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Why did it take me so long to jump on the OnlyFans band wagon? Why did i need too when i had my own website? If “ONLY” OnlyFans was around 5 years ago! It’s great that all my fellow porn stars who couldn’t or didn’t want to make the effort of creating their own site can finally make money for them selves. And creating your own website is FKIN hard! it was FKIN torture for me cause i picked a dumb ass web development company in FKIN Australia who stole $60000 off me and FKED me over for 3 years and didn’t produce the website i wanted.

To the rescue ! Who showed me an example of what my website could look like in 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS! And it’s almost 2 years now that my website has been KIKING ASS!!!

But then i thought… why don’t i use OnlyFans as another platform to promote my site, yes its yet another FKIN social media platform thats gonna take up my day maintaining. But its extra cash for me. It also allows some fans who might shy away from the commitment of websites and prefer ‘easy access’ to their Sex Gods on an ‘easy’ platform like Twitter a personal connection with me. AND it allows me to post all this shit ive got that i wanted to show you but its not quite professional enough for my official website!

SO hello the FLEX on OnlyFans – click there and start having FUN!

NEW VIDEO!- Skippy Baxter Sex Tapes vol 3 Blowjob

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ROGAN’S fans have witnessed the rise and fall of SKIPPY BAXTER and the rise again. You were there when the first photos started being posted up on instagram, then the films, then the live shows. You saw Skip fall into his meth addiction and the vicious fight to bring him out. This is the last of two films ROGAN and he shot together. It’s a sweet look back at where it all began, gagging on ROGAN’S fat black cock.

EDUCATION = PREVENTION. Always remember if you are going to fuck bare back you are always putting yourself and your partner at risk. Get regular sexual health check ups. Know your sexual health status. Communicate with your sexual partner and own your truth.



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Lately I have been getting more and more Subs wanting to worship and admire my feet. I don’t get off on having my feet licked or sucked BUT i do get off on making a guy get all the way down on his hands and knees while I tower above him, the Muscle Giant that I am, and worship my feet. Even better after a workout while they’re still ripe from my socks and kicks and I shove them in his mouth forcing them down his throat while i sit back and jack off my fat cock. It’s the DOM in me. I FKIN LOV it.

Anyway here’s a collection of pics for you feet lovers. Because your Master looks after his subs.

So the questions was, do I have big feet. My answer is I have BEAST FEET!