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NEW VIDEO!- Pig Sex Part Two

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ROGAN is in his element having found a big masculine pig for some dirty domination he straps on his Eagle Leather. He has already warmed up the guy’s cunt with his fat cock so now ROGAN slides his thick fist inside his pig SUB. In ROGAN ‘S first FF film we see the muscle gorilla stretch his SUBS hole open with his fist in between drilling it with his cock. .

EDUCATION = PREVENTION. Always remember if you are going to fuck bare back you are always putting yourself and your partner at risk. Get regular sexual health check ups. Know your sexual health status. Communicate with your sexual partner and own your truth.



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My last YouTube channel was taken down by haters, which is fine, gives me an excuse to clean it up and also get some new shit up there for you guys… So please check out my new channel and subscribe for all the old classic shit and heaps new stuff including the upcoming Rogan & Rev Adventures in Europe!