I just wanted to say that I love all your videos and you are my favorite porn star 31. December 2015


Are you interested in visting Argentina, and if you were, would you have sex with anyone ? 31. December 2015

I have been to Buenos Aries once and LOVED it! I want to come back – you guys have so much MOTU stuff there!!! and i want to have sex with people where ever I go.

How much it cost to have you as a scort? Love you. 31. December 2015

depends what country you are in? and how long you want me for? and what you expect me to do?

Hola como estas ? Te e mandado varios mensajes ☹ eres maravilloso 31. December 2015

sorry mate – there’s not a translator option built into this page, and my pocket translator is in Madrid, so i don’t know what the fuck you just said???

What is the real Rogan Richards like? 31. December 2015

exactly like what you see here.

Do you use deodorant or do you love the smell of pits? 31. December 2015

that’s a stupid question.

How often do you jack off? And for how long? Do you watch porn while you do it or just look at yourself in the mirror? 31. December 2015

i mainly jack off in the mirror. Now and then i watch porn but mainly i watch the porn i have been producing for my new web site – its a rule that while im editing the film if i don’t get hard and start jacking off the film is a dud and i will toss it out.

Is eating ass your biggest turn on? 31. December 2015

No. But eating a hot ass like Skippy Baxter’s definitely wakes up the BEAST in me!

Have you ever given a golden shower? If not would you ever? 31. December 2015

I do in one of my new porn films released on my web site next month! and im totally into doing more and pissing on people.

what’s your favorite thing to work on at the gym? 31. December 2015

thats a really FKIN hard question to answer! i love training every body part let me break it down for you this way.

  1. LEGS cause I want them to be the biggest part of my body.
  2. CHEST cause if you know me you know all about my #PECPUPPIES
  3. CALFS cause im obsessed with huge calfs!
  4. GUNS cause they pump up massive and allow instant gratification.

Do you think you are narcissistic? 31. December 2015

that depends what narcissistic means to you? is it a negative or positive? do i love myself – FKYEA! do i think im better than any one else – NO.

Have you got any female fans? I’ve heard that some girls dig gay porn. 31. December 2015

I have heaps. but they’re not just fans of my porn some are fans of my art and bodybuilding and all the other stuff i do. Porn makes up the smallest part of my career.

is there somthing you don’t like in doing porn ? 31. December 2015

sucking dick.

will you get your dick pierced any time soon? 31. December 2015

Im thinking of getting a PA but im worried about the damage it would do because of the intensity of the way i fuck. i think they look great and one would be sexy on my fat cock. but it might not be practical. need to do some research…

you said in an interview that you do more bottom in 2016,who will be those break their ass? 31. December 2015

Did you mean to ask who will be the lucky bastards to fuck this amazing ass? Guess you will have to wait and see…

Just here to say I love you 28. December 2015


firstable you are so hot, the question: ¿ do you prefer a guy who is bottom, top or do you like the person and then you resolve the things in bed? 28. December 2015

you mustn’t know me very well if your asking this question….

is there anything that you won’t do sexually? 28. December 2015


What’s your deal breaker with sex? 28. December 2015

if their hole can fit my thick cock in it or not.

Have you ever kissed a girl? 28. December 2015

Like Katy Perry?

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