NEW VIDEO!- Late Night Tris 2016

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My arms are bursting from the skin and I wanna show them off. You can go heavy when training any muscle but you should always use volume when training a smaller muscle group. Volume means high reps, super-sets, pyramids, any way you can keep your muscles under constant tension for as long as you can bear the pain.

It was 1am when I filmed this video and I was in the middle of my battle with Skip’s meth addiction. I was hurting bad. But I can tell you all that the weights were the biggest help I had during that year to keep me from falling.


my new crush – FLYIN’ BRIAN PILLMAN!

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So me and my mate BRADDA and we were on YouTubing looking for the original 80s TV show GLOW. YES, there was an actual TV show in the 80s that the new netflix show is based on, check it out! Then we stubbled upon this Battle of the Sexes Wrestling Family Feud episode. AND THEN I stumbled upon Flyin’ Brian Pullman and it was love at first mullet!




QUIFF: a piece of hair brushed upwards and backwards from a man’s forehead. (NOT to be mistaken with Queef.) Quiff was the nickname I gave my X BF and this was part of a video I made for him because that’s the kind a shit i do. (Can anyone tell me what iconic T shirt was the inspiration for my T shirt text and design?)

#afilmbyroganrichards photography by GYMHUNKS. Song Something New by Girls Aloud. From the album Ten.