John Thomas is pretty tall, isn’t he? Hadn’t really noticed until recently. 23. October 2019

Yea he’s a tall sexy boy!

I recently came out to my parents and it went really poorly. How was your coming out experience and what advice do you have to maybe help change my parents minds? 22. October 2019

I am really sorry this has happened to you. My parents were never hurtful or bad about me being gay but they were not overly happy or accepting either. It took years for them to finally come to peace with it and be proud of me as a gay man. The only advice I can think to give you is don’t force it into their faces, go live your life and hopefully in time they will learn to accept you.

Love the work, where is the best place to find guys who like to be videod being power fucked ? Would you let your flat be used for this ? 22. October 2019

I find guys everywhere. On apps, on the street, in clubs, from my website application section.

Hey daddy wats ur type when it comes to dating 22. October 2019

Honesty. Also, I think important things for me are his confidence, or equal to that is his ability to communicate. Then he has to be adventurous with a wild side. And obviously needs a damn good sense of humor to survive in my crazy world!

Hey dude any tips on how to get more load of cum 22. October 2019

Apparently there’s stuff you can eat, tablets you can take, but I don’t know what these are??? Maybe if someone reads this who knows more information you can comment and I’ll share it! The way I do it, is I don’t cum for serval days if I know I want to build up a big load for my boy or a film…

Hey rogan are you coming to middle east one day 22. October 2019

Hope too!

How can lowly beta pigs like me tribute to a Supreme Alpha like yourself Sir? 22. October 2019

at my donation page Click Here!


Just got my nipples and P.A. piercings (yes, you were a big inspiration) any advice for the healing and eventual stretching? 22. October 2019

I don’t have a PA – I’m getting mine this xmas. I stretched my nipples slowly, as I grew bigger (in the gym) I would increase the metal. Always wait till they are fully healed before stretching. Also if you are like me and like hardcore nipple play and eventually get heavy huge rings you might have to buy a backup Titanium pair (lightweight metal). Cause I find with hardcore play and the added weight of normal metal ones, my nipples can get agitated easily. So when this happens you can put the light rings in to allow them to heal or like I do, swap between rings and bars.

Hi Rogan, when you do heavy compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, bench press, and standing press how do you breathe? Do you hold your breath for each rep (Valsalva Maneuver)? If not, do just breathe, I’m most interested in Squats as holding My breathe to “brace” my core can make me lightheaded. 22. October 2019

I don’t squat. But back in the day when I did I would breathe in at the beginning of the rep. Then out as I go down. Breath in again in the squat position which also allowed me to re-connect with my quad muscle and tense them as I raised myself.

I apply this to any exercise breath in on the positive and out on the negative movement.

Hey do a Video with a translady we wanna see it by trans500;) 22. October 2019

I would be happy too… just gotta find the right one.

hi. u filmed with damien daniels. he punched your pecs very hard. it seems that he hurts u. since u allowed nobody punching your pecs, doesn’t it? 22. October 2019

He didn’t hurt me. Heaps of guys punch my pecs! Maybe not in every film, cause many guys don’t like to do it, and I don’t force guys to do it cause they don’t know how to do it properly.

Hey Rogan can you sell your used high top sneakers? ;P 22. October 2019

That’s what I do, just sold the Black pair. I sell them on my Shop page. It gets relaunched in December.

Hey rogan, this might be weird but how did your ass get so THICQQ 12. October 2019

I did A LOT of squats when I was younger…

Would you like to make a porn movie with the porn star Jim Ferro? 8. October 2019

ABSO -FUCKIN – LUTELY! He’s the reason I wanna PA!

Do you do private cam shows? 3. October 2019

Yeah, on Skype. roganrichards is my handle.

If you can answer this, how young where you when you started to jerk off and become sexually interested in yourself?! 3. October 2019

maybe 14 I think, I was quite old…

You‘re using the LA Pump System, which size of cylinder do you use ? Which is to be seen in the cock pump video? 3. October 2019

my dick pump, which I use in the video was a 2.5″ cylinder, measuring the diameter of the inner circle.

Favorite bodybuilder and why beast? Besides yourself, of course. 2. October 2019

This constantly changes… right now I’m a lil obsessed with Seth Feroce.

What’s the first app you open when you wake up? 2. October 2019


Can you tell us more about your cock pumping routine? And why you do it? 2. October 2019

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