If you can answer this, how young where you when you started to jerk off and become sexually interested in yourself?! 3. October 2019

maybe 14 I think, I was quite old…

You‘re using the LA Pump System, which size of cylinder do you use ? Which is to be seen in the cock pump video? 3. October 2019

my dick pump, which I use in the video was a 2.5″ cylinder, measuring the diameter of the inner circle.

Favorite bodybuilder and why beast? Besides yourself, of course. 2. October 2019

This constantly changes… right now I’m a lil obsessed with Seth Feroce.

What’s the first app you open when you wake up? 2. October 2019


Can you tell us more about your cock pumping routine? And why you do it? 2. October 2019

What is your favourite type of underwear? How do you feel About thong? 2. October 2019

I never liked underwear until recently. I had to start wearing it because my quads were so thick the skin would chafe when I walked. Now I really get into a stinky, few days worn pair of jockstraps. I don’t like thongs, they make me feel like I shat myself.

What is the difference between FMF and XXX? 2. October 2019

FMF stands for Fuck My Fans which is any fans opportunity to get their ass destroyed by me no matter what they look like, shape, size or whatever. its for the average joe to get their 10 minutes of porn fame. XXX is my official porn films and though I approach these as real, raw and amateur as I can get, they all fit a certain fetish requirement that I want to explore (at that time) and the guys fit a certain “type” that I like to fuck.

Hey rogan, Are you still doing the fuck my fan videos? Because I want to be next. 2. October 2019

I did one here in London. You need to apply via the Film with Rogan link bottom of the page.

Who’s your current “pup” boyfriend? Seen images of him and it’s fit as fuck!!! Are we gonna see any films of you two??? 30. September 2019

That would be BRUISER! He isn’t a porn actor so you will just have to use that imagination of urs and fantasize about me drilling him.

Are you into biting (neck, ears etc)? If so, do you bite your subs? 30. September 2019

I don’t bite and I don’t let guys bite me.

Hi Rogan u used to be a bottom in some videos(hunter marks for ex) do you like it or not? 30. September 2019

(URGH!!! I FKIN hate those videos!) I’ve spoken about this before hundred times. I bottomed twice for 2 porn studios because I didn’t know better and at the time didn’t have the courage to say no. It’s not like they forced me but I was just too insecure to do what was right for me. I am a total top and do not take anything up my ass except face. You would also know this if you were a member of my website.

What’s the smell of your dick ? 26. September 2019

Bruiser’s hole!

If I want to get into bodybuilding, should I focus on cutting first so that I’m slim before I start bulking, or should I focus on bulking and then get rid of the excess fat later? 26. September 2019

without knowing what you look like, I would say you should focus on educating yourself on how to train correctly in the gym for maximum muscle gain and about how to eat correctly. If you do these two things the answer to the questions you asked me will present themselves along the way. (fuck me, I sound like the Dungeon Master!)

What’s the secret for been a gorilla man sweet muscles 26. September 2019

eat lots of bananas.

Please make a trampling video….eager to see you in action 24. September 2019

Gets released this month.

do you have any videos of you forcing that manly smell onto another man? 24. September 2019

Almost all my videos have me doing that.

Show us your measurements, again. 24. September 2019

Click on the STATS link on my Bodybuilding page.

would you ever make someone lick and smell your pits after a long sweaty gym session? I know for a fact I could live in that smell haha. I always get off thinking about smelling your sweaty balls during a nice deepthroat session. 19. September 2019

I do that ALL the time!

How much you weighing these days? You look fuller. 18. September 2019

Yeah man, I’m much fuller and defined BUT heaps smaller… it’s been hard getting my food in lately. I’m around the 100 kilo mark.

Hey Rogan.. Your such a sexy and strong hunk… I wanna see you in some master slave rough action.. Possible? 16. September 2019

You mean like this click here or this click here

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