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next LIMITED ONE OFF used item!

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I have sold my gym shorts I wore for an entire year, then my Adidas black High Tops as seen in all my porn films throughout 2019. Now available this Friday at my SHOP PAGE when it reopens is my iconic pink jungle shorts as seen in many a photoshoot, and if you’ve been lucky enough, a gay dance party! You know how this works, first to click the buy button gets them, it’s a limited one-off item!

I will be doing much more One-Off items from cockrings to jockstraps that I’ve been using in my porn films, at the gym or just in my everyday RO-RI life! My SHOP PAGE reopens tomorrow – see you there!


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Originally I was going to wear these undies for a week straight and put them up for sale at my SHOP PAGE – (which REOPENS TOMORROW!) for $100 with the money donated towards RSPCA VIC Bushfire Appeal.  Then I thought I would try and raise more money for the helpless animals.

SO I’m gonna let you guys bid for the jocks by offering an amount for me to wear the undies longer. You tell me how long you want me to wear them and how much you wanna offer. Message me via the comment section of any of my social media pages or here or via my CONTACT ME page and I will update the bids as they come in. Obviously, some time waster can say he will bid a crazy amount for so many days with no intention of paying, so if the number of days or money gets to that stage you will have to deposit your bid upfront into my PayPal, if you are outbid I will refund your money (any money sent for goods or services to PayPal can be refunded within 180 days) and if not you will get the jocks!

So the bidding starts this Friday at $100 after a week of getting my undies ripe with my alpha-gorilla-rioded up sweat. A few drops of pre-cum and piss if asked for. No shit streaks, not wearing shitty jocks for a month, sorry. And ALL the money I raise all goes to the Wildlife Bushfire Appeal.

But don’t wait you can make a difference by donating to any of the below to help save our wildlife and care for those animals badly hurt from the devastating fires that continue to destroy Australia…



WWF Bushfire Emergency


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My shop page is finally reopening this Friday! All the best-sellers are back, sweaty underwear, T-shirts and singlets. Added to these are now my ripe socks! ALL profits from any sweaty clothing sold during the month of February go to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal.

Along with the above is my popular Jiszzed underwear AND finally my Vinyl Sticker sheets. And the next limited edition used item is my pink jungle shorts as seen in many iconic photoshoots! Catch you at my updated SHOP PAGE this Friday!

Don’t wait for my skanky clothes to help with the devastation the Australian fires are causing.

Donate now HERE.





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My Adidas high tops are the 2nd, limited edition, personalized item I’m selling at my shop page for a fan to buy. You would have seen them in many of my latest XXX films and some bodybuilding vids. Now they are gonna belong to one of my fans. The first to click on them and buy them when they go up at my Shop Page tomorrow, Wednesday 26th June.

Size USA11 UK10.5 FR45.5 JP290 CHN280 Condition: worn and ripe.