Rogan have you ever fuck an Indian? Or do you want to fuck an Indian? 28. March 2020

I’m pretty sure I’ve fucked every race on the planet by now.

Hi dude are you single??? When you get married 28. March 2020

which question am I meant to answer?

Are you ticklish through those powerful muscles of steel? 25. March 2020

Only one way to find out…

Rogan I saw the video of you in leather and it was really hot. When are you going to do more leather videos? I`m a Leatherman myself and the guy in the video with you I know quiet well. 25. March 2020

I’m assuming, from your question, you may have seen that video pirated on a porn hub. If you were a member of my site you would see I have 11 leather videos already!

I saw a video of your balls larger that usual. Do you use saline occasionally? If so, is the sensation pleasurable? 24. March 2020

yea, my balls are tiny now!!! so since the tear, I haven’t been able to pump. which I usually do routinely and which is why sack is usually much bigger! my cock I still huge hard but with pumping it flops swollen and looks double size. I have also used saline a few times and both my sack and cock are gigantic after that.

Is it painful to cum while you are healing? 24. March 2020

No, but I waited for almost 3 weeks…

40 is not old. 24. March 2020

you obviously don’t know me if you think I think 40 is old. my father was Mr. Universe at 60. 60 isn’t old. if you’re referring to my post, I was being silly.

Rogan would you do a blog about letting a guy eat your scat and how it happened and how you felt as it’s not discussed enough 24. March 2020

already have.

Hey Daddy can you able to fuck a twink for an half hour to one hour 24. March 2020

I can fuck anyone for days on end….

What size la pump cylinder do you use? 23. March 2020

The last dick pump was 2.75″. Then I upgraded to a 2.75″ with a 6″ cock and ball funnel.

What are your thoughts on water pumps? are they better? 23. March 2020

never tried.

It would be pretty hot a video where your bottom is scratching your back the whole time and at the end you flex and show us how an alpha back looks after pounding his bottom 20. March 2020


When are we gonna see you as the human punching bag? 20. March 2020

When the Zombie Apocalypse is over!

Are you gonna make other type of videos while your cock gets better? You should try a pump video instead a flex video, like a human weight workout, letting your bottom sit on your back while you do pushups so he can feel your muscles and sweat or he hanging from your biceps to show who is the ultimate gorilla daddy 19. March 2020

Sure, might be hard with everyone afraid to leave their houses.

Are you selling your trashed Sneakers? 19. March 2020

I sell my LIMITED ONE-OFF USED items at my shop page. I’m selling one of my cockrings tomorrow for members only then, if not sold for GP on Saturday. And yes I will sell my sneakers when I’m ready to part with them, they even have some dried blood drops from the PA tear.

Whens the last time you used deodorant regularly? I’m hoping never we live your pits and that MAN smell 19. March 2020

I can’t remember the last time I used deodorant on a regular basis, like every day? Not for ten years at least.

Would you ever fight beast muscle show? He would be a great match for you 15. March 2020

FKYEA! I would love too!

Since you can use your dick, would you be interested in making more gut/pec punching videos? Maybe a one where you are restrained being punched trying to not give up, lets see how much this beast can take! 15. March 2020

I was gonna do this anyway.

Rogan could you make a video of you being even more aggressive and as your even pounding some hot arse could you display your Alpha side more through holding heavy dumbells and pumping up as you destroy another Boy. 15. March 2020

LOVE this idea – but if you want me to do it you need to write it in members’ suggestions. Click here! If you’re not a member then you don’t get to suggest a video. I look after my members.

Hi Rogan are you against subs being your toilets as so many guys want to eat what you produce from your ass 15. March 2020

Not if they pay me.

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