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I always get super happy when someone goes out of their way to show their appreciation for me by getting me gifts from my Amazon Wishlist!


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Firstly I have to say any previously sold items (customers waiting for items!) or sales made this point onwards from my SHOP PAGE will be delayed till I have recovered from surgery. I appreciate your patience and support during this terrible experience. I have emailed all existing customers and I acknowledge two of you especially have been waiting for your items for a ridiculous amount of time! (G and T, you know who you are and I am so sorry.)


Ok, so here’s what’s been happening, I saw a Urologist as soon as I got back to Melbourne, who reassured me the tear wasn’t as bad as he initially thought it was going to be. As he (and I, because until that moment I hadn’t been able to bring myself to have a thorough look at the wound, ie. pull my foreskin back and physically open the gaping wound… I mean I tried once and saw white muscle stuff in the hole and got completely freaked out, had an overwhelming sense of frustration that made me wanna cry and scream at the same time) thought the tear was from hole to hole. My natural urethra hole to the piercing hole. But as it was, I think the (horseshoe) ring must have slid through my cock so that 3 quarters of the ring was outside the piercing with a quarter still inside the bottom hole, the pierced hole. So that when the 3 quarters got attached to the guys harness it tore the quarter that was still in my cock out just tearing a huge hole in the bottom of my cock.

So, I was told I could get operated on as quickly as the next day. But he wanted to get a second opinion from a specialist, as it was possible that it needed extra surgery, for me to go under local anesthetic, so there won’t be complications with my cock in the future and its normal functions.  The second specialist also said he could operate the same day he saw me for the consultation but once I was on his bed and he looked at the wound he saw that it was, in fact, worse than he had initially thought and that I would need intensive surgery.

So that is where we are at now guys, I have a third consultation with a third specialist this coming Tuesday. As I posted on my Twitter page I feel like I’m going around in circles with these consultations and posts, one moment I’m ok and going into surgery the next I’m not and have to wait for further consultations. So I’m going to take a page outta Ripley’s book “…last survivor of the Nostromo. Signing off.” Skip the sequels and come back to you with Ressurection!

I want to say a MASSIVE THNKA YOU to all the messages I have received from people around the world giving their encouragement and support. It’s FKIN incredible the moving messages I have received.

And to be totally cheeky and the opportunist that I am, don’t forget if you feel REALLY SORRY for me you can get me something from my  Amazon Wishlist as it will get to me now that I’m grounded in Australia! There’s nothing on there at the moment that revolves around my dick.


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After walking into FORBIDDEN PLANET today (1 of my 2 best shops on the planet, the other being MINOTAUR in Melbourne Australia) and almost combusting with the amount of KIKASS toy collectables and books I wanted, i literally had to leave the store I was so over whelmed, I have updated my AMAZON WISHLIST. If you wanna show me some FLEX LOV please do so.

AND … i was thinking why don’t i do something in return. Even though you are already buying me something because I have had an effect on your life, either inspiring you, entertaining you, getting you off, making you laugh or how ever I amy have touched you. I can still do something i return for your generosity. Kinda like the circle of life. SO when you get me something send a request with it. Your imagination is the limit BUT it has to be within reason guys and I have the right to refuse to do it if its disrespectful, disgusting or down right impossible.

So click on the link to my AMAZON WISHLIST and get buying!

And i’ll keep on keeping on…


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If you’re getting me something from here that means I have given something to you. The fact that I have touched you on some level, through my XXX films, my art, humour, bodybuilding, my attitude, however, is gift enough for me. If it wasn’t for you there would be no me!

BUT if you want to give me something back and get me something from my WISHLIST I am massively thankful and really FKIN appreciate it!

my Amazon WISHLIST!


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