How long have you been wearing cock rings? 25. December 2019

Short answer: Since 2010.

Long answer: I first was given one to wear in 2010 on the set of a Cocksox photoshoot as one thing it does is helps hold your junk together and forward showing it off. I soon started wearing it for all my photoshoots as I was always in swimwear or underwear. Then I realized I could use it for sex as it helped keep my retractable testicles forward when pounding ass like a jack-hammer. When I don’t use one my right testicle retracts, sliding up into my hip and it hurts when I fuck cause the guys hip keeps smashing against it. NOW I wear them ALL THE TIME! I’ll wake up and throw one on and usually have one on till I go to bed. Besides liking the feeling of having one on I never know when I’m gonna need to use my cock, so it’s like having petrol in a car, if I have a cockring on I’m always ready for action! ALSO now that I have gotten into pumping I wear one after I pump to keep my pumping gains.

Do you do cosplays? I mean I noticed earlier that Kano in MK11 is a pretty damn close resemblance AND that he’s supposed to be Australian and my brain lagged for a sec, lol. Is cosplay porn a thing? 23. December 2019

I appreciate dressing up but I don’t do cosplay.

You have an Instagram now man? 23. December 2019

They took me down for not being me! (Dick heads!) Still working on getting it put back…

Loose ass, or tight ass? Do you like to stretch them first? Or do you just want to get to it already? 12. December 2019

I’m happy with both but I have to admit there’s something really hot when I reach down and finger a dudes hole and it’s loose and juicy like he’s been used a lot over the years.

Hey Rogan so I’m pretty young to say that I’m very buff like you in my opinion but people think it’s steroids but you help me be myself so thank you so much ❤️ 9. December 2019

The main thing is you can’t please everyone so just please yourself. If you’re natural and people are saying you’re on juice then that’s a FKIN compliment man. And if you are on the juice and you look like it that means you’re looking TANKED and that’s a FKIN compliment too! Own it. You only live once don’t waste any time worrying what wankers say or think about you. Just live your life!

do you do any fart videos??? 8. December 2019

I randomly fart in a lot of my videos. I don’t have a specific fart video.

You are so sexy, I love Australian man with a burning passion. Just had a curiosity, do you have aboriginal heritage? Do you have a very sexy accent by the way. 😉 8. December 2019

No mate. I am a mongrel with Gorilla, Wolf and Bull blood in me…

Hey when are you back in Aus, would love to have a session with you. Blonde toned twink here, also into cash fetish 2. December 2019

Session as in hiring me, or filming with me? You can email [email protected]

Do you like tiny skinny twink? 27. November 2019

I like to fuck them on film – I like making them service me and that they make me look even more massive!

Hey Rogan, do you have Grindr? 27. November 2019

Yes and Scruff .. BUT be careful as there are A LOT OF FAKE accounts out there. See the answer to the previous question – it shows you how to tell if the account you are talking too has a good chance of being me. But still, you can always be sure by asking for a specific picture. I really don’t mind taking one to prove it’s me.

when will you be back in brisbane? 27. November 2019

not sure if ill make it in December… so I guess Feb 2020…

Hey daddy when are you coming to south Africa 27. November 2019


Hey do you visit NZ much ? 27. November 2019

Never… I think a visit is WAY overdue! … maybe 2020…

How is skippy getting on. 27. November 2019

He’s doing heaps good!

Daddy would you be up for making a custom flex n piss video? 27. November 2019

Absolutely, email me [email protected]

I’m in Barcelona, are you here? We chat via grinder 16. November 2019

No – it is a fake account. Look at my Instagram, Twitter or BLOG to see where I am at any time.

Rogan I am a big fan of you. It will be great if you can make longer videos. 16. November 2019

You know the longest people watch a porn clip for is a few minutes if that. Modern social media has made options so great most people are watching several things at once or are flicking through stuff constantly and I am no different.  Keeping my films at 10-15 minutes length is a creative choice based on keep my audience wanting more instead of feeling satisfied.

will u ever bottom on screen ? where are u from? 16. November 2019

No. I’m from Australia.

Do you consider filming with a skinny and effeminate Guy? 14. November 2019

I consider filming with every type of guy. I make my choices more on that guy’s attitude and kinks and lastly, what he looks like.

People keep saying that i am a liar for being gay,but still fucking female out there,i know what i like and i always choose to fuck with man,but i never deny to have sex with girls,what’s your opinion over this disgusting labels?!,i think we should do what makes us happy! 😀 14. November 2019

I have had people attack me for a similar reason. Though I don’t choose to fuck women and wouldn’t for fun, I can fuck them for cash or perhaps, if the opportunity ever presented itself, for a film. My opinion is just be and do YOU! If you identify as ‘gay’ then that’s what you identify as and it doesn’t matter what any other person thinks. Remember, the world is jammed packed with narrow-minded people who like to live in a world that is as simple for their simple minds. They like to place everything in a box or category especially cause they can’t understand it or want to acknowledge it. These are the kind of people that will attack you for being different. At the end of the day, they are allowed their opinion even if it doesn’t match yours. The frustrating thing is when they have to force their opinion onto you! You can’t argue with them and most of the time you will never be able to change their minds or point of view so just gnore them.

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