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a short story about bestial sexuality by AARON KEYES

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So I own a small farm out west that to all the world seems perfectly quiet and out of the way. Little known fact is that this farm and the large barn out the back houses some of the most prime breeding male stock this country has to offer.


Already stabled here are, Jordan, Jarrod, Shaq and Justin.


Over the past few weeks these straight alphas of their own herds and packs have been brought out to the farm and been put through rigorous and punishing training both physically (to keep them in prime shape) and physiologically. All of them have been stripped of all humanity they wear shock collars to keep them in check when they get too rowdy and butt heads, because as of yet they have not broken.


Even after being fed nothing but a diet of fresh horse seaman for protein and water and having each other’s cum force milked out of their cocks and pumped into each other by enema they refuse to break. The shock collar is the only thing keeping them from breaking out of their stocks. I have decided to call on a last reserve option.


To bring in a beast so utterly alpha and indomitable that they will be left shattered and docile. That beast is Rogan.


He arrives at the farm contained inside a trailer not dissimilar from a horse float, but extensively modified as if to contain something of immense strength, heavy duty bolts and chains lash it together. My anticipation only mounts as the trailer is backed up against the entrance to the barn, from inside issues the sounds of sniffing and a deep grunting of a large animal. I can tell Rogan has already picked up the scent of my oblivious “alphas”.


Inside the barn each of the awaiting boys have no idea I’m letting Rogan into their pen. They lounge around in a large open space in the centre, barrels and wooden stumps laying scattered around. Then they catch the scent of him. A deep earthy smell, a mix of sweat, piss and freshly milked seed, they move around on all fours similar to apes occasionally walking upright.


The door into their pen is opened which gets their attention even more as they pace around as the trailer is backed into the opening and the bolts withdrawn. The sound of sniffing within intensifies and Rogan comes charging out into the open space, a sight to behold. Raw bestial dominance radiates from his glistening hide, thick course fur covers him for the most part but the line and shapes of his flexing muscles is still clearly visible. Automatically the other boys grunt and puff their chests up in a show of dominance. Rogan’s half crazed gaze sweeps over them looking for the biggest challenger.


His eyes eventually fall on Jordan, amongst all of them he is the only one to come close to him in size and length. Rogan possesses a level of bestial cunning they do not, to his ultimate alpha mind he sees nothing but mares before him go be given his seed. He draws closer to Jordan, his thick semi erect cock already anticipating the breeding that is to come as pre-cum flows out and leaves a trail behind him as he walks forward shoulders braced to charge into Jordan. The others sniff behind him, still maintaining some distance between Rogan and Jordan, unsure about the outcome.


Jordan smells Rogan’s growing erection and eyes it off, his own flaccid cock now turning red and then purple with flooding vessels making it swell to extreme proportions, the head on it is large and a very dark shade of purple. Out of all the boys stabled here he has been the most dominant and his cock proves why. Rogan charges. The collision is immense, Jordan senses to late Rogan’s ploy to get slightly to his side and he is bowled over. He moves to recover but Rogan has him by the neck now, muscles bulging and throbbing as the surprisingly strong Jordan resists and tries to break free. His teeth gnash the air and a mixture of growling and grunting escapes his lips. Rogan’s own bull roar stuns him momentarily enough for him to freeze, giving Rogan the window he was looking for.


Rogan manages to pin him down with a forearm against his neck, his face smashed into the dirt as Rogan’s glistening knob is pushed against Jordan’s puckering hole. There is resistance for a moment then by sheer force Rogan enters him. The scream/ howl is loud enough to send the other boys cowering. Shaq is the only one to move forward cautiously. Rogan feels the tightness of Jordan’s ass, this is ‘un-bred stock’. Rogan’s cock pummels his insides to such an extent that he near blacks out. Rogan can feel Jordan’s insides respond to the invasion by reshaping themselves to accommodate his thickness, his whole body throbs to the rhythm of Rogan’s pulsing cock.


