I would love to own a singlet of yours, but I don’t require it to be soiled.. Would you be selling those? 15. March 2016

GREAT IDEA! i will add these to the MERCH PAGE!

Hey, bud! I know you’ve been busy WINNING, congrats, but I’m wondering when we’ll be hearing why there are no longer cum-stained articles of clothing available in the store. A while back you said an answer was on the way. Just curious. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! Always a fan!!! 14. March 2016

Don’t you follow me on facbook mate?


The genie answer is a great one…! Let’s give you one more free wish… What would you like to do with it…? And then he grants you one more, and you can only use it with or for somebody, who would be it, and what for? 14. March 2016

You know what, it’s really funny that you asked me that question because I’ve always thought WTF would be my 3 wishes and the answers I gave you are the 2 I have always thought i’d ask for. BUT honestly I could never figure out my 3rd.

But let’s say the Genie appeared today, 4 days from my Arnold bodybuilding comp and taking in my cravings I’d have to say an unlimited supply to my fav kind of donuts!!!

And as for the 4th one –  It would be between showering MAMMA FLEX! in some major lovin presents for being so FKIN cool and taking me in recently to help me with my comp prep and just being a KIKASS mum in general OR use it on SKIP cause he’s also goes above and beyond for me always.


HELL YEA!!! (I’m so freek’in HUNGRY!)

Rogan can I get my picture taken with you with your autograph? 12. March 2016

IF you ever come to a club or bar appearance you can always approach me for a photograph!

I will have autographed pics available soon at my MERCH page at my web site.

What do you use to keep your teeth so white? 12. March 2016

I use Skippy’s cum instead of toothpaste – works wonders!

Now that you have shave clean for bodybuilding, do you prefer yourself hairy or smooth? And maybe specify the area you love to keep the hair… 12. March 2016

I think people should accept and own their natural bodies types. I only waxed because I had to for my bodybuilding competitions, I prefer me as I am meant to be – HAIRY! 

You met a genie, and he is granting you a wish that you can fuck any celebrity you want, who would you choose? And also the genie gives you one more wish to change the celebrity bodypart, what would you like to change? 12. March 2016

Are you FKIN kidding me! i wouldn’t waste a Genie wish on a fuck – i would ask to be able to understand (read, write and speak) every language that has ever been on this planet.

And if i had a 2nd wish it would be to understand and retain any information I am ever given. (Cause I’m so FKIN forgettful!)

how ,any times you cum per day? 12. March 2016

There isn’t a recorded numerical amount that matches the amount i blow every day!

how was yoyr relationship with youe family? 12. March 2016

You will be able to hear (and SEE!) ALL about this and more in my doco “the ROAD to ARNIE” available in May at my web site.

The most intimate look at me and my life.

Dear, when you do a bottom again in film? I hope you being fucked hard and you’ll se me buy that films 🙂 12. March 2016

Are you a member of my site? talk to me about doing a BTM scene then…

do you have Skype 12. March 2016

depends why you’re asking?

IF it’s to pay for a CAM4CASH show then it’s “roganrichards”

IF it’s to annoy me with messages and wanna cam for free then, no I don’t have one.

Hey mate, love to see you are with Brad Kalvo in movie?? 9. March 2016

If he bottoms – hook us up!

How religious you are?? 9. March 2016

Handsome face and sexy body. Can anyone get better than you at being a top. You are amazing dude. Question: are you married ? or do you have a boyfriend? If yes, will you tell us who he is? 9. March 2016

I’m not married. And I have a few guys who I couldn’t imagine my life without. I don’t feel the need to label them or shove them into a socially accepted category.

Hi Rogan, I am A Sri Lankan man who wanna see you here in Sri Lanka? Do you have any idea of come down here? 8. March 2016

Fly me over. Actually, fly me and Skip over!

Hey buddy, do you eat any special food to keep your spear thickness up? 8. March 2016

normally? or now while I’m on contest prep?

Normally I just eat clean mate. “Good” proteins with every meal and usually 2-3 “good” carb meals.

While I’m in contest prep my food is insane! i will talk all about it in the doco I’m making for my FLEX! PAGE on my web site.

Why do you talk a bout the Flex 8. March 2016

because “it’s ALL about the FLEX!”

What kind of Superhero would Super Rogan be…? Beside enlarging bodyparts…? LOL.. 8. March 2016


When will you shoot a video of you bottoming we want to see ? 8. March 2016

Stay tuned…

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