Do you and Skippy have a boy/Sir relationship? 2. January 2016

more like BATMAN and ROBIN. or did they have that kind of relationship?

What do you fantasize about? 1. January 2016

getting asked an interesting question.

Do you have aids or have you ever had an STIs before? 1. January 2016

where are you from? it hasn’t been called Aids for a long time now. educate yourself punk. No, I’m not HIV positive. And of course I’ve had STD’s im sexually active.

Which of your tattoos is your favourite? Tell me why, and do you have plans for a new one? 1. January 2016

honestly i dont have a fav tat. maybe Godzilla(?) cause its so fun and the misunderstood. Im planning on getting a shit load more. right now im desperately trying to find a font i like for a large back tat – but i cant find any i like…

what do you like more, getting your dick sucked or fucking a hot ass 1. January 2016

one leads to the other for me. but if a person cant take my cock up their hole im happy face fucking them as long as i can pin them down and grind my cock, balls deep, down the back of their throat!

How can i be more dominant and masculine like you? 1. January 2016

it’s all a state of mind mate. Ive made guys twice my size my bitch because when i walk in the room i know im the ALPHA.

Why did you stop wearing your heavy bracelet?? 🙁 You look very powerful with it… 1. January 2016

because i FKIN LOST IT! so FKIN upset!

What are your dirtiest fetishes? 1. January 2016

Right now, because I’m prepping for this bodybuilding comp in March, it would have to be KFC and some Bourbon!!!

What’s the longest you’ve gone without having sex or jacking off? Could you ever go 2 weeks without cumming? 1. January 2016

i cant last 2 hours without blowing!

if someone wants you in India. just to spend quality time with you including sex too. how much it costs ??? 1. January 2016

it would cost flights + accommodation + my rate for the amount of time I spend with you.

Any chance you might do a hot bareback scene? 31. December 2015

My web site. 2016.

What can you tell us about your relationship status? 31. December 2015

it’s right where I want it to be.

At what age did you start gym? And how long took for you to get that fucking amazing huge great body? 31. December 2015

I started when I was 15. Im 35 years old now – so it took me 20 years.

you have had sex or visited Mexico in Mexico? 31. December 2015

I’ve had lots of sex but ive never visited Mexico – BUT i know I have many fans there and I want to come visit!

Will the expected video You giving your ass to the bigger penis gay porn right now rocco steel 31. December 2015

Keep dreaming!

When you’ll be working again to Tim krugger, certainly ir never san yogur scene with italiano Bruno boni; why timtales your profile you appear as top and bottom 31. December 2015

All I will say is I won’t ever be working with him again.

I just wanted to say that I love all your videos and you are my favorite porn star 31. December 2015


Are you interested in visting Argentina, and if you were, would you have sex with anyone ? 31. December 2015

I have been to Buenos Aries once and LOVED it! I want to come back – you guys have so much MOTU stuff there!!! and i want to have sex with people where ever I go.

How much it cost to have you as a scort? Love you. 31. December 2015

depends what country you are in? and how long you want me for? and what you expect me to do?

Hola como estas ? Te e mandado varios mensajes ☹ eres maravilloso 31. December 2015

sorry mate – there’s not a translator option built into this page, and my pocket translator is in Madrid, so i don’t know what the fuck you just said???

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