Grow Rogan Richards Muscles

MUSCLE FEEDERS we both want the same thing. For my muscles to be so big they almost burst out of my vascular skin and rip open any clothes I try to wear. I’m so big you can smell my body pheromones even before I enter a room, like how you smell the animals before you walk into a Zoo. A muscle beast stinking of roided testosterone, dripping sweat and so FKIN horny, always dribbling pre-cum out of my semi erect massive bull cock head. And this is how you can help me become the monster I was born to be. By personally feeding my muscles and being apart of my growth.


Feed the animal and get a personalised video and pictures.

$35 - 3 Minute Personalized Video

$75 - 6 Minute Personalized Video + 6 Pictures

$99 - 10 Minute Personalized Video + 10 Pictures


Rogan Richards will contact you 24 hours after payment to discuss your personalized video

$35 Gift $75 Gift $99 Gift

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  • Akeim Ford says:

    I would like to donate when my income tax money comes in for you do personalized Jo videos. I’m a fan after a random search on pornhub and seeing you completely take owner ship of Skippy baxters hole. Ive never see that kind of pleasure on a bottoms face .That was pure art and being an artist who also does erotic and sexual art..I let me know if this is something that can happen and how much is needed.

  • ThickT007 says:

    I added you as a friend on to purchase something from your gift list. When I went to check out, I didn’t see your name. Only my shipping information. I know that Amazon will not show your personal information, but I think your name should pop up for shipping. I will check with amazon.

    • I spoke to Amazon and they said my acc and details were all up to date. They didn’t know why you had an issue as other people haven’t.if you try again and still have issues take screen grabs or write down exactly what the issue is so i can tell them.

      • ThickT007 says:

        I’m still having issues with amazon. I will email you the screen captures to the email with the subject “Amazon.” Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to get back to me. I appreciate that. Either way I’m going to join your website and sent a gift.

  • ThickT007 says:

    Thanks! I will try again!

  • Bet0117 says:

    I love all your videos when I feel hot I watch one of them what i need to do to meet and something else with you rogan

  • hammadbaba says:

    Hi Rogan, I’m the new member. .☺😉