Shaq has now come within distance of Rogan’s hole and Rogan whips around, a low growl and deep grunt aimed as a warning towards Shaq. All the while Rogan’s pumping into Jordan causes soft whimpering and panting from him. Shaq slowly moves to smell Rogan’s hole, he appears entranced by it and lines himself up behind Rogan and nuzzles his hole, his tongue flicking out tentatively. Rogan responds almost involuntarily and pushes his ass up to as to allow Shaq’s tongue better access.


Shaq’s golden skinned cock swells with immediacy and he rubs it against the ground as he drops his belly down lapping at Rogan’s hole. The fact Rogan seems so focused and pleasured by raping Jordan and being eaten by Shaq gives Jarrod and Justin more confidence and they move to either side of him eyeing off his thick chest, they are panting and look almost thirsty. Rogan’s nipples are so engorged with the blood flowing through his system that they are almost dripping. Both the boys move into take a nipple each and they start sucking deeply.


As Rogan’s dominance of the group reaches its height, each boy there serving him in his own way, his balls start to swell, at first imperceptibly but then the longer he’s worked and the louder he pants I can tell something is happening. Rogan’s chest swells giving the boy’s on each nipple a start, their mouths are now almost too small to fully suckle. Shaq’s tongue has penetrated deeper then expected and found just the right spot to work, it moves in strange ways inside Rogan, not deep or wide but there is a little stretch in his hole. Rogan’s balls continue to swell so much so they start to push against Jordan’s peach ass and cause a slight friction burn to redden his ass cheeks. Rogan’s eyes start to glass over as he feels the cum swell like a wave just before breaking, his cock twitches and bounces in strange ways inside Jordan, producing pleasing whimpering and gasping, the time is close.


As the thrashing of Jordan’s ass reaches a feverish pitch, Shaq’s tongue has done it, it has hit a spot inside Rogan that starts a chain reaction. His balls turn a dark red that only means one thing they are about to unload a gods volume level of beast seed, the suckling intensifies as Jarrod and Justin sense the change in tempo, Jordan’s moaning and hissing tells Rogan his cock has broken into new depths inside him. “It’s time to impregnate his cunt” I whisper to myself, and Rogan’s balls seem to respond by unleashing a gallons worth of searing hot, thick, white and creamy alpha seed so deep inside Jordan that he blacks out as it floods through his system. Every part of his insides is filled to the brim with virulent Rogan gravy. Rogan’s whole body shudders and flexes as he spasms, milking every last drop into Jordan’s broken form, with a satisfying sloppy pull out Rogan dismounts Jordan and backs up.


All the boys back up and eye him cautiously as Rogan goes and sprawls himself on the largest rock in the barn and lays there panting softly. Justin comes up and laps at his flaccid but still white-coated cock. Shaq and Jarrod being jealous come and join him till all three and bent over cleaning the cum out of Rogan’s hairy balls and lower body. They spend some time doing this until he’s satisfied and shoves them off with a grunt and shove of the legs. It’s then I notice Jordan has moved from where he was left broken, he has padded up to Rogan but something is different.


What I thought to be his respectable pecks are in fact now so swollen as to almost resemble tits, they do sway slightly the way tits do, I sense they are filed with milk as he turns to move towards Rogan’s head you see his belly distend and swollen. Rogan grunts in satisfaction, such is the strength of his alpha seed that he has turned this would be alpha into a impregnated breeding cow. Still with a cock but now totally impotent.


The Beast has started his work but there are still plenty more bucks to be bred and broken.


story by Aaron Keyes.

illustration by DarkGem.

MY SHIT experience with ONLYFANS!

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It all started when i decide to join OnlyFans. Why? I didn’t need to as I have my own website. But I thought it would be good to have my profile amongst all my peers and provide me with another very broad platform to advertise my web site from AND give me a passive income doing so. WRONG.

I started hearing complaints on twitter from guys not being paid and not having their emails replied too which is when i decided to look into my account and noticed that I hadn’t been paid yet. I had only had my account up for several weeks so I wasn’t too worried at that point but i did send them an email asking for more clarity on how their payment system works and some other administrational questions about the program. To this date I have not received a reply. After several other attempts I finally received this email.

