Model Application

    So you want to fuck with Rogan Richards?

    You can apply to film with Rogan in any of the below categories. All you need is to fill out the below form, provide the pictures asked for, and be in the city/country that Rogan is in. Rogan doesn’t pay his models because he has found that using guys that purely want to fuck for fun makes for a hell of a sexier film!

    Subs, Twinks, Fems, Trans, Cross Dressers, Leather pigs, Boys next door, Roided Pups and Daddies or Bears and Otters may all apply! The kinkier and dirtier the more likely you will get Rogan’s attention.

    You cunts have 2 options
    Option 1. Rogan will film your fuck with him. He will send you his approved raw footage from the shoot, you may do whatever you wish with this footage. You also receive any promotional footage he edits.

    Option 2. You and Rogan film from your respective cameras and take use your respective footage to do as you please. You can have a conversation about swapping footage at the shoot.

    NOTE*** Rogan doesn’t film for content, he films with guys who want to fuck with him, the filming is secondary. If you contact him make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into - from ripe smelly pits and balls to animalistic fucking and fetish play.

    FMF (Fuck My Fans)
    This gives Rogan’s hard-core fans the chance to get in on the action! Everyone and anyone can apply! Make sure you write in the ‘Comments’ section you are applying for the FMF series. Note: Make sure you write in the "List 5 Fetishes" section that you are applying for the FMF Series

    Now XXXL Tops can get in on the fun! You just have to like showing your huge junk off with Rogan and he will film you jacking off or tag teaming a sub’s mouth or ass. (No! You still can’t fuck Rogan but you can eat his ass out!)

    If all you want to do is get your hands on Rogan’s huge thick hairy muscles apply here! You bring the worship and Rogan brings the muscle, skimpy clothes and oil.

    Leave the front door unlocked and wait for Rogan ass up. He will walk in fuck your hole, dump his load, and leave.

    You can remain anonymous for any of the above films by wearing a hood or mask of having your face pixelated.

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    Note: Rogan is negative on PrEP and fucks bare back only. He is regularly screened for STI’s and appreciates honesty and open communication and expects the same from you.