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Lately I have been getting more and more Subs wanting to worship and admire my feet. I don’t get off on having my feet licked or sucked BUT i do get off on making a guy get all the way down on his hands and knees while I tower above him, the Muscle Giant that I am, and worship my feet. Even better after a workout while they’re still ripe from my socks and kicks and I shove them in his mouth forcing them down his throat while i sit back and jack off my fat cock. It’s the DOM in me. I FKIN LOV it.

Anyway here’s a collection of pics for you feet lovers. Because your Master looks after his subs.

So the questions was, do I have big feet. My answer is I have BEAST FEET!


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Rogan filmed his 2 weeks prep leading up to the Arnold Classic 2016. He had just placed first at the IFBB Melbourne Champions Novice and was going to reclaim first place at the Arnold. He placed second.

The footage was to be used as a doco giving you a no holds barred look into his life and bodybuilding. At this stage he wasn’t aware of Skippy’s meth addiction but the relationship had been severely strained and Skip had not been at his first comp. Though he had reunited with Skip who was with him for these 2 weeks. Soon after Skip got worse and the doco was scrapped.

In this video Rogan explains in detail his food prep for the week leading up to the Arnold Classic.



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The Dirty Dawgs series came about because when I filmed with the SEXY-ASS MARC FERRER i was drilling him Doggie the whole time.

In Part 3 it was a different SEXY-ASS but the same location and couch, and again I drilled the guy Doggie. People are always asking me what’s my favourite sexual position and I usually answer in front of a mirror and as much as I love missionary so I can see the look on the guys face when i push my fat meat in balls deep and he grips onto my muscles in ecstasy, or squeezes my nips, I have to admit there’s nothing like dominating a guy Doggie and shoving my cock deep and hard all the way inside him.

DIRTY DAWGS 1 and 2 and 3 are now at my XXX page.