What would Rogan Richards Daddy Race look like? Also, how would you imagine doing a reality TV show about yourself? What would you need? Hmm, I wonder if you could approach Netflix about that? Or could a documentary film maker do a film and submit it for a film festival or something? 5. February 2020

Rogan Richards’ Daddy Race would look rad! Not sure if we would separate daddy types into seasons, like Muscle Daddies S1, Leather Daddies S2…. or just put them all in together. As far as a doco on me, I have been saying for years it would be the best FKIN thing out there – my life is FKIN crazy!

Would you ever fuck a chubby guy sir? 5. February 2020

Fucked a heap of them.

So I was wondering, do you still suck dick? Or have you liked it? 5. February 2020

No, I don’t suck dick.

Have you ever done botox? if not, will you do? 5. February 2020

No, I haven’t and have no interest in doing it any time soon…

I live in Perth WA, can I meet you? 2. February 2020

I leave in two days so you better be quick – whatsapp me 0450 179 069

How does the prince albert piercing feel? 31. January 2020

I LOVE IT! I wish I had done it sooner… Now I just can’t wait till I can upgrade to the size I want. It’s still a lil tender but I’m gonna attempt to make my first film this Sunday, which will also be the first fuck I have had since I got it put in.

Hello Rogan, Have you done scat in the mouth as an active? 29. January 2020

I have with clients. A high source in protein and nutrients!

Is it sold the pink short ?? 27. January 2020

YES THEY DID! You got to be in fast for my Limited ONE-OFF items!

Hi Rogan! We’re you in Sacramento California last month? Had a dude on Grindr approach me saying he was you didn’t believe it. 26. January 2020

No. If you ever want to know where I am – see at the top of this page… it tells you mate! DON’T BE CATFISHED!

you are my dream man but i live in tunisia ❤ will you visit it ? 22. January 2020

Hey mate, no plans to visit there, sorry.

Hey sir I want to film with you but my identity become hidden as anonymous is it possible? 19. January 2020

Yes, you can wear a hood/mask or have your face pixelated. We can also film so that your face is cropped out – for example, a simple film where the camera is just on ur ass as I drill and fill it. Anything is possible on roganrichards.com!

Mate when your back on instagram 19. January 2020

I have been deleted 3 times now. I am in the process of trying to get my account re-installed and verified. I don’t want to keep creating new accounts to just get taken down by haters and FK HEADS.

I would love to see a big vs little bearhug video from you someday. I remember from a past video that your bearhug is great. Coming from a wrestling fanatic, you have great form and delivery!! 19. January 2020

CONSIDER IT DONE MATE! Actually I would do this more often if I could find guys who really understand how to do it properly when you are combining raw animal power with intense sexuality. Most guys are into one or the other but not the combination of both. Also, I am like you I am a big fan of watching wrestling/fight clips and when it comes to homoerotic ones they are all so fake it’s an insult and I would never want to insult you or my followers with anything less than great!

I want to film with you but I don’t understand how to fill the form. In a body picture sir you want nude body or normal dressed sir? 19. January 2020

Are you applying for something that requires you to be naked or clothed? Isn’t it common sense…?

It was a special treat to see you on Netflix, 100% Hotter!! The expression on the hosts face when you said you would give her your number was funny. Did they really randomly find you on the street to ask you about her look? Do you plan to do more mainstream television gigs? 17. January 2020

Yeah man, they just approached me on the street one day, I had no idea who the fuck they were or what the show was about. Me being super shy just went along with it. The only television gig I would wanna do is a reality TV show about my life or maybe a Ru Paul spin of like, Rogan Richards’ Daddy Race.

Hey Rogan. Have you ever considered to record a video in a waterfall? 17. January 2020

Sure mate, it right there between jumping outta a plane and in aisle 13 of the grocery shop!

Why we can’t watch your videos free other websites can’t put your videos free we only see the oldest. 16. January 2020

Is this a serious question??? Maybe because this is my job and if you want me to continue making these films I need money to do it. I mean, I figure that this is common sense. And those sites that post porn videos up for free are posting pirated videos, that stop companies, or solo people like me, who have no funding behind them, trying to make a living from doing this, from making money. I get it though, why pay for porn when it’s free? Well, you don’t have too, go watch the free stuff. But if you wanna watch the Ultimate Gorilla MuscleAlpha Daddy destroy ass like a Beast… then shut the fuck up and subscribe to my site.

Hey man, absolutely love your positivity and work…the PA is a super hot addition. You seem pretty big on health and fitness. Do you drink/smoke/PNP? 16. January 2020

Hey, I’m human and I wanna live life to the fullest! So yeah I party when I want to.

Will you be in Hamburg, Germany this year? 16. January 2020

I def wanna come back to Germany for a tour of the major city’s…but no set dates.

Are you currently taking roids? 16. January 2020

I try to never come off ’em.

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