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“What is sexy? For me it’s all in the attitude, as long as you love to be dominated by a sweaty, alpha, muscle top, you are what I consider sexy. All fetishes allowed. My name is Rogan Richards and I am a sex addict and I love to fuck. If you love sex, if you are an exhibitionist, if your sexually adventurous, if you want exposure because you wanna break into the porn industry and if you don’t give a shit about how much you’re getting paid then you need to contact me.”

“If you wanna hit the iron with me and think you have what it takes to be part of TEAMFLEX! hit me up. You don’t have to be massive but you do need to be muscular, experienced and enthusiastic. I will take you through my workouts and teach what I know OR if you are a trainer and want some exposure you can take me through your workout and advertise yourself. As long as we push ourselves to the limit and beyond! Bodybuilding turned this insecure awkward kid into a commanding muscle daddy. It didn’t change who I was but it changed how I saw myself. 'it’s ALL about the FLEX!'"

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