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By November 11, 2021No Comments

I havn´t had much luck with nipple pumping due to my excessive hair, but I recently visited Mister B Amsterdam and they had these large nip pumps that fit my nipples and metal. Though as I have bars in I can remove them during pumping and put em back in after if i want too. ALSO if you´re hairy like me and find it difficult to get pumps to stick/get suction what you need to do is use cream! Lather it around your nipple and on the base of the pumps (You need to try and find pumps like the ones I use here with a slight or large base) and they will stick. It´s still not as great as if you were smooth but it does work with a lil patience and practice. (just the same as when you dick and ball pump).

I´ve used fisting cream, lube, but that´s super expensive and I supermarket moisturising cream works great and is affordable. Try and get a thicker one. At the moment I use Nivea Creme and it´s doing the job!

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