What is something about you that would shock people if they found out cause your such an open book! 5. January 2016

before this ASK ROGAN page i would have said my eversion to CUM but I’ve spoken about that now a few times. hmmm, i used to shit my pants as a young boy.

Do you jack off to your own scenes 5. January 2016

Only the ones I edit for my web site. It’s how i know if it’s a good scene or not – if i don’t get hard and start jacking off then it’s a dud and i toss it.

any tips for someone who would like to work on bodybuilding and the porn industry? 5. January 2016

Use your head.

Do you like eating cum 5. January 2016

i FKIN HATE cum.

I think you would look fucktastic in a scene on a beach, your boy under the sun and just the way you fuck! Maybe something to consider? 5. January 2016

Consider it done.

I really love your scene, but I havent seen a new one, why? Otherwise, would you visit Venezuela, someday? 5. January 2016

is that where you are? I would love to come visit. I haven’t shot any porn cause I’ve been in Australia working on other projects.

How do you see yourself 20 years from now? 5. January 2016

A GOD, no wait, i already am. What comes above that???

which celebrity, male and/or female, have you dreamed about fucking? 5. January 2016

Jessica Rabbit and the BEAST pre or post transformation.

What’s the longest time you have ever gone without sex? 5. January 2016

25 minutes.

were you ever confused about your sexuality or did you always knew that you were gay? 5. January 2016

check out the ASK ROGAN segments HERE

Would you ever let a fan smell your stinky and hairy armpit? 5. January 2016


Do you use deodorant? 4. January 2016

What makes you happy ? 4. January 2016

Jiff Pom. FKIN lil dude makes me smile every time!

Hope you will come to Asia for a holiday, and if you visit Singapore, please let your fans know…? I want to take a photo with you… 4. January 2016

I really wanna come visit Singapore!

I wanna be a porn star like u … pls give me 3 advices to follow 4. January 2016

  1. know who you are. 2. believe in yourself. 3. have fun.

Does it make you cum faster if a hot bottom begs and pleads for your load? 4. January 2016

makes me wanna PUMP him harder!

What kind of men do you like to have sex with? Do u have a type? 4. January 2016


Do you still sell sweaty gym wear? 4. January 2016

check out the MERCHANDISE page on my web site – launching THIS MONTH!!!

Are you a butt, legs, pecs, eyes, or other unnamed body part kind of guy? 4. January 2016

on another guy – legs and butt. thick and hairy! WOOF! on me – pecs and cock.

Not a question, just a comment … Rogan, you are a beautiful man … I think it’s safe to say you fuel all of us fans out here in cyber land … everything about you is powerful! Hugs and Happy New Year! 4. January 2016

cheers mate – and FKYEA!

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