16 December

Rogan blog post


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19 July


rogan_blogThe last film I did at SWEATBOX Suana gym before leaving London, I hit my tits hard and give you some basic tips to gaining some proper size on your puppies.

I’ve never had problems gaining size on my chest, its not as full, (its big enough in proportion to the rest of me.) as I would like it or as much as TOMMY wants it. PS – there’s no better inspiration to work a body part than when you’re working a body part that is your sexual trigger point and add to that your partners as well. TOMMY cant get enough of chewing on what he calls my gorilla tits and man there’s no quicker way to get me rock hard! Imagine if we could work out our cocks – I reckon there would be a whole lot’a more blokes in the gym! So, as far as my pecs go im 100% happy with them but im working on getting them fuller – like that cartoon pumped up look.

I have recently rediscovered decline chest exercises having not been fond of them for most of my gym life and I am adding dips for chest into my routine… I’ll tell you how these go in shaping my slabs, positive or negative. Mostly im a fan of DB exercises. There’s nothing better than smashing out heavy incline DB press.

19 July

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