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When I was younger, through the years when I felt socially awkward and alone. I would spend nights, days, or weeks in my room alone, self-isolated. It’s funny now that we are forced into it how difficult it is for me. But the main issue is I’m not alone, I was forced into lockdown with my best mates, more like my real family, I mean they have been there for me more than any other friend – (love them!) but it doesn’t stop me from going a little insane not having my own space. I can handle my own company, I spent the best of my youth mastering that and to be honest I really FKIN love being alone in my home. And I was separated from the man I was falling in love with and was meant to be with right now. This  isolation has left me here wondering what the future holds for us…

What played a huge part in those years was art. Movies, books and music. I find it hard to find books I enjoy these days, but movies and music still play a huge part in who I am and what is happening in my life… That’s why I have so many “KIKASS songs you need to listen too!” posts on my BLOG (and the films ones too.)

can’t tell you how many times I’ve told myself this…

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