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gotta get rid of this box of stuff!

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SLUT denim shorts SOLD!

Daddy Issues swimmers SOLD!

to purchase any of the above go to my Depop. page



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and it goes on sale this Saturday (EST) for members only for 24hrs! then for the GP on Sunday (EST) if it doesn’t sell…

ROGAN is known for wearing his trademark caps when he destroys ass and smashes iron at the gym. This one has been worn at the gym till it’s too ripe to keep wearing and needs to find a good piggy fan to take it home and sniff it while they jack off.


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A follower said I should auction My first load when he heard I’d have to fuck with a condom after the cock tear, unfortunately, my man and I were locked down on the opposite ends of the planet like star crossed lesbians. But it didn’t stop us having a 4 hr straight cam session which resulted in that rubber! So comment below if you wanna bid for it! Plus it’s a Super protein meal replacement during these day’s of empty shelves in the supermarket!

next LIMITED ONE-OFF USED item is my red cockring!

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ROGAN is known for wearing a cockring whenever he’s destroying ass, pumping iron, or even grocery shopping. Now you can buy one of his favorite cockrings. The red Oxballs Pig Ring.

Made of pure platinum silicone, it’s non-porous, and can be tossed in the dishwasher to sanitize. The Pig Ring is stretchy yet snug and can be used with all kinds of lubes and lotions. This item is unwashed, straight from ROGAN’S sweaty bushy groin to you…

MEMBERS get 24hrs to buy it when it goes up at my Shop page today (Friday 20th) and if it’s not sold it goes up for sale the next day to the GP on Saturday!