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Ok so it’s time to start doing my 2016 wrap up’s. And I need to do some call outs and the first and unsurprising call out is to EAGLE LEATHER who have supported me so much over the last few years and who made possible my 2017 calendar and are making possible my very own Rogan Richards – to exact scale dildo! Cumming soon! Lets take a look at all the KIKASS stuff we’ve done over the last few years!

I think I’d known DINGO for a few weeks when I asked if he’d be in a film I’m making for Eagle Leather? It would involve lycra, leather, flexing, wrestling and punching and the brave little puppy said yes. My mate DAMO from the Dark Room Productions filmed it and allowed me to use his apartment as a location.

A follower on face book asked me if I’d seen the film “Flexing with Monty” I guess he thought I’d relate to it. I googled it straight away and this scene came up on Youtube and i knew I had to re-create it as the story of how I, Rogan Richards was conceived. I told Eagle Leather about my idea and like always they went above and beyond to make my vision into a reality.

Here’s a glimpse at the countless photo shoots I did using Eagle Leather’s gear. They’ve never said no to any idea I’ve had. Also a big thanks to two of my close mates and talented artists Damien Hines and John Fallon for always backing up my every crazy idea and SKIPPY for always being by my side through all these projects.

In 2015 I exhibited my photography at an exhibition in my home town of Melbourne and had this silent video playing on a old chunky TV unit. The footage was shot by Jay Eff in London a year prior, in between him photographing me in my Eagle Leather.

Over the last 4 years KIKASS photographers have been shooting me in Eagle Leather including, and in no order, Matt Spike, Paul Freeman, Jay Eff, Ian Chang, James Green, Kevin D Hoover and Shots by Gun.

Then there’s the porn…

And the performance art. Yes, it’s art!

And here’s to many more years and KIKASS adventures together!

EAGLE LEATHER XXXMAS 2017 #photographybyroganrichards

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In the black of night a beast rises, his gargantuan body, a sea of hairy thick muscles, clad in leather. He doesn’t give a fuck wether you’ve been bad or good, he will give everyone what they deserve…



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MATT SPIKE was the first “guest director” at my website with his film ROGAN RICHARDS VS BRICKLAYER 1001 at my XXX page. At my Galleries page I have a younger FLEX! with smaller bullrings posing for him in the folder “Matt Spike (London 2012)” from the year I first met him. Here is the shoot we did after, or was it between, filming our porn and I’m decked out in my EAGLE LEATHER with much bigger bullrings. Well, much bigger everything! This was when I was doing my THICK MUSCLE DADDY/BEAR phase…


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EAGLE LEATHER Melbourne presents a film by ROGAN RICHARDS

“Rogan Richards was conceived in the womb of a giant She Bear. He was born part animal, part man, a legend, a new hero for the nuclear age!”

Featuring Jesse Jackman as She Bear, Miss Polly Filla as Sex Toy and Miss Pepper Pop as Pony Girl. photography by The Dark Room make up by Ollie Savage music by J Slocombe styling by B Boy.

ThankUs to Claude, BOOM! BOOM!, Bj and Skippy Baxter.

Based on a scene from the film Flexing With Monty.