the CLUB GREYSKULL series.

I’ve already posted how you can help me collect my biggest lifelong obsession and passion, the MOTU CLASSIC series. See post in FLEX! LOV! called HELP ME BE MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE! But now there’s more – the CLUB GREYSKULL series of 7. These selected characters are aesthetically based on the cartoon versions of their name sake, or rather that’s the only reason I can see why they’ve been re-released AGAIN like this other than to suck more money outta me, I’m sorry, outta my followers who are KIKASS enough to help me collect them!

I need; HE MAN.

Just like the MOTU CLASSICS if you wanna help me grab one of these go online and search for them AND make sure you add CLUB GREYSKULL to your search. Buy them and then contact me via email at [email protected] for info on how to send them to me. THANKS GUYS!

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