QUIFF: a piece of hair brushed upwards and backwards from a man’s forehead. (NOT to be mistaken with Queef.) Quiff was the nickname I gave my X BF and this was part of a video I made for him because that’s the kind a shit i do. (Can anyone tell me what iconic T shirt was the inspiration for my T shirt text and design?)

#afilmbyroganrichards photography by GYMHUNKS. Song Something New by Girls Aloud. From the album Ten.

RWR I Need You Tonight feat Carl Gershon (Rogan Richards 80s muscle video edit)


So if you know me, you know I have a rather large and proud VHS collection. One cassette in particular is a blank cassette that i used to record clips onto as a teenager. It was an accumulation of bodybuilders flexing, stripers and muscled actors from 80s actions films fighting and fucking, in particular Michael Pare`. (It also had the very first gay porn I ever saw and owned as a teen.) Yep, a young-FLEX! wank bank!

I was showing Skippy this tape the other day and I thought to myself wouldn’t it be cool to use some of these clips in a video. Around the same time RWR’s I Need You Tonight came on while we were driving somewhere and “BAM!” The idea to make this video hit me like a rad neon mid drift!

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EAGLE LEATHER Melbourne presents a film by ROGAN RICHARDS

“Rogan Richards was conceived in the womb of a giant She Bear. He was born part animal, part man, a legend, a new hero for the nuclear age!”

Featuring Jesse Jackman as She Bear, Miss Polly Filla as Sex Toy and Miss Pepper Pop as Pony Girl. photography by The Dark Room make up by Ollie Savage music by J Slocombe styling by B Boy.

ThankUs to Claude, BOOM! BOOM!, Bj and Skippy Baxter.

Based on a scene from the film Flexing With Monty.

EAGLE LEATHER video installation for Company of Men Exhibition 2015.

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shot in London by the talented photographer JAY EFF (see my GALLERY page for our KIKASS shoots together!) and edited by myself for the Company of Men Exhibition 2015 this silent short film, #roganrichardswearseagleleather was played on a large 70’s TV next to this classic image that Jay Eff took of me in my EAGLE LEATHER mask, cock ring and #dontyouknowmyshoesarefamous kiks._DSC1089 2I get ALL my leather  gear and sex toys from EAGLE LEATHER Melbourne.