If the porn industry didn’t work out for you, what would be your plan b as far as work? 16. August 2019


Do you like to choke, spit, slap the guys you’re fucking? 16. August 2019

Have you not watched my porn? I will say though that I have never been into slapping, sometimes I’ll slap an ass, but if I’m gonna hit the person I’m fucking I’ll punch them not slap them.

Would you ever consider having children to follow in your footsteps 16. August 2019

God help us!

Are the guys you mess around with no strings attach or do you get to know the guys you mess around with 16. August 2019

I have guys I fuck on film with. Clients I fuck for work. Roots I fuck. Roots I might fuck on a regular basis. Some times I have a pup and the relationship is more than just sex. Some times I have a boyfriend.

Have you ever considered getting a PA? Would be so hot to see your thick cock pierced too. 16. August 2019

That’s my XMAS present to myself this year!

How big is that juicy cock? 10. August 2019

Big enough to choke guys out with.

Don’t you like to be bottom or more versatile? Don’t you like bisexuality? 10. August 2019

I’m none of these things.

What is your favourite thing about Australia? 7. August 2019

My friends and family.

Rogan do you prefer squirting your daddy juice deep in your sub’s mouth or in his arsehole? Do you get turned on when someone swallows your jizz? How many times to the max have you cummed in a session? 4. August 2019

I prefer up his ass. I have cum a billion-trillion times in the space of 3 seconds.

Do you precum a lot? How many times can you precum before you cum? 2. August 2019

Guy mistake my pre-cum from my actual load, that’s how much. I can pre cum multiple times… though if I do my final load isn’t as thick.

What on earth is Smegma? 31. July 2019

If you woke up as I muscle giant up in the middle of a city, what would you get up to? 29. July 2019

Well, if I’ve just woken up, I’d take a piss and drown out the city.

When and where can I order your dildo? 27. July 2019

We are now finalizing color samples then the process should start to speed up… Once it’s ready you will be able to get it from Eagle Leather exclusively from their website or mine.

Hi, Rogan! What about smegma? 27. July 2019

I call that dick cheese. I’m not that into it mate. (Surprisingly) I love the smell of my ripe cock but don’t get off on dick cheese… Though if a sub begged to eat my dick cheese, and I liked the sub, I would get some for him.

Do you love your feet worshipped? If so, why? And how long have you kept socks on before someone has worshipped them? 27. July 2019

Love it. Why? Guess it taps into the alpha in me that I can command my subs down on the floor to lick my ripe filthy feet clean. That I have complete dominance over them by face or ass fucking them with my huge feet. Or shove my ripe socks into their faces. I have worn socks for a week before meeting a sub or client. After a week you can smell them down the street…

Who is your favourite actor? 25. July 2019

Denise Richards.

What kind of tattoos turn you on? 24. July 2019

ones with thought behind them, but also trashy ones done tongue in cheek or just for fun.

Do you like guys who cum early? Or is that a turn off for you? 24. July 2019

I don’t mind, just means they’re so turned on by me they can’t hold it in!

As you’re such a beast I think you’d look super hot driving a monster truck. What would you call it? 23. July 2019

the BEAST MOBILE! Are you suggesting you’re getting me one for xmas?

Has anyone ever shit on your dick while you were fucking them? How would that make you feel? 19. July 2019

Happens all the time, even when they think they’re douched thoroughly because my cock is so thick and I like to fuck so deep. Shit happens. (Though I do get them to wash their ass and I wash my cock, the only skat I’m into is MC Skat Cat!)

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