if I hire you apart from sex what kind of services would you provide? Can I get a chance to play with your pecks? can we watch some porn, with you sitting on me and I am holding your cock? 1. April 2020


when can we see you in movies or TV show? Do you have any plans for that? 1. April 2020

the only TV show good enough for me was Baywatch or The Young Riders.

if you have got a chance to fuck a god who will you choose; Thor or Hercules? 1. April 2020

I’m assuming we’re talking about Chris Hemsworth and Disney’s Herc. Um… three-sum!

hey hai Rogan. I have been a fan of you from last 8 years. I love your body much. I love you seeing naked. Hope one day we can meet and I can spend some time with you and touch your whole sexy body with my hands. I have a suggestion for you. Why don’t you release and sell your own official nude calendar every year? 1. April 2020

Did you buy y 2017 3D calendar? It was so FKIN cool! But maybe one day I’ll think of a cool idea that I think is good enough for a follow-up calendar… If you’re actually a fan you would know a basic calendar with boring nudes isn’t something that would interest me.

Can we see more degrading videos, example blowing your snot in a subs mouth or making them eat out of a dog bowl 31. March 2020

Nah, not my thing. I only make vids that turn me on. I can be more verbal and humiliate my subs. But the whole making them eat my shit isn’t a turn on. I know I can overpower any sub and make them do anything I want so there’s no challenge there and I find that boring. Making them physically service me is what turns me on. Though like I said I’m also turned on by verbal and will do more of that if the opportunity presents itself.

Can you share your steroid protocol? 31. March 2020

Click on the MORE button top right of the screen – you can find a contact Rogan section on that page and talk to me about steroids there. I don’t publicly talk about it, as I have said before, it can be misread and misunderstood.

Sir how about your entire muscular vascular and powerfully voluptuous body be given a ravishing πŸ‘…πŸ’¦πŸ‘…πŸ’¦πŸ‘…πŸ’¦πŸ‘…πŸ’¦πŸ‘…πŸ’¦πŸ‘…πŸ’¦πŸ‘…πŸ’¦πŸ‘…πŸ’¦ bath from your top to bottom and delts to fingers every square inch back and forth especially your muscular forearms guns delts pecks lats straps abs back waist quads calves neck throat shoulder blades hell everything from your muscles worshipping slave biches which will enhance your erotically brutal masculine looks while you dominate them and urge them for more? 31. March 2020

did this message really need to be sent 8 times?

Hi dude am from India am your big fan… are you single??? 30. March 2020


What’s your orientation? Did you ever had a sex with girl. Or would you like to fuck girls? Will you make a video with girl sex? 29. March 2020

I’m gay. I have had sex with women in the past and I probably would again for film or with another guy in a group situation but never actively pick a woman up or fuck her just for the fun of it.

I want you all to myself. Get real piggy with you. Want to feel those balls and hands slapping my ass and you raw dog me. Pinch your nips and squeeze your pecs as you slid in and out of me. What are your favorite things to get into with a tight bottom? 29. March 2020

I think most of all they have to be real FKIN piggy and filthy. Can handle it rough, like to be slapped around and manhandled. Get off on getting their alpha off no matter how much pain they’re in. They need to get off on the pain. That’s a good start….


Have u made porn with indian buddies ever before? 29. March 2020

Not yet. But dd you see my answer about POST-COVID-RESSURECTION-FUCKS! about me coming to different countries after the zombie apocalypse is over and if you can get a group of guys together in your city/country Ill come visit and film me fucking you all in a group fuck session!

How many centimeters is your dick? 29. March 2020

haven’t found a ruler long enough! joking.. I don’t know, whats 8.5″ in cm? My cock isn’t that long its just bloody thick!

favorite sexual position? Sir Rogan 29. March 2020

Any that involves my cock in my man’s ass.

Rogan, come top me as a Post-COVID19 survival party? 29. March 2020

What country and city are you in? Get 4 or 5 mates together and I’ll come to fuck you all, POST-COVID RESSURECTION FUCK! Maybe I should tour this – go to every major city/country and get groups together for a RORI POST COVID RESURRECTION FUCK!

Hi Rogan, I love your hairy daddy side you’re embracing. So sexy. Do you have a Snapchat? 29. March 2020

No mate. Don’t have Snapchat or KIK.

Hi do you have a video where you bottom? I am new to this site 28. March 2020

There’s one film where Justin Bieber fucks me called “Bieber Fucked” that I did for a live show cause, it’s Justin, and to shock the audience. I actually don’t think they realized what a FKIN privilege it was for them to be seeing that! But I am a total top so don’t expect bottoming scenes at my website just expect hot bottoms being destroyed! Though I do love having my massive muscle ass eaten out so there’s plenty of that…

What’s your height,weigh,dick length and sexy,smelly,worshipful feet size? 28. March 2020

Height: 5’10. Weight: between 100-105. kilos. Dick length: 8.5″. Shoe size: USA11.

Are you on Kik? 28. March 2020


Where in Melbourne are ya? 28. March 2020

That’s a very stalkerish question.

Do you have any videos on you website with dialogue or plots: suited up dom corporate executive; CIA operative or Taliban Mullah? 28. March 2020

Absolutely NOT! I do not do scripts, dialogue or storylines. I am exploring my sexuality on camera in front of an audience, all my films are 100% authentic real fucking. Maybe one day I will do something themed for a laugh, or for the fun of it, but it’s not what me or my site is about. And you’re more likely to find those sort of films on my BLOG PAGE.

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