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NEW VIDEO!- Massive Guns

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A lot of people go to the gym but not many people know what to do when they’re there. And that is what separates the boys from the beasts.

ROGAN shows you how to make massive guns targeting the biceps. He covers the popular barbell and dumbbell curls and takes you through different types of arm placement, grips and body positions.

The first in a series of muscle specific videos to coach you to achieve your life long body gaols and go beyond.


NEW VIDEO!- Pumped Pecs with Skippy 2015

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Both SKIP and I were dead tired this night but we needed to train. Sometimes you get to the gym at 11pm, after a massive day and you still have to SMASH IT!
We hit our chest with a tri-set. 3 exercises straight after another. The weight wasn’t the focus but getting a MASSIVE PUMP! You will see in the video how hard this was. I had to unleash the BEAST in me to find the energy and u see me go ape at one point.