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ROGAN is known for wearing his trademark Adidas high tops when he destroys ass and smashes iron at the gym. By popular demand he is selling his latest used kicks. These go on sale tomorow! His shoes are always fast to sell so make sure you grab these quick!

*Please be aware of delays due to COVID for international shipping.

A really amazing email from a bloke who bought my sweaty T!

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“I’ve been meaning to tell you that my amazing shirt and jocks showed up at my door two days ago, Wed. 28th.
I would have messaged you Wednesday but was too busy jerking off with monster nip-clamps under a wet t-shirt. I came 3 times that night! Seriously.
It still smells like a rugby locker room in here thanks to you… Luckily the shirt still has a lot of mileage left in it. WhuFF!
As for the shipment, man it got here fast!
The sweat was still fresh…when I took it out of the bag it was moist and smelled like you had just taken it off.
Once again I was shocked at how my cock got painfully hard…immediately. And I wasn’t even thinking about sex much…your scent is a primal trigger that jolts the fuck out of a guy’s prostate. Instant bone!
No one else’s scent has ever done that to me so intensely.”

“I want you to know more than anything how much I appreciate you going to the extra effort and trouble to actually make good on my initial purchase…(the initial extreme delay, then when you shipped one last March it took over a month to get here and had mushrooms on it, understandably).
Sadly, most guys out there would just blow me off and just expect that since it has been so long that I probably just forgot that I ever paid for anything.
I’ve said it before, you are one of the good guys.  A great feature that completes the image of the perfect man that you are.
Thanks again for everything and you can expect to get more business from me in the coming months!
Stay safe gorgeous stud,“

the next 2 LIMITED USED ONE-OFF items drop this Friday!

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As I keep getting asked to sell off my used cokrings, I do try to give my loyal piggy fans what they beg daddy for! I’m selling my orange OxBalls COCK-T. The Oxballs COCK-T is designed to mimic flesh and is made for comfort from super soft high-quality silicone. This is ROGAN’S wear around the house or down to the groceries, cockring.

AND I am also seeling the notorious 8 gauge Prince Albert ring that I was pierced with AND the very same one that 2 months later was torn outta my cock during filming!

Both these items go on sale this Friday!


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Finally, it is back! My signature Dildo…

Just in time to get you through that extra month of lockdown (Melbourne!), or when we go back into lockdown (London!) Or just to help you with social distancing and keep you away from those chem filled orgies (Gays all around the world!)…

Grab one now from my Shop Page…