Fine. I gave them this extra information. And… nothing. That email was dated 15th Dec 2017. It is now 23rd Jan 2018 and I have not received any direct answers to my emails or any money. I heard some guys who had been complaining say they had finally been paid 3 months later. Fuck that shit. At this point I just wanted my account deleted as more fans were joining and renewing their memberships and I wasn’t posting any new content. But in order to close my account I had to contact support and request it. Yes, I was literally smashing my head against a brick wall. Poor wall.

But of course they were more than prompt to send me this email.

I’m such a naughty boy. What was SO shocking that OnlyFucks had to take it down?!? You had to be there… At the time I apologised for the discretion and reminded them I HADN’T BEEN FKIN PAID and my emails HADN”T BEEN FKIN responded too. I didn’t use the F word or bold lettering. To which they sent that initial email I shared with you guys to me again. OK if you know me you know I have a very short tolerance for human stupidity. So now I’m just FKED off.

I applied for my account to be deleted. Twice. Finally I get an email saying that they have disabled any new subscriptions and auto-renewal on my account with a lovely “Feel free to let us know once you need any help.” from good ‘ol Juliette. To which I replied, “Yes I would very much like some help in getting the money you owe me and that you avoid replying to me about.”

Then I get this.

Oh yeah, “great news” just another banking form to fill out cause the one at your site wasn’t good enough and the email you sent me (TWICE) with all the additional information you asked for wasn’t good enough too I suppose.

So I went to my account and all funds in my statement page are gone.

As of 11th Jan 2018 OnlyFans owes me $1,254.75 of which I have received none and now is taken down from my account.

I’m really happy for those guys out there who are using OnlyFans and being paid as they should be. For any one new who is thinking of joining up you can take this post as a warning at how OnlyFans can or may FUCK u over. And for my fans I’m sorry you were taken for a ride, I have and am still trying to get the money they took from you and I.

IN THE MEANTIME if you are a model who wants to make cash from selling your dirty videos AND get paid for it can I suggest you check out

These guys are the KIKASS blokes who made and manage my website! I can 100% vouch for their professionalism. Don’t wait Register Here!

So why didn’t I just join their site then, well, like i said I didn’t need to join OnlyFans I only did it as it was a fad and trending amongst my peers. If I didn’t have my own web site and actually wanted to make decent money then FKYEA i would have gone with IN-CHARGE to begin with.

Anyway, it’s just an option for you guys…

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST like the moral at the end of a He Man cartoon episode, the lesson from all this shit is JUST GO JOIN MY FKIN SITE.




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My web site just turned 2! And i feel like I’m making an acceptance speech with this post BUT i have to THANK! These guys made and run my site. (Anyone in my industry that wants to to take it to the next level – U need to contact them.) AND i need to THANK my FANS and MORE IMPORTANTLY my MEMBERS! So here’s what I’m gonna do…

FIRST I wanna hear back from you! Fill out this SURVEY.

SECOND I am dropping 3 XXX films for the 1st 3 months of 2018!

THIRD I have just launched my MERCHANDISE PAGE with 3 KIKASS FLEX T shirts so you can wear me all day long against you’re naked body! AND will be adding new products there soon…

I have said this many times – without all your support there would be no me so I really FKIN appreciate that you LOV getting off to me! and that I am your ultimate MUSCLE DADDY! I have also said I never wanted to be a pornstar or have a porn studio BUT FK do i LOV fucking on film for you guys and absolutely get off on going on a heap of horny adventures and exploring all my sexual fetish’s in front of you guys.

2 years and still going STRONG! and getting BIGGER (in all sense of the word!)


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There are SO MANY FAKE profiles of me all around the world. Here’s a hint to make it easier for you guys who don’t know if you are talking to me or a FKIN fake.

1. Assume every profile is fake until proven otherwise. I won’t mind taking a pic to prove it’s me.
2. I don’t use me name on my GRINDR or SCRUFF profile.
3. There is a WHERE IS ROGAN section on the top of the ‘Categories’ box (left of the BLOG PAGE on a computer and bottom of the page on a mobile phone) that always has what country/city I’m in so you know where I am and more importantly where I AM NOT!

DO NOT ever give out credit card details! I will never ask you for your credit card details! NEVER!

Don’t get played. I don’t like my fans being taken for a ride by these wankers.