What’s your routine work during lockdown? 30. May 2020

Try and stay positive! it’s a daily workout and a half!

Hi! Is there any site for watching the all scenes with Skippy Baxter except this site? 30. May 2020

No Skips films are exclusive to RR.com

Hi Daddy. First of all i’d like to say that I really love your big muscled, hairy, musky body. Really amazing! Now i was wondering, the socks en sweaty Tee’s in the shop, how many times, or how long have you worn them? I really would like to buy something, but then i have to know for sure that i can enjoy them more than one time :p 29. May 2020

I wear them till I’m satisfied that they’re of the ripe alpha stink that my muscle pig fetish buyers would be satisfied with, this could take one day (in summer) or a week (in winter).

When are you back in london , I’m still waiting to get used by a real Alpha male 29. May 2020

When lockdown ends.

You have a sexy beard Rogan both when it is black or salt and pepper! How long does it take for you to grow it to the length you have it in your video with Zak Bray? 28. May 2020

Think that was like around 6 months.

When is your next body building competition? 28. May 2020

When I have the time to properly focus on my bodybuilding, too many other things I wanna do right now.

How did you come up with the name Rogan Richards? 28. May 2020

I named myself Rogan after my snake Rogan Jr who got his name from the main character of my favorite film, The Last Starfighter, who was named Alex Rogan. Richards came from my obsession with Denise Richards in the late 90’s early 2000’s

Have you ever tried Capoeira? 28. May 2020

I’m way too heavy to be flinging myself around but does flinging the guys I fuck around count?

What is your workout routine during quarentine? What food are you eating? 28. May 2020

I’m bench pressing cars and eating sub’s asses.

Why do you always answer like a bitch and treat your clients/fans like ridiculous assholes? Do you realize you make your money from them? 28. May 2020

My real fans know how great I treat them, you’re just a ridiculous bitchy asshole.

Hi Ro-Ri. Will “Bruiser” be featuring in any of your films when you get back together after lock-down? 24. May 2020

At this point in time, he has no intention of being a porn actor but as I have learned over and over again in life, you can never say never.

How was it like to fuck Veles for Tim Tales? That video is so hot it always makes me cum. Also, what are some tips on how you keep your cock rock hard during your shoots? 24. May 2020

Veles was such a sexy man, inside and out. I am assuming when you say “shoots” you are referring to the movies I shot years ago for porn companies. It was very difficult staying hard as I was directed and there was usually noting sexy about making those films. It helped if I was into my scene partner like I was with Veles, or we took viagra or we injected our cocks with Caverject or one of the many cock injections available.

Even though your a dominant top, do u like getting ur ass eaten out 24. May 2020

If you guys joined my web site you would see exactly what I love to do when I have sex and all your questions will be answered!

A”GRABBY” is an award given by the porn industry.ie;best bottom…best top….best newcomer….best director…etc….etc. Presented at the “GRABBY AWARDS “. Last one was held in Vegas. Have you ever won an award for services to the industry? 24. May 2020

That was my answer mate.

Will you fall in love with someone down the road in your life? 24. May 2020

I’ve fallen in love many times in my life.

Hii sir I’m from india I’m 19 yrs old I’m gay nd a feminine boy every one keeps making jock of me as I’m feminine . I have never told anyone that I’m a gay . I’m so pissed off nd want to die. What should I do. Pls tell me how can I overcome from this fucking situation pls reply sir.🙏🙏🙏 24. May 2020

Before anything you must accept and be proud of who you are. Fuck what anyone else thinks, what matters is what you think. Once you learn to accept and love yourself what other people say about you can hurt you but won’t make you feel bad about yourself. You don’t have to tell people who you are if it isn’t safe for you to do so. You can’t change who you are but you can change where you are, so f your environment is unhealthy work towards getting the fuck out of there and moving somewhere else.

hi Rogan. After beeing punched in the chest, does the pain in your chest continue for 2 or 3 days ? 21. May 2020

The pain in the guy’s hands do!

Hey my Aussie stud muffin: (KINDA).Since when has “Careful ” been part of your vocabulary??? Care-free and Bareback has always been your motto. Does this now spell out the demise of Bareback in favour of safe sex (condoms) and Vanilla instead of the pounding that you put your Subs through?? 21. May 2020


Why you don’t remove your pubichair 21. May 2020

Why the fuck would I? A thick bush is so hot on a guy! Though, I do need to trim it for pumping.

FKIN heck man have you fucked Paul Demayo? If not WHY NOT!!!!!! 21. May 2020

FKYEA I WISH! he’s so hot, or was… he died, unfortunately. Also he was straight.

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