V35 Chest 2014

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If you’re in MADRID and you want a bodybuilders gym you need to find V35. Situated at C / Valverde 35, this gym is small and the dumbbells only go up to 50kilos but in a city saturated by pretty health clubs this gym makes up for it’s size with its “old school” heart. The clang of weight’s, the grunting and the smell of guys who are here for one reason, to build muscle.


In my first vid here I had my bro, MARTIN MAZZA, jump behind my camera and film me pumping up my trademark pecs. I hit them hard and heavy, focussing on getting a massive pump.

3 X Smith incline bench press. This is my warm up. Going up with each set working to around 15 reps each time. You’re last set should be heavy enough that you just fall short of 15 reps.

4/5 X Dumbbell incline bench press. I’m hitting the muscle hard and heavy going to about 8-12 reps with every set rising to my “working weight”*** I wanna flood the muscle with blood – emphasis on the pump AND strict technique.

3/4 X Incline flys. 8-12 reps. Disclaimer; I tore my pec muscle as a teen doing flys so I’m always cautious about this exercise. Having said that, today I continue hitting the muscle hard and heavy, still working on getting the blood pumped into my tits with strict technique.

3 X cable flys. My pecs are fatigued now so I’m just trying to pump a little more into them by doing a medium weight here and really focussing on a good, controlled stretch at the start position and FLEX!ing the shit outta them at the end position. Reps are irrelevant – go to failure.


song; Fork Tongued by Capture the Crown. Album Til Death

***You’re “working weight” is the weight you reach after your warm up sets. It’s your maximum weight that still allows you to achieve the range of reps you are aiming for, be it 4/5 reps or 13/15. You might do 4 sets working your way up to this weight and then guys think, “I’ve done 4 sets! Next exercise!” Bullshit. Those 4 sets were a warm up, they’ve done jack shit to building hard muscle for you – now you start counting sets once you reach your “working weight”



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After shooting DINGO for the most popular image from my VAC series (the “HIV Stigma” image with him against the red wall holding a gun to his mouth and two guns pointed to his head with a “+” and “-” flags.) I chucked the camera into my mate DAMO’S hands and jumped next to my pup and did this impromptu shoot. Hope you like the images as much as I do and did taking them! Most of my best work is unplanned and spontaneous.

images by the Dark Room feat. DINGO. #artdirectionbyroganrichards


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Rogan Richards is The Tourist, a lost and bewildered traveler wandering the streets of Madrid, and this is his story, seen through the lens of multiple award-winning director Steve Cruz. As Rogan tries to get his bearings, fate puts him in the crosshairs of pimp, hustler, and all-around bad boy Abraham Al Malek. Speaking in his native Spanish, Abraham plies Rogan with a heavy come on, finally seducing him with two English words: ‘Fuck Me!’ Little does Rogan know that he is about to be captured and made into Abraham’s plaything. Two of Abraham’s hustlers, Dario Beck and Donato Reyes, pick up a john, Alessio Veneziano, and bring him back to the pimp’s flat for a three way thick with fur, spit and cum. Paco swings by to have some fun with Abraham, but they’re interrupted by Rogan’s cries for help. Abraham sends Paco in to silence Rogan, but a sexual spark ignites when Paco and Rogan lock eyes for the first time. Abraham diverts his attention to Bruno Boni, who pays the pimp with both cash and sex. After Bruno and Abraham unload, Abraham drifts off to sleep… until he’s awakened by The Tourist himself. Lose yourself in the shadowy, seductive world of the Tourist’s journey.


Beefy, furry and pierced, Rogan Richards is lost on the streets of Madrid. Abraham Al Malek, speaking in Spanish, makes a saucey proposition to Rogan, who is seduced by the two English words he can understand: ‘Fuck me!’ Rogan can’t resist following Abraham, whose muscles are bulging out of his white tank. Fur and flesh collide in a frenzy; the clothes cannot come off quickly enough. Rogan is massive, and Abraham explores every inch of that hairy, muscled body. No square inch of skin goes untouched or untasted. Rogan fucks Abraham’s hard butt and tight hole hard: shivers of ecstasy pulse through Rogan’s cock. Both men break out into a sweat. Upon reaching the point of no return and barely able to catch their breath, they wrap their arms around each other and jerk out fierce, thick loads.


Hairy and bearded, with pierced nipples, Paco is shocked when he finds Rogan Richards captured and bound. When their eyes meet, a sexual spark ignites. The connection is intense. Rogan asks for water: Paco takes deep draughts from a bottle and lets the reviving liquid drip into Rogan’s mouth. Suddenly, escape is the last thing on Rogan’s mind. The men grab each other in urgent lust. Paco swallows Rogan’s fat cock in deep gulps, squeezing Rogan’s balls against his massive thighs. Rogan spins Paco around, spreads the meaty butt cheeks, and slams his face into the intoxicating crevice. Paco’s hips rock reflexively. Rogan follows with a finger, then his cock, in a passionate, upright fuck that alternates between rapid full-body slams and a slow, sensual wave. Sweat falls like rain. They drop to the ground and fuck two ways on an old mattress until Paco sprays his load. Rogan takes aim at Paco’s face and unleashes thick jets of cum while roaring in ecstasy.




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Trenton Ducati’s cry, “Oh, my cock is so hard” is no exaggeration. Rogan Richards’ furry pecs are equally hard: Trenton punches them and there’s no give. They tangle tongues with fervor and cocks with a connection, face off with displays of biceps and abs, then Rogan pushes Trenton onto his back. Trenton lures Rogan closer by opening his legs as far apart as possible and creating a target for Rogan. It drives Rogan wild, and he uses his tongue, fingers and even his teeth on Trenton’s hole, cock and balls. Rogan wants some of the same, so he straddles Trenton with his tree-trunk thighs and fucks his face. His high, rounded butt provides the momentum. As deep as Trenton’s throat is, it’s not as hot and tight as his hole, which is next in Rogan’s sights. The ground beneath Trenton moves with the impact of Rogan’s driving force, and Trenton grabs the rings in Rogan’s nipples for support. Rivulets of sweat drip from the hollow of Rogan’s throat between the cleft on his chest and skid down his washboard abs as he spins Trenton around and pounds him from behind until each of them delivers a milky Powerload.





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Goldilocks has never looked so FKIN sexy! And in this story, the bigger the better with what she finds in the bear’s house!

When JESSE JACKMAN and DIRK CABER were in Australia last year, I grabbed SKIPPY BAXTER and we went to their hotel room and banged all night! Yes, I filmed it and it’s part of my MOTEL MUSCLE series, called “4 WAY” and is launched at my XXX page on the 14th of this month. Of course I didn’t stop there and asked the boys if they would do a promo photoshoot for the film. They all said yes and we rocked up to DAMO’S studio and I gave the “Goldilocks” classic the Rogan Richards stamp. These images are the end result. (Also see “Barbie Boys”)

images by the Dark Room