Grand Opening – January 2016

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Coming January 2016 – will finally open! Early in January 2016, visitors can subscribe to achieve great member benefits such as watching exclusive XXX videos from Rogan Richards’ growing video library, extensive photo galleries from his various photo shoots, as well as bodybuilding videos of Rogan Richards in the gym – ITS ALL ABOUT THE FLEX. Not only that, members and non-members will get a chance to purchase Rogan Richards’ sweaty and dirty gear from his store page where Rogan will mail you his laundered clothing items after you purchase them. Get ready for the ultimate Rogan Richards experience. We encourage all users to checkout the blog or sign up for newsletters until the grand opening to stay up to date with the latest news about Rogan Richards




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Skippy Baxter looked in the mirror and admired his naked reflection. His firm bubble butt, soon to be known as Australia’s best exported bottom in the Porn industry, (Just ask Raging Stallion.) burst out of the red jock strap he was wearing. It was Snow White with a slight covering of dark soft hair manipulating any admirer to follow the trail to his tight hole. He tensed each bum cheek individually making them dance.

He was topless revealing his wide set lats and large thick chest. There was slight fur lining the bottom and inner part of his chest, where his pec muscles bludged out to create a handful of muscle, and around his thick juicy nipples. Thick shoulders and arms framed his muscular-jock physique.

He raised one thick dark eyebrow, squinting his wicked green eyes and slightly raised one hip and let one rip. Better to do it now in the bathroom while he was alone. He settled the rein deer ears on top of his head one last time trying not to feel like a dick head for wearing them. But that’s what you get when you’re partner to the crazy Rogan Richards. The fart hit him and he tried to wave it away, thinking to himself, “Shit, that’s a fuck’in weapon!”

There was a knock on the door and Mousey’s voice was faintly heard. He doesn’t have a very loud voice. Well, his voice is probably comparative to his size. “Are you ready yet ‘tard?” Skip rolled his eyes, he couldn’t respond due to the red ball mouth gag stuffed firmly in his mouth. Instead he did his trademark Skippy shuffle to the door and swung it open to see Wampa walking past with some camera equipment.

Wampa stopped and slowly tuned to look at Skippy, then nodded his head indicating towards the end of the hallway where Skippy saw Mousey disappear into the lounge room but not before glancing back at him giving him an impatient glare. “Jesus.” Skippy thought to himself. “Like daddy like son.”

“Did you fart?” Wampa asked. Skip looked at him embarrassed, shrugged then quickly moved down the hallway towards Rogan Richards’ Eagle Leather XXXMAS shoot…



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the Company of Men PIT PERFORMANCE 2014.

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A KIKASS review by Matto Lucas.

“On a hot, sticky, Summer evening, I made my way to the “Company Of Men”exhibition at Bright Space Gallery in St.Kilda – another Midsumma exhibition opening.

As the title may suggest – “Company Of Men” celebrated the male form through photographs, illustrations and performances from a range of different queer artists.

While the subject matter for each of the artists was the same -the male body- it is in the technologies and method that we see differences in how these artists aim to approach the subject. From interactive, old-school 3D glasses that bring the photographs popping off the wall in a retro-chic way to video and installation pieces that blur kitsch with ‘high design’ to Rogan Richards’ performance installation at the bottom of a ‘pit’ in the gallery – “Company Of Men” is an exhibition full of eye-candy, bright colours and fun. Not taking itself too seriously, and with tongue-in-cheek cheekiness, the exhibition presents the male form for our visual digestion.

I do have to say personally – and perhaps it is because I am moving more into performance work within my own practice – but Richards’ performance was the stand-out piece for me. Voyeuristically, the crowd gathered at the top of the pit to look down upon him – his nest filled with two mirrors (Narcissus staring lovingly back at his own perfect, naked form) some weights and a bench press. Various pop songs blasted from the bottom of the pit as Richards’ donned a blue wig and matching tiny underwear – having previously been completely naked with erect penis, writhing and rubbing himself over the mirrors – danced manically and exploded in a cloud of glitter to Madonna, Lady Gaga et cetera.

What I liked about this Pavel Petel-esque performance work, was that not only did it challenge notions of male identity and sexuality, but it brought various elements of queer society(ies) together; the pit, or dungeon, the wig and glitter, drag, the hyper-masculine, muscular naked man, porn culture, voyeuristic culture, body-building and gym culture, together in a bright, ‘fun’ and explosive manner. It was as fun to watch Richards as it was to watch the crowd leering down at him.

There is an interesting conversation happening between Richards’ career as a porn performer, his dabbling within art and the connection between porn consumer, art audience and the overlap between them both. Does this pit of glitter and mirrors and weights and wigs and pop-dance music with us staring down at him represent his existence? What is it like to have the world know your body so intimately? What does that do to the perception of your own body? What does Richards’ perfect male physique do to the consumers of such material as well? All interesting things to consider through the flamboyantly fun interaction with Richards’ performance.”

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