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gifts from my WISHLIST get me HARD!


Knowing that you love me enough to buy me something from my WISHLIST! makes my cock hard! I have learned to really appreciate guys or gals who show me #FLEXLOV and if you make sure to add your social media handle or email or some way to contact you I will always write you a thank you and make sure you get some personal pics of me with the gift! (besides the ones I post up online.)

call it tribute or FLEX LOV!


You all got off to me in that hot wrestling suit in my latest post! Well, that suit came from a generous follower who bought me it from my WISH LIST go there now and grab me something! It doesnt have to be a sexy outfit, Craig got me the Tom of Finland XXL book and a adidas gym bag – both which I REALLY REALLY wanted!!! pay tribute to your muscle GOD or just say thanks for me being me and doing what ever it is I did that you loved me doing!

Just FKIN go to my wish list and buy me stuff!

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