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I left studio porn because I was no longer interested in the concept/action of fucking for content.

I continue to film my fucks for my website with the ethos to always give precedence to the fuck over content. Meaning I only film with guys who are genuinely into fucking with me, and or exploring a fetish we are mutually into.

Note. I get everyone to fill out a model release form which you keep. I also have to take a picture of your photo ID.

You can be anon (many different options) and the model release form will state that i can’t post anything where your face is recognizable.

(Read above!) …and Rogan will film the fuck and will send you the edited footage which can or will include promos. This may take anywhere between 1 – 6 months. He may also send you sections at a time. None of the footage will be watermarked but it will contain his end credit logo. You have complete freedom to change or alter the footage once you have it.

FMF (Fuck My Fans)
This gives Rogan’s hard-core fans the chance to get in on the action! EVERYONE and ANYONE can apply! Make sure you write in the ‘Comments’ section you are applying for the FMF series. Fucking his fans is a MASSIVE turn on for Rogan!

You can be ANON when you film with ROGAN. There are many options and ways to hide or conceal your face.

Fill out my application form and please provide the best pictures you can. (I will ignore obscure, stupid, or pictures you’ve taken for your mum.) I don’t pay guys, so my members know they are watching a real fuck and not someone being paid to fuck. (This also supports what I say at the top of this page.) Any “type” of person can apply. I naturally have a type but its is varies widely and I will always choose sexual attitude and piggy fetish´s over commercial looks or popularity. Be inside you soon!

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    Date of Birth (required) - You must be 18 years of age or older

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    Tell ROGAN your fetishes, what turns you on and what you want him to do to you

    Upload photos to show Rogan what you like. REMEMBER these images are what will make him want to fuck and film with you, so make them as sexy as you can. Make sure to include a clear face, full body and ass pic.

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    Note: Rogan is negative on PrEP and fucks bare back only. He is regularly screened for STI’s and appreciates honesty and open communication and expects the same from you.