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In 2015 I was commissioned by the Victroian AIDS Council for their Down and Dirty campaign to create 6 images to be shown at the Company of Men Exhibition 2016. I was given 6 themes based within the world of sexually active gay men, to explore. One was “PrEP.” The final image as shown in previous posts is 1 of 3 images that will soon be available at my SHOP page for purchase. It has a man (SKIPPY BAXTER) engaging with several other men whose faces are pixelated in a group sex scenario. The idea was to show the sexual indifference that PrEP has inspired within the gay community.

I think PrEP is an amazing breakthrough in the medical world and I use it and totally support its use. It can’t be blamed for how people chose to use or abuse it.

Now at my GALLERY page is a series of black and white photos that were also taken during that photoshoot but not chosen for the final image where I used masks instead of pixelating the faces of the models. The photos you see here are a sneak peek from that shoot.

Photography by Damien Hinds from the Dark Room (as I modeled in the shoot.)

Fetish masks provided by Eagle Leather.


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EAGLE LEATHER Melbourne presents a film by ROGAN RICHARDS

“Rogan Richards was conceived in the womb of a giant She Bear. He was born part animal, part man, a legend, a new hero for the nuclear age!”

Featuring Jesse Jackman as She Bear, Miss Polly Filla as Sex Toy and Miss Pepper Pop as Pony Girl. photography by The Dark Room make up by Ollie Savage music by J Slocombe styling by B Boy.

ThankUs to Claude, BOOM! BOOM!, Bj and Skippy Baxter.

Based on a scene from the film Flexing With Monty.


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ALL my leather, sex toys and fetish gear is from EAGLE LEATHER Melbourne

images by the Dark Room #artdirectionbyroganrichards feat. my John Cena figure.

EAGLE LEATHER video installation for Company of Men Exhibition 2015.

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shot in London by the talented photographer JAY EFF (see my GALLERY page for our KIKASS shoots together!) and edited by myself for the Company of Men Exhibition 2015 this silent short film, #roganrichardswearseagleleather was played on a large 70’s TV next to this classic image that Jay Eff took of me in my EAGLE LEATHER mask, cock ring and #dontyouknowmyshoesarefamous kiks._DSC1089 2I get ALL my leather  gear and sex toys from EAGLE LEATHER Melbourne.



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