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With the 6 year delay and all the bullshit that is going on in Melbourne due to COVID including a possible stage 4 lockdown, delays in shipping products into and out of the country, both Eagle Leather and I thought we would just do a limited run of 100 dildos as a first release. It would test the popularity of the product and give Eagle Leather a better idea of what complications they would run into due to COVID. Having sold out in days we are now working on the official release that will be coming soon.

COVID may delay it a little as we have to make sure the manufactures factory is not on lockdown. As well as massive delays with shipping.

I’m really excited the test run has had such a huge response and if you read this and were one of the people who bought it I wanna say a massive thank you!


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CLICK HERE! to grab my official signature dildo before it sells out! Limited first run of 100 available only.

The highly anticipated Excalibur of dildos is finally here! After years in the making, Eagle Leather is proud to finally announce the release of Rogan Richards signature cock!  Moulded directly from the “Alpha Kings” weapon of mass ass destruction, globally adored and the fantasy of every filthy sub, now you can shove the Rogan Richards’ signature dildo deep inside you while watching his films that have dominated your screens and wet dreams for over a decade!
This product is a collaboration between two independent brands, Rogan Richards© and Eagle Leather©.
  • Suction cup base
  • Phthalate-free high-quality PVC
  • Harness/O-Ring Compatible
  • Suitable for use with all lubricants
  • Made with love in France by Gangbangster
  • Exclusively available at Eagle Leather


now you can finally SHOVE ME UP YOUR HOLE!

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It has only taken 4 years to get here, several manufacturers, 3 different sculptures, and a lot of dead ends later I am proud to announce my very first signature dildo is being released. Proudly presented by my great friends at Eagle Leather. It almost came to the point where Eagle Leather was going to hand over the, what seemed to be cursed, attempt to creating the world’s most wanted sex toy to myself (due to petty retail politics) and I would have to start from scratch all over again. Then out of the forsaken thick smoke that stretched across the battlefield arose a warrior called GangBangster and they took on manufacturing. Now it’s finally ready for my fans, followers, peers, friends, and hater and everyone in between! Now you can finally shove me up your hole!

Proudly presented by Eagle Leather the very first official signature Rogan Richards dildo!

STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFORMATION but the guys at Eagle Leather said it will be up for sale at their site tomorrow! And it will be available on my shop page early next week!

gotta get rid of this box of stuff!

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SLUT denim shorts SOLD!

Daddy Issues swimmers SOLD!

to purchase any of the above go to my Depop. page