NEW VIDEO! – Punch Fucked

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PIG SEX was just a warm up. Now ROGAN gets to really have some rough fun with John Thomas. He warms his ass up with an expected animal fuck and his fat cock then slides his thick arm in and punch fucks the guys hungry hole. When his wet hole can’t take anymore ROGAN shoves his cock back in and does some asphyxiation, choking him as he drills him.

EDUCATION = PREVENTION. Always remember if you are going to fuck bare back you are always putting yourself and your partner at risk. Get regular sexual health check ups. Know your sexual health status. Communicate with your sexual partner and own your truth.


KIKASS dance movies you need to know about…

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I wanted to add this film to the last post I did about musicals but I recognise it more as a “dance” film so wanting to share this amazing film, directed by Sidney Poitier no less, I thought id just do a fav dance films post starting with… Fast Forward

and come on a film the film that is a FKIN CLASSIC! Girls Just Want To Have Fun (I had the biggest crush on the guy in this!)

According to Star-Lord this guy is a legendary hero from the planet Earth. Footloose

GIVE ME AN F … the title says it all and the fact that i couldn’t even find a trailer…

continuing the cheer leader theme… Bring It On

KIKASS musicals you need to know about…

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As music is FKIN bat shit at the moment, i thought id do a different kinda post and show you 5 musicals that I love.

Probably my FAV musical of all time… Little Shop of Horrors

OK, this may have passed as soft porn a little. Plus I had a huge obsession with Christain Bale, used too. Newsies

Putting Grease would be too easy, plus it doesn’t have the KIKASS Michelle Pfeiffer. Grease 2 (The most underrated film.)

This is one of my ALL TIME FAV FILMS!!! and probably my best romantic film. Moulin Rouge

Yes, it’s true. Though, it prob doesn’t surprise any of you as I used this song for me and Skips break up… High School Musical 2