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MUSCLE guys on YouTube I wanna workout and drill with!

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There’s something charming about this guy Byron, but also, and I could be wrong, but he just looks like he would train like an animal, stink and fuck hard. Even if he’s straight would love to hit the iron with him and do some workout vids.

Love how cocky this bloke it. As you guys know I’m not into smooth guys but this bloke holds his own, his attitude, the great physique he’s created and those ‘boy next door’ looks. Man, I wanna rip him apart. or just bro out with him…

keeping with the smooth look – I don’t know how one guy can be so adorable and at the same time sexy…

I can’t begin to tell you what I’d do to this pup. while helping him grow BIGGER!

let’s leave it that…

what are RO-RI films?

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These are fetish based short films around 3 minutes long exclusive for MEMBERS ONLY. As a member, you can also make a suggestion for what Ro-RI films you wanna see at the bottom of the page… And have fun – I sure FKIN did!

Latest RO-RI film Muscle Play 2 now at my XXX page. (it’s not on the bodybuilding page cause I do flop it out at the end…)

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