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SEX TALK with your SEX GOD!

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As I get so many questions about SEX I thought, fuck it! I will start doing LIVE video sessions on my social media answering all your questions about SEX. Or attempting to use my huge sexual experience to do so…  The first one will be at my Instagram Story page in one hour! That’s 230pm Aussie time. But don’t worry I know I have followers from all over the globe so I will be doing these sessions at random hours on random days. But you have to be following me on my InstagramTwitter or YouTube accounts to be a part of these sessions. I will advertise an hour b4 logging on and tell you which platform Ill be on. The sessions will jump between the more PG Instagram and Youtube accounts, to my more XXX Twitter account where I can also ‘show’ as well as talk.

So if you have any SEX questions or questions for me about sex as a PORN STAR, sex worker or lover log on, subscribe, and get asking, or just share your own experiences with me and my followers.

RO-RI’s BEST of 2018!

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I started writing this post and tried to think of what my favourite films or music was for this year and hit a blank. Was this entire year a complete waste of time? I’ve already mentioned that it was not a normal year for me. It’s hard to explain without going into explicit detail but you guys don’t need to know everything about my life, but let’s just say this year was me putting aside everything I wanted to do and doing what I had to do. And I’m FKIN glad it’s over! But did my frame of mind prevent me from being passionate about all the stuff going on around me or was 2018 just full of shit films and music and all things pop culture?

The only film that comes to mind as the best of 2018 is A Prayer Before Dawn.

And though it’s very flawed The Predator.

I saw this film at the cinema and thought it was entertaining enough but didn’t give it a second thought till I saw it again on a plane (twice!) due to lack of other options and rediscovered how fun the human characters are in it (esp Olivia Munn). Surprisingly I couldn’t give a shit about the Predator. I really wish I could say Avengers Infinity War but I just didn’t think it was very good. Notable mentions would be Hereditary, The House of Tomorrow and Summer of 84.

Music was a little better with these 3 artists blaring outta my headphone’s. O’mahon’s album…

Nicki Minaj.

and The Black Queen’s sophomore album.

No books to mention.

as far as bodybuilders I was either jacking off too or inspired by, here’s the list for 2018…

Boian Ivanov

Pavel Fedorov..

Jordan Janowitz

and Anthony Sciaretta

What’s left…?

I am really excited for 2019 to be heaps more inspiring than this year and if it isn’t then I will be heaps more inspiring than I was this year. I am going to put all my energy into my Bodybuilding and online coaching, into my porn, making it even more dirty, animalistic and sexy than before, if that’s even possible, let’s see. AND my merch page where I wanna explore some creative projects I have.

I”ll do my best of my website in early Jan…

GayDemon reviews my site!

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“I’ve reviewed a lot of single-performer sites in my career and they almost always start out with a bang and peter out quickly, but this isn’t the case with Rogan Richards. Everything about his site shows that he really cares about giving his fans an entertaining stay from the hardcore videos of his personal sex life to his bodybuilding vids to his Ask Rogan section, and finally, his very active blog. This site gets a big hard-on from me!”

To read GayDemon’s review CLICK HERE!


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No other person has had such a huge impact in Rogan’s life and his web site than Skippy Baxter. And you guys love him as much as Rogan, as shown by the fact that for the last 2 years the most viewed films were the ones with Rogan and Skip.

These promo clips were taken from one of the most popular films they did… Sex Tape Vol 1 Bulldozzered.

“Fucking Skip was never about filming for my web site. I remember the first film we ever shot, we were just fucking all day like animals as we always do and I just turned my camera on. This was before Skip decided to do porn. I think secretly I was hoping he would let me publish it cause I knew any film we made would be 100 times better than any other, cause of the huge sexual attraction we had for one another.” Rogan.

SPOTLIGHT Sex Tape Vol 6 was the very first film to be posted up at Rogan’s new web site when it launched. It was also the most viewed film that year.

“At this point I was falling in love with Skip. Actually I had fallen in love with him way before this, let’s say I was accepting I was in love with him. That was my biggest mistake and biggest regret in life. Not realising my love for this man sooner and protecting us. Because then it was too late…” Rogan.

“Those years we were fucking around and filming were some of my happiest ever. No matter what or where we go from here I will always love Skip with all my heart and be there for him. For what ever reason he exploded into my life and changed it forever.” Rogan.

Skip’s Filmography on Rogan’s web site. Listed by date of release.

Motel Muscle 4 Way
RO-RI Pec Play
Skippy Baxter Sex Tapes vol 4 Muscle Denim part 1
Skippy Baxter Sex Tapes vol 4 Muscle Denim part 2
Trough Films presents I’ll Be Your Mirror
Hoods (Camera man)
Skippy Baxter Sex Tapes vol 7 Eating Out Skip
RO-RI Gut Punching
RO-RI Pec PunchingSkippy Baxter Sex Tapes vol 5 Bulldozzered 2 part 1
Skippy Baxter Sex Tapes vol 5 Bulldozzered 2 part 2
RO-RI Change Rooms
RO-RI Skip Feet
Skippy Baxter Sex Tapes vol 4.5 part 1
Skippy Baxter Sex Tapes vol 4.5 part 2
RO-RI Skip Cocksucka
Skippy Baxter Sex Tapes vol 3 Blowjob
Skippy Baxter Sex Tapes vol 2
Muscle Play
RO-RI Muscle Ass
Muscle Play Part Two
Skippy Baxter sex tapes 4.6

We all thought we had seen the last of ROGAN and SKIP’S fuck marathons but we were wrong.

<video src=””>

Sex Tapes 4.6 is extra footage that was taken from a Personalised Video for a customer, which is why ROGAN was wearing a rubber in the film. Usually SKIP’S ass makes ROGAN cum a lot quicker but because he was using a rubber he could last much, MUCH longer and they took advantage of it till both ROGAN’S cock and SKIP’S ass were rubbed raw!

Is this finally the end? Both Rogan and Skip have moved on with their lives separately forging a new future. Skip is back at University and is no longer using. Rogan, well, he’s been bouncing around the world doing what he does and dealing with the repercussions of a major car accident he was in late last year.

They have agreed to get together for one last ASK ROGAN and SKIP segment that they will film this summer over XMAS. So get your questions ready for them both and they are prepared to answer anything you throw at them. As Rogan’s YouTube channel was deactivated and all the other Ask Rogan segments lost this will be the definitive segment.

So i guess this doesn’t sound like the end at all… Just a new volume…

“I can’t thank Skip enough for everything he has done for me and my career, the amount of support and BS stuff he agreed to let me drag him into. We can look back and know we had one FKIN hell of a ride together. He is and always will be my BOY FLEX.

I will and will always love you fart face.”