I want to see you Fuck a Greek Muscle Bro that will Hot as Fuck 18. February 2020

Are you just gonna go through every nationality?

Rogan why we can’t see a full video of your performance with John Thomas at Hard On that show was Hot as Fuck Bro Can we see it 18. February 2020

Because it was a “live” show and you had to be there. That’s the whole point of it being live.

Rogan I want to see you Fuck a Big Muscle Black guy that will be Hot as Fuck 18. February 2020

Me too!

Rogan could you make a video of you pumping out your weights and lifting heavy as you are working out and as your breeding someone train but show/display you’re brutal masculine power/behavior as you pound. 17. February 2020

Sounds FKIN hot to me…

I’m live in Colombia, I would love to film a movie with you, you are my favorite actor, is there any chance that you will come to Colombia if I pay you round-trip plane tickets? 17. February 2020

Absolutely! email me at roganric[email protected]

Rogan, you are a beast, the best ALPHA DADDY and my favorite porn star of all time , I am so happy to be a member of your site and enjoy your vids. I hope one day I can meet you in person so I can chew and suck on that dick and worship every muscle. 14. February 2020

This isn’t a question but I thought it was a really cool message! You should comment on the films you really like so I know what stuff you are into. Happy to get you off man!

Who gives more pleasure a boy or a girl??? 14. February 2020

The dumbest question goes to….

what happened to your official dildo? 13. February 2020

Apparently, the first sample batch is in the mail on its way to Australia. I am away till March so when I get back to Melbourne it should be ready for my approval, then I shoot the package artwork and we go into production. I say “apparently” cause I have been told so many times before it’s happening and it’s all fallen apart, so I won’t believe it till I see it.

Hey there! I’ve been following you for a few years (since i was young, lol, now I’m already 19), are you planing to come to Spain? Have a nice day 12. February 2020

Hey pup, I’m in Spain every year.

With a PA does urine and semen come out both holes, the urethra and the piercing? Does the ring interrupt the shooting distance of your ejaculation from what you can tell? 12. February 2020

Yes, it comes out both holes. If you’ve ever seen any of my films you would know I don’t shoot out, I just pour out, so there’s no difference here…

Rogan, you are so sexy, masculine, and manly. By the way, that fight porn looks really fun. Do you get much pleasure out of that punch in the nuts? 12. February 2020

Yeah, I’m into CBT.

What would Rogan Richards Daddy Race look like? Also, how would you imagine doing a reality TV show about yourself? What would you need? Hmm, I wonder if you could approach Netflix about that? Or could a documentary film maker do a film and submit it for a film festival or something? 5. February 2020

Rogan Richards’ Daddy Race would look rad! Not sure if we would separate daddy types into seasons, like Muscle Daddies S1, Leather Daddies S2…. or just put them all in together. As far as a doco on me, I have been saying for years it would be the best FKIN thing out there – my life is FKIN crazy!

Would you ever fuck a chubby guy sir? 5. February 2020

Fucked a heap of them.

So I was wondering, do you still suck dick? Or have you liked it? 5. February 2020

No, I don’t suck dick.

Have you ever done botox? if not, will you do? 5. February 2020

No, I haven’t and have no interest in doing it any time soon…

I live in Perth WA, can I meet you? 2. February 2020

I leave in two days so you better be quick – whatsapp me 0450 179 069

How does the prince albert piercing feel? 31. January 2020

I LOVE IT! I wish I had done it sooner… Now I just can’t wait till I can upgrade to the size I want. It’s still a lil tender but I’m gonna attempt to make my first film this Sunday, which will also be the first fuck I have had since I got it put in.

Hello Rogan, Have you done scat in the mouth as an active? 29. January 2020

I have with clients. A high source in protein and nutrients!

Is it sold the pink short ?? 27. January 2020

YES THEY DID! You got to be in fast for my Limited ONE-OFF items!

Hi Rogan! We’re you in Sacramento California last month? Had a dude on Grindr approach me saying he was you didn’t believe it. 26. January 2020

No. If you ever want to know where I am – see at the top of this page… it tells you mate! DON’T BE CATFISHED!

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