Guns with Skippy Baxter at Oasis Fitness

The biggest mistake I see guys doing when they hit bicep preacher curls is resting the barbell on their joints at the top of the movement before lowering it again. All the tension is taken off the muscle you are trying to work! To prevent this try stopping at a 45 degree angle and keeping constant tension on those GUNS.

Blow out your BIS with barbell curls, super setting inner and outer grip with a training partner. Get a less than working weight* and start with outer grip and do 10 reps. Pass the BB to your training partner and he does 10 reps inner grip. He passes the BB back to you and you do 10 reps inner grip. You pass it back to your partner and he does 10 reps outer grip. If you guys can keep going then keep going. It doesn’t matter if you start inner or outer as long as you are swapping each time. You don’t even have to change grips and do all inner or all outer for an entire set. You can also do this on your own, it’s just harder because there’s little to no rest between changing inner and outer grips.

Massive thank you to OASIS Fitness Centre