change with age. I hated guys with turtle bellies, thick chubby guys or fellas with hairy arms and shoulders when i was younger. Now I cant get enough of them!!! I think it’s so FKIN sexy! The more hair the better!


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“Hey guys, Rogan Richards here, I thought I would personally Introduce this RO-RI video. Some of you have been with me since way back when I had my first website, and if you were, you would remember the JOM (Jurk off the Month!) posts. They were pretty raw 3-5 minute films of me jacking off and blowing that I posted once a month. You have to remember this was before I was Australia’s biggest porn export so these films were all my followers had to see me flop my monster out and play with it. Of course now every red blooded homo and a few straights have seen it!

So I’ve bunched these films together to make several RO-RI films, all with one long pay load! It’s been fun looking back at me when I was a muscle pup, smooth, no bullrings, and how I start to evolve into the hairy beast you’re more familiar with today.

I also wanted to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all those people that HAVE been with me since the beginning, your loyalty and support is humbling and so appreciated, and also inspires me to keep doing me!”


MUSCLE PLAY the first RO-RI film available to purcahse for your very own!

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MUSCLE PLAY is the most viewed film on ROGAN’S YouTube channel and for the first time you can have the extended XXX footage to download and keep as your very own.

Looking through SKIPPY BAXTER’S eyes, you watch ROGAN show off his trade mark physique. Your hands are all over his thick muscles including his fat cock and massive ass. It’s not long till you’re both rubbing your cocks up against the others and stroking each other off. That’s when ROGAN grabs the baby oil and the real fun starts.

To purchase this video DONATE $35 then email Rogan at rogan.80@hotmail.com to confirm your purchase. ROGAN will use the email address you supply to personally contact you and send you a copy of his film via WeTransfer.

Film details. 9 minutes 29 seconds. mp4 file. 127.4 MB


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“This man is a dentist, so we can’t show you his face”

ROGAN gets approached by heaps of guys that wanna get pounded by his fat cock and do it on film with him but for what ever reason don’t want their identity known. F.U.X.E.L.A.T.E. is a long, passionate, sweaty, raw, fuck fest. and the first in a pixelated series of anonymous fucks.

EDUCATION = PREVENTION. Always remember if you are going to fuck bare back you are always putting yourself and your partner at risk. Get regular sexual health check ups. Know your sexual health status. Communicate with your sexual partner and own your truth.