V35 Arms 2014

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If you’re in MADRID and you want a bodybuilders gym you need to find V35. Situated at C / Valverde 35, this gym is small and the dumbbells only go up to 50kilos but in a city saturated by pretty health clubs this gym makes up for it’s size with its “old-school-pumping-iron” heart.

If you want to just BLOW OUT ur arms, maybe you don’t have much time to spend in the gym, maybe you are going somewhere and want people to stop and stare when u reach up to scratch your head… what ever the reason may be, here’s a quick “Hit ‘em Hard and Hit ‘em quick” routine.

Superset ur Bi’s and Tri’s and we are working towards volume not weight. (ie – large reps not large kilos.) What exercises you do and in what order is completely limited to your imagination. That’s the great thing about he gym there’s no rules here.

In this video I start with BB Bi curls X 15 reps…

…straight into Cable Tri push downs X 15 reps…

…straight into Cable over head rope Tri extensions X 15 reps…

…straight into DB Hammer curls X 15 reps each gun!

And I repeat this 4 to 5 times and walk out of the gym looking like Popeye.






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This was a short film I did for EAGLE LEATHER.

Eagle Leather not only sponsor me and supply me with ALL my leather/fetish gear and sex toys but they help produce my creative performances and artistic projects. They are so FKIN good to me – they totally FKIN ROCK!

Photography by DAMO from the Dark Room

featuring DINGO (with a cameo by Jiff Pom!)



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the ARNOLD CLASSIC AUSTRALIA 2016 Novice Bodybuilding Division.

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Last Saturday on the 19th March I entered the Novice Bodybuilding division at the Arnold Classic Australia and placed 2nd. The entire 3 weeks leading up to this competition after my win at the IFBB Melbourne Champions has been documented in the film “the ROAD to ARNIE” available in May at my website. It will be a no-holds barred look at my competition prep and my life for those three weeks, the most revealing and intimate look at the FLEX! and the people around him. Check out previews at my YouTube Channel.

Here are the pics from that Saturday and how my body came in on competition day.