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Then you need to treat yourself to a 2017 3D! calendar NOW! CLICK HERE!


EAGLE LEATHER presents my very first ever calendar and its FKIN AMAZING! if I say so myself. AND did I mention it’s in 3D!


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Now at my GALLERY is the SIMON-OLOGY shoot I did with him when we meet a couple of years ago. I have been waiting for my CALENDAR to drop so that you can use UR 3D! glasses that come free with the calendar to see these images pop out at you from the screen!


IF you haven’t gotten your ROGAN RICHARDS 2017 3D! CALENDAR already make sure you click HERE and grab one now! (And use the glasses to make the Simon-Ology photoshoot in my gallery POP! (Like when I make my biceps POP!)


get your 2017 3D! ROGAN RICHARDS calendar signed with your name on it TONIGHT!

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For my 2017 3D! calendar launch party tonight I will be signing copies of my calendar in store at EAGLE LEATHER, with DJ Versey Verse, free drinks and 15%off store wide! *not 15%off my 3D!*

come down to meet me and grab ur autographed copy between 6-8pm TONIGHT! 80 Hoddle Street Abbotsford.

For interstate or over seas followers DON’T DESPAIR! any calendars purchased online HERE  during the hours of the calendar launch will also get their calendar signed and personalised with their name on it!

images the DARK ROOM

official 2017 CALENDAR launch party and signing!

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EAGLE LEATHER presents the ROGAN RICHARDS 2017 3D!!! CALENDAR offical launch party and signing.

on – Saturday 3rd December 6-8pm at – the Eagle Leather store 80 Hoddle Street Abbotsford.

with drinks, DJ Versey Verse and of course ME in ALL my FLEX! glory!

DON’T DESPAIR! for ALL my over seas followers who would LOV to be there and grab a signed copy anyone who purchases a calendar online between 6-8pm on Dec 3rd (Eastern Standard Time – make sure you figure out what time that is in your country, the time and date stated is for Melbourne, Australia) during the launch party will also get their calendar signed and personalised with their name!

Grab your copy now at EAGLE LEATHER!