the sister no one gives a shit about…

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I remember when Dannii’s debut album was released, at the time I was obsessed with her and the album. I even wrote her a 4-page handwritten letter explaining to her why I should be one of her back up dancers (Yea, I was gonna be a dancer at one point..) and took it with me to a signing she did at a local shopping center. I got her signature on my copy of her album and handed her the letter. She never called me and my dancing dreams were shattered. Anyway here’s a retrospective of my fav Dannii Minogue songs. (Yes, Kylie has a sister!)



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Hey guys, I make it REALLY SIMPLE for you to know where the fuck I am at any given time. If you follow me on Instagram it’s in my bio. If you follow me on Twitter it’s in my bio. If you follow me here at my website it’s on my BLOG. This also allows you to know when a FAKE asshole is hitting you up or not. And boy are there a heap of me’s out there!? So next time you are chatting to “me” take a look at one of these platforms to see if I am actually in the same city as you or you are just talking to a fake account…



I do not have a Snap account.

I do not have a Facebook account.

Any or ALL accounts I have are linked from my website. If you don’t see the link there I don’t have it.

Want to get INK BOY’S jocks that I destroyed his ass in?!

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So it seems like “it’s ALL about INK BOY!” these days with a bunch of films dropping at my site and all of them being so FKIN HOT! This is a prime example of why I do what I do, and what I try to do. I try to find guys to film with that I really love fucking with that who really love having me fuck them. It’s about the fuck between us first and the film secondary.

Ink Boy is one of the boys that I met to film and we just couldn’t stop fucking. The first time we filmed I came back 2 days in a row afterward to keep filming more footage but really it was just an excuse to keep feeling my fat cock deep in his hot bubble butt tight hole and rough face fucking him like there was no tomorrow. Our latest film has just dropped and in it you see me rip open his jockstrap as I pound his hole, I told him he should keep that jockstrap and maybe one of my or his followers would want to offer him some cash for it…

Message Ink Boy via his twitter account if you want to get your hands and face into his jocks.