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By June 18, 2020February 20th, 2021One Comment

I made this video because of all the guys messaging me about how to get into the porn industry and advice on doing porn. Also, I have so many guys messaging me telling me they want to be me or look like me or fuck like me. I wasn’t born like this, I created the person I am from the multitude of influences I have experienced growing up. I wanted to start an open conversation of my journey from a shy awkward insecure teen to embracing the sexual beast inside me, filming porn and becoming the sex icon I am today…

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  • Luna-Castiel says:

    You did very well in your live…be proud! I know other porn actors, my one brother boyfriend and ex boyfriend are often telling different. My other brothers and my family love them, no matter what kind of job they do. I think even the sex is different…with the one you love or for the job… my brother never had to struggle with who he is…gay,straight, bi…whatever! Everyone Supported him from the begining…and if people don’t! Fuck them! … i like you, not because of looks or fucking…i think you are a nice guy with an awesome smile! Take care of you and just be who you be!

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